Types Of Pet Macaws

Types Of Pet Macaws: It’s Very Charming!

Parrots are becoming a preferred choice as pets for the common people. These birds are intelligent, lovable, gorgeous, and great companions. There are a wide variety of parrot species in this world. Each species is different from the others.

What Are The Types And Fun Facts OF Pet Macaws?

Among these most of the parrot species are suited as pets. However, one among them is also a Macaw. There are various types of pet macaws in this world. Macaws are beautiful birds with long beaks and tail feathers.

They are categorized into mini macaws and large macaws. The birds have long physiques with vibrant colors. There are 18 types of macaws existing, all unique and charming. Macaws are a good option as pets. 

In this article, we have talked about macaws and also listed the type of pet macaws so it will be easier for you to choose a pet for your home. Macaws are beautiful birds to have as companions. 

How Long Do Macaws Live?

Most people question the lifespan of parrots before choosing them as pets. It is a very common and reasonable thing to wonder if you want to own a pet. No one wants to get a short-lived pet as their companion. Speaking of macaws, there exist 18 types of pet macaws, each with its own unique style, quality, and lifespan. However, it is known that macaws are long-lived birds. 

The macaws have a lifespan between 20 to 60 years. Although they can live more than this depending upon the type and circumstances. Every type of macaw has different years of lifespan. In captivity, the macaws can live up to 30 to 50 years or more. Birds can live longer in captivity if they have been taken proper care of. Few macaws are known to live longer than expected. The lifespan of birds whether in the wild or captive depends upon various factors. 

Macaws are long-lived birds and are the best choice for pets. Having a long-lived bird as a companion is what most people wish for. 

List Out The 5 Fun Facts About Macaws:

Macaws are very loving and interesting birds. Colorful birds with distinct and charming personalities as per the type. Below we have mentioned some fun and interesting facts about macaws to help you learn more about this beautiful bird. 

Five Fun Facts:

🦜 Macaws are loyal to their mates. 

Macaws are known for their loyalty and love as partners. These birds stay together for a lifetime if they find a mate. Both raise their babies together, help each other and love each other. Both of them always stay close to one another. This rare quality cannot be seen in most humans, because even they can’t stay loyal to one another. But macaws are different. They are loyal and lovable.

🦜 Macaws have a longer lifespan 

If you are worried about the lifespan of these parrots, then you should not be. Macaws have a long lifespan. These birds can live for long periods, and that is the reason for macaws’ being the most preferred pets. They can be your great companions. The lifespan of a macaw in the wild is around 60 years, and in captivity, it is around 50 years. However, macaws can live longer than these depending upon the situation. 

🦜 One of the colorful and vibrant birds of the world 

People are often mesmerized by these colorful birds. They can be seen in a variety of colors, such as red, green, yellow, blue, and orange. Some hybrid birds have a combination of colors in their bodies, like a rainbow. Macaws are beautiful birds with variant colors. 

🦜 Largest parrots in the world 

There are a wide variety of parrots in the world. Among those macaws are the largest ones. They have elongated bodies with long tails and wings. Macaws are birds of heavy weight and size. 

🦜 Beaks are incredibly strong 

The beaks of the macaws are extremely strong. Their beaks are distinct from those of other parrots. Macaws’ beaks are powerful enough to break a coconut shell. They use their long beaks to eat and also for defense. They can hurt you badly with their beaks if your macaws get angry or scared.

7 Types Of Pet Macaws:

There are various types of pet macaws flying in the sky. Macaws are lovely pets for home. Among all the macaws we have listed the 7 best types of pet macaws you can choose from as your preferred pets.  

  • Scarlet Macaw

The scarlet macaw is a bird of yellow, red, and blue color. Among these, red can be seen throughout the body of the bird. It is a beautiful bird with an average lifespan of around 50 years. The scarlet macaw is an intelligent, sociable, and attention-seeking bird. They want constant entertainment and it is also very affectionate towards its owner. They can be a bit noisy and sassy. Scarlet macaws are almost 3 feet in length.

  • Hyacinth Macaw

Hyacinth macaw is an eye-catching gorgeous blue bird with a bit of yellow around its eyes and mouth. This bird is the largest macaw in the world with a lifespan of around 50 years. Hyacinth macaw is a very calm, loving, and gentle bird. However, this bird requires a good amount of care, attention, and patience. These birds are almost 3.5 feet in length. 

  • Military Macaw

Military macaws are impressive multi-colored birds with a very pleasant nature. These birds are social, good-natured, and playful. They are good at vocalizing. They want some attention and care from their owners. Military macaws are almost 3.5 feet in length with a lifespan of around 60 years.  

  • Blue-Throated Macaw

This bird is known as the blue-throated macaw because its throat area is blue. The whole body of this bird is blue and yellow in color. They are shy and quiet birds. 

  • Miligold Macaw

Miligold macaw comes under the category of hybrid macaw. They are reproduced by the intercourse between a military macaw and a blue and gold macaw. The color and traits of this bird are a combination of the parent macaws. Miligold macaw is a gentle and social bird.  

  • Catalina Macaw

Catalina macaw is another bird that comes under the category of hybrid macaw. They are reproduced by the intercourse between a scarlet macaw and a blue and gold macaw. It is a rainbow-colored bird with a mixture of parents’ traits. Catalina macaw is an intelligent bird that can be demanding as well as affectionate and charming. 

  • Blue-Winged Macaw

Blue-winged macaw has shades of blue on its wings, hence the name. The bird is green in color with a bit of red and yellow on the body. They are cheerful and friendly parrots with a lifespan of around 60 years. These birds are 14-17 inches long. 

Final Thoughts 

Macaws are the preferred pets by many because of their beautiful appearance, fluent vocalization, intelligence, friendliness, and charm. Among all the parrots, macaws are a bit distinctive. They are also great companions and very loyal to their mates. Bringing a pet macaw to your home will be a good choice. These are a great fit as pets. Macaws do want care and attention, but they are also very affectionate and loving.

We hope this article helped you to learn about these colorful birds, the Macaws. Now you know the 7 7 best types of pet macaws. Choose any one of them as your companion.

Types And Fun Facts About Pet Macaws

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