Types Of Lovebirds

8 Types Of Lovebirds: Stunning Lovebird Species!

Lovebirds are the most popular and fondest pet birds globally, and there are different types of lovebirds in existence. They are native to the African continent. These birds are colorful and charming in their looks.

Different Species Of Lovebirds: How Do They Differ?

These are the smallest of parrots and have the shortest tail feathers. In total, there are nine lovebird species and these birds range around five to seven inches in height. One of the notable features of the love birds is that their head has a different color than the rest of their body. Lovebirds are cheerful and easy to breed.

Different Species Of Lovebirds

Are Lovebirds The Best Pet Parrots?

Lovebirds are commonly called “Pocket parrots” as they are everyone’s favorite in the pet bird category, and they are the most colorful birds you will ever come across. Lovebirds are social, will be loyal friends to you, and are affectionate.

Lovebirds are full of personality and make you cheerful whenever you are with them or even think about them. Amongst all, love birds are the most intelligent of pets. It is easy to take care of a lovebird. All you have to do is feed them a nutritious diet and spend quality time with them. 

Which Is The Best Type Of Lovebird To Keep As A Pet?

Peach-faced lovebird is the best to keep as a pet. These are quite large and the least aggressive of all lovebird species. These are charming and have a friendly personality, Peach-faced lovebirds are easy to bond with, and taking care of them is easy. The other love birds which are suitable for keeping as a pet are Fischer’s lovebird and a black masked lovebird.

Peach-faced lovebird

Types Of Lovebirds:

🔹 Rosy-Faced Lovebird

The Rose-Faced lovebird has a rose-colored face and a peach color on the rest of its body. This is the most popular category of lovebirds as they are not just beautiful but have stunning looks. Depending on the gender, the color varies from peach to green for love birds. Rosy-faced lovebirds are native to the Southwestern African continent.

The life span of these birds varies between 12 and 14 years. These birds are tiny in stature and are under 5 inches in length. These birds have mischievous characteristics. These birds are said to have big personalities amidst their small bodies. This bird has a busy peak and often ends up tearing everything in front of them.

Rosy-Faced Lovebird

Rosy-faced lovebirds are prone to nutritional disorders, and hence it is essential to offer them a highly nutritious diet. These birds are the definition of attention seekers and require you to spend quality time with them every day.

🔹 Fischer’s Lovebird

Compared to other species of lovebirds, Fischer’s lovebirds are quiet ones. These birds are friendly and chirpy. These lovebirds are incredibly affectionate and loyal. These birds have yellowish necks and dark green bodies. The head area of Fischer’s Lovebird is multi-colored. These birds are native to north-central Tanzania.

Fischer’s Lovebird

Fischer’s love birds are normally 6 inches tall and have a lifespan of 18–20 years. These birds are filled with energy and they love to exercise, so you need a large cage to fit them in. 

🔹 Yellow Collared Lovebird

These birds have a unique shade to their faces and are commonly called masked lovebirds. The most common feature of this type of bird is its yellow neck shade. These birds are native to Kenya and have a life span of 12–20 years. Yellow-collared lovebirds are five inches tall, and they are social, friendly, and energetic. These birds are not too noisy but are very shrill. Yellow-collared lovebirds are a part of the eye-ring group of love birds, which you can recognize by the bare white ring around their eyes. The head part of this bird is dark brown and almost black, and the neck region is yellow.

Yellow Collared Lovebird

It has dark green wings and a light green belly and tail. This bird has a red beak. These birds usually eat seeds. Grass seeds like millet are the preferred food for these birds. Although these birds are small, they are wandering in nature and require plenty of room.

🔹 Lilian’s Lovebirds

These birds are also called Nyasa love birds. These birds are difficult to breed. Lately, these birds are in danger of extinction. The appearance of Lilian’s lovebirds is quite similar to that of Fischer’s, but these have a gentler color. The head area of these birds is normally a rosy red or mild orange.

Lilian’s Lovebirds

The chest region is usually yellow in the body and is usually bright green with blue tints on the wings. These birds have an orange beak and a white ring around their black eyes. These birds are usually 5.4 inches tall. These birds have a loud voice and constantly engage in chittering, which draws a lot of attention to them. These are the smallest parrots on the African mainland.

🔹 Black-cheeked Lovebirds

Black-cheeked lovebirds are the most endangered of all the African parrot species. These birds are normally confused with the black-masked lovebird but are different species. These are light brown around the chest area and orange in the tail region. These birds are native to southwestern Zambia.

Black-cheeked Lovebirds

These weigh around 1.4 inches, making them the heaviest of all, and are about 5.5 inches tall. Today, these birds are considered to be separate and distinct. These birds need constant access to water and congregate in large flocks during the dry season. It is ideal to feed them nutritious seeds and vegetables to supplement their diet with vitamins and minerals.

🔹 Abyssinian Lovebird

These are among the rare breeds of lovebirds and have different appearances compared to other lovebirds. The beak and head area of this love bird is bright red, and they do not have any rings around their eyes.

Abyssinian Lovebird

From head to tail, these birds are filled with a vibrant shade of green. Abyssinian lovebirds are native to the mountain regions of Ethiopia and Eritrea. These birds are six to seven inches tall, making them the largest species of lovebirds, and weigh an average of 1.7 ounces.

🔹 Madagascar Love birds

Madagascar lovebirds are also called grey-headed lovebirds. The color patterns of male and female lovebirds in this category are different. The male lovebirds are covered in a pale grey color, while the female lovebirds are covered in a green plumage with darker shades on their wings and back.

Madagascar Love birds

Hence, Madagascar lovebirds usually require plenty of water to survive, and hence their habitat is in the rainforests. These love birds are less than 5 inches tall and weigh 1 ounce.

🔹 Swindern’s Lovebird

Swindern’s lovebird is also called a black-collared lovebird. These have become very scarce in recent times. This lovebird is shy and can be spotted in very high trees. These are covered in a green plumage color pattern and have a few spots on their body.

Swindern’s Lovebird

The back portion of the neck of Swindern’s love birds has a distinctive black collar. From top to tail, these birds weigh around 1.4 ounces and are five inches tall.

Final Thoughts:

Lovebirds are playful and entertaining and are full of personality. These are the perfect pets and will bond with you at a faster pace. There are different types of lovebirds, each with its own color pattern and personality traits. Lovebirds are not just colorful; they make your life warm and colorful. Lovebirds are the best pets one can choose.

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