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11 Types Of Canaries- An Overview!

The Canaries are beautiful little birds that belong to the finch family. There are different Types Of Canaries. They look similar in shape and size, but there are differences between each type of canary. Canary birds are well known for their singing. Canary birds are considered one of the best singing birds in the world.

They measure about 14 centimeters in length. The canaries originated on the Canary, Madeira, and Azores islands in the Mediterranean.

hundred years ago people caught these birds and began breeding them. As time passed, they generated more than a hundred types of canaries and sold them as domestic pets.

What Is The Best Type Of Canary?

There are different Types Of Canaries. They look similar in shape and size, but there are differences between each type of canary which is why they have unique names. 

The Harz roller also known as the german roller is the best breed of canary. Harz rollers sing with their beaks closed. The fife fancy canary,  border fancy canary, Lancashire, Norwich, Scotch fancy, Atlantic, Crested, Domestic, Green, Swiss Frill, and Stafford are the other main canary bird varieties.

What Is The Largest Canary Breed?

 The breed Sao tome grosbeak is the most prominent member of the canary species. They are 50% heavier than the other canary species. The current estimated population of Sao tome grosbeak is less than 250 and they are classified as one of the critically endangered species by IUCN.

The major cause of their extinction is habitat destruction, by which nature becomes incapable of protecting its native species. People thought they had vanished from the ecosystem for a period, but later in 1991, they were rediscovered. Sao tome grosbeak was primarily classified as Neospiza genus which means new finch later based on its nuclear DNA sequence it was classified as Crithagra genus.

What Is The Most Common Canary?

The scotch fancy canary is one of the old-time birds with many specialties. they emerged during the early part of the eighteenth century. During the mid-ages of the victorian era, they gained maximum popularity among Scottish fanciers. The Scotch fancy canary is called ‘Glasgow don’ and the ‘bird o’ circle’.

The Scotch fancy canary has a curved body in the form of a semi-circle from head to tail, they have a long and narrow tail. Scotch provides beauty to any bedroom and it is an excellent selection for a show bench. A shoe bench is an exhibition of small animals in a competition for prizes on the bases of physical condition and form.

by the 1900’s they faced extinction, by some dedicated breeders their species were revived. Generally, a scotch fancy canary can grow up to 18 cm or slightly more than that. A scotch fancy canary can live up to six years but under good condition and optimal care, they can survive up to 15 years or maybe 20 years.

Types Of Canaries & Their Differences

The Fife Fancy Canary

  This variety of canary originated in Scotland. It is considered the smallest canary among the others. its physical attributes and color make it very fancy and popular among bird owners around the world. The length of the entire body of the fife fancy canary measures around 11.5 cm.

The Border Fancy Canary

 They are usually seen in vivid and bright yellow shades. This particular canary is from the regions of southern England and north Scotlands. They are commonly small and compact.

They are considered the most popular pet around the world because of their voice attributes. The border fancy canary is capable of producing a wide variety of songs. They have round bodies and smooth silky furs. border fancy canaries require only minimal care system, it has an average life span of 10 to 15 years without any troubles or health-related issues. Their characters are a bit odd, they are both gentle and shy sometimes. 

Lancashire Canary

 The Lancashire canary also known as manchester fancy is the largest of all English canary breeds. They are the strongest and tallest English canary breed. The Lancashire canary is 7 to 8 inches taller than other canaries. They are the boldest and strongest breeds among others.

Norwich Canary

The Norwich canary is one of the earliest breeds developed in England almost 300 years ago.  The Norwich canary averages a length of 6 inches and has a thick and large head. Usually, they are not agile nor lively like other smaller canary breeds. They have become prevalent that they have a town in England having its name.

The Scotch Fancy Canary

The scotch canary is also known as the Scottish canary hence it originated in Scotland. they were first developed in Scotland during the early 1800s. They almost got extinct during the 1900s but the hard work and determination of certain breeders bought their species back to life. They can grow up to 18 centimeters and more than that.

Atlantic Canary

The Atlantic canary is the most popular canary belonging to the Fringillidae family. They originated in the canary islands. They are very easy to identify by their physical appearance as their body measures around 10 to 12 centimeters and their wingspan is approximately 20 to 23 centimeters. Atlantic canaries mostly feed on insects and seeds.

Crested Canary

The crested canary gained huge popularity in the 1800s, they were framed as the king of fancy and were very expensive that a rich wealthy person could afford them. Created canary is a type of canary that is meant for physical characteristics rather than color or song. It is one of the canaries that have a bunch of feathers around its head. Today the crested canary comes in a multitude of colors and people show a great demand for them. They have good personalities and physical appearances.

Domestic Canary

  A domestic canary also known as a canary is a domesticated form of a wild canary. Originated from the Macaronesian islands. The bird became expensive and popular among Spanish and English kings these canaries were first bred in the 17th century and have been brought to Europe by Spanish sailors.

After that, the monks started breeding them and sold them. In the 20th century, canaries were used in the UK, Canada, and the US in coal mining industries to detect the presence of carbon monoxide. Usually, a domestic canary is kept in a cage, by giving proper housing and care, a domestic canary can live up to 10 to 15 years. 

Green Canary

The green canary is also popular as the yellow canary the canary is a small bird in the finch family. Their females are duller colored than males they are usually found in grassy and bushy areas. Their diet includes flowers, seeds, and insects. An adult green canary weighs about 9 to 16 grams. 

Swiss Frill Canary

 The swiss frill canary can grow up to 17 to 18 cm long and its body structure resembles a half-moon. They are generally small with oval-shaped faces and slim long necks. They originated in Switzerland that is how they get the name swiss.

The Stafford Canary

The Stafford canary was developed by cross-breeding the red factor canary with the Gloster canary in England. These canaries are shot as compact birds, the Stafford canary is 5 inches in length they usually come in bright red and rose colors. These canaries mainly eat seed and rape seeds and they are good social creatures.

The Bottom Line

In this article, we discussed canaries and 11 different types of canaries around the world. Simply canaries are little birds that belong to the finch family. The Canaries are well known for their sing capacities.

A hundred years ago people caught these birds and started breeding. The dedication and hard work of breeders saved canaries from extinction. As a result, now there are different Types Of Canaries existed now. The canaries at the present moment are one of the most demanded domestic pets in the world. The Harz roller also known as the german roller is the best canary breed.

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Best Type Of Canary

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