How To Train A Parrot

How To Train A Parrot?

If you were wondering how to train your parrot then this article is going to be the perfect way to start. We all know that parrots are some of the most beautiful and smart bird species on the planet and knowing them completely is something that intrigues the bird lovers a lot. They are not only smart but extremely adaptable to the environment.

Parrots make great pets and are considered auspicious to have in many cultures around the world. Due to their beauty, they are some of the most widely pet birds in the world. However, training your parrots can be a daunting task if you are not aware of the process involved. 

Tricks And Tips To Train Your Parrot!

There are many ways that can answer your question on how to train a parrot and in this article, we are going to discuss the details about how can you train your parrot, what are the things required to train your parrot and what are some of the tricks which you can teach your parrot. So stay tuned till the end and read everything about how to train a parrot. 

Tricks And Tips To Train Your Parrot

Are parrots easy to train?

Birds and especially parrots are some of the most individualistic in nature and each one of them is different from the other one. They need special care and demand specific times when they need to be nurtured and advanced in the right direction. With patience and the right technique parrots are easy to train. 

There are many aspects that you will have to consider while calculating the time required to train the parrot. In this regard, it becomes important to know the age of your parrot as younger parrots are quick to adapt to the training and can take up to 3 to 6 months in the process. However, training an older parrot can take somewhere from 6-12 months. 

It is a highly subjective question as each of the parrots is different from the other one in terms of its learning capacities, past experiences, and basic nature. Talking in general, most parrots are not too hard to train and learn things quicker than any other birds. They are good at the things they do and look beautiful while performing these learned tricks. 

Can a parrot talk without training?

Parrots have their own beautiful voice and they keep singing in it whenever they feel the need to. One of the cool things is that they can imitate their owner families without even being professionally trained, however, it is always wise to spend some time with them and take care of them while training them professionally. 

Really young parrots are not supposed to talk and they can only start talking only after a certain period of time which is usually 3 months to one year. If the family is patient and spends a decent amount of time with the parrot then it is highly likely that they will start talking in 6 months approximately. 

Do parrots need to be trained to talk? Yes, parrots do need repetitive training with adequate rewards to ensure that they adapt to things as quickly as possible. Even though parrots pick up speaking habits without any formal training, it might take years to happen without proper training.

6 Tricks To Teach Your Parrot 

These are the top tricks that you can teach your parrot and make him a superstar in your family. Training your parrot is a one-time investment and they are only going to get better at tricks with time. 

🔷Teaching your Parrot to Turn around

Teaching your parrot to turn around is not a tough trick and can be taught using a stick. 

  1. You will have to make sure that it is moving his head along with the stick and slowly moving towards giving it a complete turn. 
  2. Once the parrot is comfortable with it you can repeat the steps and train accordingly. 
  3. With practice, it will learn to turn accordingly. 

🔷Teaching your Parrot Step up

Teaching your parrot to step up and reach your hand or arm will be a satisfying experience. 

  1. You can train your parrot to do so by using a stick and some treats that your parrot likes. 
  2. These two things for a few sessions will train your parrot to move toward your hand and step up over it. 
  3. Once you treat it on doing it your parrot will repeat it. 

🔷Teaching your Parrot to Dance

Teaching your parrot dance is not that easy by surely achievable

  1. Be comfortable with the parrot and try out different music and observe its actions
  2. Appreciate any different movement by a treat and encourage it
  3. After some practice and experience, you will be able to know which music fits your parrot and then train accordingly

🔷Teaching your Parrot to Wave

Another beautiful track for the parrot owners is to teach their parrots to wave to their guests and themselves. 

  1. Using the cue of the step-up process you can train the parrot to wave
  2. Move your finger a bit back and show it as you showed in the step-up trick
  3. Once the parrot raises its claw give it a treat and do it until it comes to its nature. 

🔷Teaching your Parrot to Talk

It is in the nature of the parrots to talk like humans and that makes them unique. You will have to follow the following steps to make sure that your parrots talk. 

  1. Talk to your parrot when they are attentive and excited
  2. Repeat the words that you want them to learn quickly and do it regularly
  3. Make sure that they are getting the right appreciation and try to not repeat those words that you do not want them to speak

🔷Teaching your Parrot to Shake Hands

Now, this is something that can be challenging as parrots are a bit shy when it comes to interacting with strangers and that will make them hesitant. But you can follow these steps to teach your parrot how to shake hands. 

  1. Pick up the cue from the step up and bring the finger close to its claw
  2. Do not let the parrot step up and instead give its claw a subtle bounce
  3. Reward the parrot once you think it is doing it right. 

Final Thoughts!

Teaching your parrot could seem like a daunting task if you are not aware of the right processes and techniques involved. Parrots are subtle birds and need special care while being taught and trained. Their training has to cover all the important steps to make sure that they are being given the right training. 

Right rewards are something which is as significant as the right training, if your parrot is loving the rewards then it becomes very sure that it is going to adapt to new training quickly. Hence, choosing the right rewards with the right training could sound like a bit of time taking task but we can assure you that this process is worth it.

In this article, we tried out best to sum up all of the steps telling how to train a parrot and we hope that this article will work as a guide for those owners who are searching about how to train a parrot. 

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