How Long Do Sun Conures Live

How Long Do Sun Conures Live? All About Their Lifespan!

Sun conures are vibrant and intelligent tropical parrots that everyone will get attached to. People love to own sun conures due to many reasons. If you are a bird lover and truly wanted to own an adventurous parrot in your feather family, then sun conure is a perfect choice.  They are bright and colorful parrots that resemble the sun. We fall in love with them just by looking at their vibrant-colored feathers, a visual treat to our eyes.

It is necessary to prepare yourself before deciding to bring a sun conure into your house. Choosing a pet bird from the world of birds can be a task because we have a lot of variety of species with different features and personalities. When we consider sun conure, they are easy to breed and can comfortably be kept in a cage. But we cannot neglect that, while we pet birds, we have to be prepared for a long commitment to keeping them safe and healthy. This article will help you to know more about the sun conure and its life expectancy. 

How Long Does Sun Conures Live As A Pet And In Wild?

Every bird has an average lifespan, which can vary in the wild and in captivity. Sun conures can live for 20 to 30 years if they do not face any harmful factors which affect their life. They live on the top of trees and their call can be heard for long distances. The wild conures are at threat of predators and other factors in the wild.  In my opinion, the biggest killer of parrots in captivity is the lack of knowledge of their caretaker. 

If you are planning to own a sun conure you should have complete knowledge about its lifespan, diet, habitat, and activity level and the factors that can affect the lifespan of a healthy parrot. Let’s have a closer look at the sun conures in the wild and captivity.

🛑 Sun conures in captivity

In captivity, the sun conures can live up to 30 years with proper care. When we closely look at the diet of a parrot, most people prefer to feed them sunflower seeds, which are high in fat content and tend to cause liver diseases and tumors. Most parrots eat varieties of fruits, vegetables, seeds, and grains.

Many times people are not aware of the correct food for their pet birds or even have no knowledge about poultry nutrition. This can be one of the main reasons why any birds in captivity lose their health. Apart from physical health, sun conures are very interactive and social birds so mental health is equally important for their long life. Providing toys, interacting, stimulating activities, and just talking can easily extend the lifespan by several years. 

In short, they can have up to 30 years of lifespan in captivity if you keep them on a good diet, healthy and happy. 

🛑 Sun course in the wild

For every bird, it is difficult to survive in the wild because of many factors such as the attack of predators, natural disasters, climatic changes, lack of nutrition, and many more. Sun courses can live up to 20 years in the wild, but we cannot detect the exact span of the wild sun conures. As conures are free in the wild, they eat a lot of fruits and vegetables available in the wild but protein-rich food, vitamins, and calcium are essential in their diet to gain sufficient energy to fly over a long distance. 

In the wild, large folks make numerous nests on the top of the trees that protect the nest during stormy days. The sun conure’s lifespan reduces greatly because of natural calamities, predators, and the shortage of essential food in the wild. 

How can I tell the age of my sun conure?

When you own a bird, you will be curious to know about the age of your bird. When you buy a sun conure from a breeder or a rescue center, they may tell the age but if you want to know their age by yourself, there are some tricks you can apply. But we cannot have an exact number of their age like a human. Through some factors, we can only have an idea about their existence.

Lifespan of Sun Conures in wild and in captivity


We cannot wholly depend on their feet to tell their age. The color variation that ranges from pink to yellowish-white of the feet indicates how old your conure can be. When conures get older, it is often visible on their feet, and their feed will turn to dark grey. 


The beak is the most necessary body part of sun conure to detect their age. Their beak changes color as they get older. The color of the conure’s beaks is black and they fade slowly. 


The feathers of the young sun conure will be bright in color. The discoloration of the feathers indicates that the parrots are getting old. Also the quality of the quality matters. The older birds’ feathers will be thinner than the younger ones. We can have an approximate age of the parrot by seeing its feathers.

Behavioral changes

Like humans, birds also change their behavior as they get older. The younger birds will be more active and expressive. On the other hand, older parrots are calmer and more relaxed.


You can estimate the age of your sun conure by seeing the color of its eyes. The iris changes its color as they get older. Young birds have brown eyes that gradually change to vary yellow and can become orange or red over time. 

We cannot consider these factors to point out the accurate age of the sun conure because some will be juveniles, adults, and maybe between these two. We can only tell whether the parrot is fully grown or not. 

Factors that influence the lifespan of sun conure

Sun conures are highly expensive as pets. When we own a pet, there are many factors that influence its lifespan. As we all know, parrots are demanding birds as they need more attention and caring. If you want to expand the lifespan of your bird, you can consider these factors.

Factors that influence the lifespan of sun conure

✔️ Balanced diet

An improper diet can reduce their lifespan by at least a couple of years. Every bird needs a good mix of nutrition in small quantities. In the case of sun conure, you must add 60-70% of pellets which is essential for its growth. Fresh fruits, vegetables, seeds, and grains contribute rest of their diet and should be fed in small quantity

✔️ Exercise

Lack of physical activity can shorten your sun conure’s lifespan. As we all know, sun conures are from the avian kingdom, and their main activity is flapping those wings. So, let your bird out of the cage to keep them fit and healthy.

✔️ Mental health

As physical health, mental health occupies equal importance. Stress, anxiety, and depression can shorten your bird’s life and damage its brain cells. To avoid this situation keep your bird stimulated all the time. 

✔️ Regular vet visit

Apart from caring and grooming, a regular vet visit can detect if your bird is affected by any disease. By doing so, you can find out the diseases in the initial stage and cure them. it will also help to identify another tantrum of your bird.

Bottom Line

The sun course is one of the favorite pets of many bird owners. As a loving and compassionate pet owner, it is important to keep them happy and healthy. Maintaining a good diet, engaging in physical activities, and providing them with a clean living environment can contribute to the longevity of your bird. 

The key to keeping your sun conure happy is by providing plenty of mental and physical stimulation. If you make your bird more engaging and entertaining it will be less likely to stay bored, stressed, and depressed. I hope this article provides the information to improve the lifespan of your sun conure. It is essential to ensure that all your bird’s needs are met. 

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