Shower Your Parrot

How To Shower Your Parrot?

Keeping pets clean and tidy is part of good parrot wellness. Bathing is an essential factor in the health of pets. We all wonder whether the bird bathes or not but yes. Bathing or showering is necessary for the maintenance of feathers and skin hydration. Bathing keeps the bird away from dirt and encourages them to preen.

Good bathing can help to satisfy their natural needs, desires, and wants. Same as humans, animals also follow specific routines in their life to keep themselves clean and fresh but the method may vary according to the type. 

In the case of wild parrots, there are three main methods to keep themselves clean which are powder down, water, and preening. These methods may vary from species to species and in a capitated environment. 

What Are The Easy Ways For Showering Your Pet Parrot?

All down feathers are not powder producers. It is a fine hair-like extension that continuously breaks off and coats the feathers and skin. This powder is slightly watery and sticky which sticks to everything, including dirt. When the bird moves, exercises, or preens, the excess powder will fall off with the dirt in it.

The amount of powder depends upon the health of the bird. This powder usually acts as a cleanup material. A lot of activities cause the powder to fall off which makes the bird healthier and tidy. Preening involves cleaning up the dirt and paradise when they align their feathers into the optimal orientation for moving. Preening is also considered an essential factor for the health of parrots that enhances the condition of feathers. 

Cleaning Pet Parrots

Pet parrots do not have the opportunity to have a natural environment to keep themselves clean. So, the pet owner needs to provide the essentials to fulfill the needs of the pet. With proper planning, you can make the first bath of the baby parrot. Even baby parrots also need hygiene to keep the dirt away. When you introduce water to newborns, consider some steps to eradicate the fear of baths or showers. 

The key is to go slow so that the bird does not develop a fear of bathing. Healthy and adult parrots normally don’t need to bathe but should have a shower every few days. Soaps or shampoos are not needed for adults because it removes the natural oil present which is important for its hygiene. 

Steps To Follow While Showering Your Parrot

  1. Use only clean and clear water

Although there are a lot of bird shampoos in the market, the best and safest way to clean your bird is through clean water. When a commercial shampoo is used, the natural oil preens their feather. This can make the bird unhappy and its feathers weak.

  1. Take water at a comfortable temperature

The water with too hot or cold temperatures will shock the bird. Before offering, check the temperature so that it will not harm the bird’s system. If the water is too hot it may result in burning the body. Most parrots prefer lukewarm showers.

  1. Only bath your parrot during the warmest time of the day

If the bird is already wet, bathing with water causes health issues. When you bathe your bird during warm times its feathers have a chance to dry easily and faster which helps the bird to dry completely and escape from cold. 

  1. Never saturate the bird’s feather

Usually, birds don’t like to soak their feathers entirely in the water. Because it can lead to flight impairment and reduce the heat of the body. It is not necessary to soak the feather of the bird completely in the water except in extreme circumstances. 

The Bottom Line

By building an effective grooming routine around your pet’s natural preferences, you can make the bath time for your pets smoother and a much more enjoyable experience.

Observe your parrot’s reaction while bathing and use various techniques and stick with one which is apt for your bird. Enjoy the time with your pet and the result will be a squeaky clean and beautiful companion.  

Showering Your Pet Parrot

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