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How Long Do Senegal Parrots Live? [In Wild & Captivity]

If you are a pet lover you may have thought of owning a pet bird. And your first preference will be a parrot. Parrot species are exceptionally social, affectionate, and friendly. So everyone loves to own them expecting they will be with them for a long time. We know that every parrot is adorable but choosing the perfect parrot can be difficult. When we check out the list of pet parrots, Senegal parrots come at the top of the list. 

Senegal parrots can be found in big pet stores. Because of their affordability and ease of handling, most people prefer to have them as their beloved pets. But before bringing a pet to your home, you should know the complete details about them, especially how long they live because our main goal is to provide them with a quality life and keep them safe. 

Can Senegal Parrots Live Over 30 Years?

This article is here to give you the information you need to keep your Senegal parrot healthy. We are composing every answer to all the questions related to Senegal parrots’ lives, what can we do to extend their lifespan, characteristics, the perfect diet, and many more. If you sincerely want to take care of your Senegal parrot, this article will help to dig out every piece of information you want. 

The lifespan of Senegal Parrots

Your parrot’s life span will be based on the life quality that you are helping to create. Caring is the key factor that can be the reason for good and bad. When we are adopting a bird we have to be well known about every aspect of them. In the matter of Senegal birds, their lifespan is more than 30 years which can vary in the wild and in captivity.

Even though they are decent years of lifespan we cannot avoid the factors that affect their lifespan. When we keep these birds in captivity, we should pay extra care to save them from infections and health issues. 

How long do Senegal parrots live in the wild?

It is difficult for every animal to live in the wild. Again it depends upon various factors which will be different for every bird. In general, we can expect the wild lifespan would be roughly half to two-thirds of the average lifespan.

Wild Senegal parrots live more than 30 years if the condition is positive. When compared to other animals, parrots don’t have many predators in the wild but other factors which can influence their lives are natural disasters, environmental changes, lack of nutritious food, and many more.

How long do Senegal birds survive in captivity?

Well, keeping everything in mind, it depends upon you. When you are taking care of a pet you should do it with love and affection. If you see it as a burden, then it inversely affects the life of that particular pet. Especially in the case of birds, they wholly depend upon their owners for everything. So, you have to be well prepared before owning a bird

In captivity, they can live up to 50 years with proper care. This can be influenced by various factors such as

1. Senegal parrot diet

As we all know, diet can change the life quality of everyone including pets. If the diet is bad, that can badly affect the health of the pet. At the same time, a good diet platter can build a great pet. If you have Senegal parrots at home, they need a balanced high-fat diet that will meet all the nutritious benefits of this bird. You should have clear and correct knowledge about the good and bad food for your pet. 
The pellets should make up 75% of your parrot’s overall diet. You can add different varieties of fruits and vegetables such as apples, cherries, plums, cucumber, and food that are acceptable for these birds. You can also serve your bird with nutritious food such as sunflower seed, peanuts, walnuts, and fruits which are loaded with vitamin A and other useful nutrients. If you find your bird suffering from malnutrition consult a vet and provide them with sufficient supplements to fulfill their requirements. 

2. Health issues

Some common health issues can be developed in Senegal parrots, including aspergillosis which is a fungal disease that can be found in every pet bird. As a responsible pet owner, you should clearly understand the diseases and chances of affecting your bird. If you notice a sudden change in your bird like losing weight, low energy level, or other illness there is something seriously wrong. So it is better to consult a vet immediately. 

3. Grooming

 Mental health is an unavoidable factor in everyone’s life. In the case of pets, they too face many mental illnesses if they are not properly groomed. When we are bringing a pet to a new environment they come across many insecurities. You can solve this through proper grooming, caring, and more love. Grooming is important to socialize your bird.

Do Senegal parrots talk?

Senegal parrots talk and mimic the word. Although they are quieter than other birds they love to chat, whistle, and make cute sounds. You can train your Senegal parrot to talk but they cannot repeat complicated words like other species of parrots. But yes, if you give regular practice they can talk and mimic words.

When we check the general nature of these birds they are different from other birds, they are calm and quiet with low vocalization but when you start training Senegal you have to spend some time training them every day. Eventually, they start to mimic you. Repeating words and phrases can help to speak relatively clearly.

A Senegal parrot may be the right choice for you if you are a beginner and want a calm and quiet parrot as a pet. One thing you have to keep in mind is that every Senegal bird won’t talk, it relies on the willingness to learn and how well the bird has been socialized.

Senegal Parrots Lifespan

Characteristics of Senegal parrots

These parrots are very comfortable with the people around them and they can easily mingle with everyone. Hand-fed Senegals make extraordinary pets who are known for their comical and entertaining behavior. Proper training is a key to molding their character. So it is important to understand the personality of the parrot and train according to it

We cannot neglect the fact that Senegal parrots tend to create a “one person” bond that will last a lifetime. Your Senegal parrots’ character fluctuation will depend upon how you treat your bird. 

1. Are the Senegal parrots friendly?

If you are in search of a loyal and friendly pet, Senegal parrots are the perfect fit. They are not only friendly but also can make a strong bond with their owner. They are charming, playful, highly intelligent, and social animals. We can have a stress-free time interacting with them regularly. But it is important to socialize them because even though they are family-friendly pet birds, they can be more attached to one person.

2. Are Senegal parrots cuddly?

Senegal parrots take time to adjust to their new homes. Once they are adapted to the surroundings and people they are considered fantastic birds and become unbelievably easy to love. If Senegal parrots are perfectly happy, yes, they are cuddly parrots. This wholly depends upon how you treat your bird. If your parrots haven’t been taught to be handled and socialized, you don’t find them cuddly.

3. Do Senegal parrots get along with children?

As we all know, cockatiels are the best birds for kids, and Senegal parrots are also the perfect option. These birds are kid-friendly parrots because they have all the great qualities such as friendly nature, playfulness, and mild manners, not aggressive, interactive, and also small. Children love to spend time with Senegal parrots.

4. Are Senegal parrots noisy?

The first thing we should keep in mind is that every pet bird makes a sound. In the case of Senegal parrots, they are generally quiet and moderately loud. They always prefer to chat and mimic rather than make unwanted noises. Considering other parrots, the voice of Senegal parrots is not too loud like other birds. They have soft and gentle voices. 

Price of Senegal parrots

If you want a Senegal parrot as a pet you have to pay around $800 to $1,200 as an average price. Its cost can go up to $ 3000 depending on the appearance and quality of the breed. Senegal parrot prices may vary depending on many factors such as where you are buying them, health status, uniqueness in look, interactivity, and quality of species. You’ll also need to consider other expenses such as the cost of a cage, food bowls, toys, cage liners, veterinary costs, and perches.

The initial setup costs around $20 to $250 if you are planning to provide a quality environment. Once the initial expenses are out of the way, the regular care and maintenance costs should be considered. Ongoing expenses include cleaning, food, vet visits, medicines, and unexpected expenses. But we compare these expenses to species of patriots, Senegal parrots are affordable and have a low maintenance cost. 

Final Thoughts

As we have discussed above, Senegal parrots are very gentle, social, and fiercely loyal to their owners. If you want a perfect pet for you and your family, the Senegal parrots area is the correct fit.  If you do not treat your birds properly they can easily become nippy and irritated which is common in every bird. 

Senegal parrot life can be maintained by providing them with proper care and grooming. It is our responsibility to comfort them when we bring a new member to the family. So spend more time with your bird to understand their nature and behavior. Hope this article helped you to identify your bird and encouraged you to have them as a pet.  

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