How Long Do Scarlet Macaws Live

How Long Do Scarlet Macaws Live? You’d Love To Know!

Scarlet macaws are so vibrant that we will fall in love with their beautiful look. Scarlet macaws form a strong bond with their owners with regular interaction. They are so attractive with different colors such as red, yellow, and blue feathers. If you are deciding to bring a scarlet macaw home, it will be a different experience than owning other pets such as dogs and cats.

Scarlet macaws are one of the most beautiful birds in the world. They are famous for their appearance and intelligence. These birds are highly social, so everyone in your house has to be involved in taking care of them. When bringing a new member to the family, it is important to attain information about their living so that we can provide them with sufficient requirements.

If you are a bird lover, you must have considered this species. But the question is how much do you know about them? This article will help you to know more about their diet, habitat, speaking ability, appearance, and lifespan. 

Scarlet Macaw Lifespan – Can A Macaw Live 100 Years?

Scarlet macaws are found in 16 different species with the variant color combination. They are bigger than other parrots and they survive far from guaranteed. Many factors affect the lifespan of a macaw in the wild and as a  pet.

The life expectancy of the macaws varies according to their species and the quality of their life. A healthy macaw can live up to 100 years but everyone doesn’t have the opportunity to live for that long. The lifespan may vary in the case of wild and pet macaws.

“The Old Man” is a scarlet macaw who celebrated his 74th birthday. They are native to the jungles of Central and South America. According to the watch organization, IUCN, the large bird can get to 32 inches in length and 2 pounds in weight. Currently, the Old man is considered the longest-living scarlet macaw and is expected to go on for 100 years.

How Long Do Scarlet Macaws Live? In Wild And As Pets

Many factors determine the lifespan of a parrot. Mainly, the number of years that scarlet macaws can live depends upon the quality of their life. Scarlet macaws in the wild can live up to 50 years, whereas pet birds can survive for 75 years. These species are usually large, so they can easily escape predators in the wild.

Even though they live for 40 to 50 years in the wild, some birds are exposed to multiple threats and predators in the wild. Small scarlet macaws are attacked by eagles, hawks, jaguars, snakes, and monkeys. Humans are also a great threat to these birds because of the beauty of the birds people use to hunt them in the forest, practice illegal trading, and deforestation. 

In captivity, scarlet macaws can live more than in the wild. The level of care given to the bird is the main factor for its lifespan. The one who cares for them should know everything regarding feeding, grooming, and protecting them. In addition to this, they require a stress-free and spacious environment to live in. If the bird receives proper care, you can be sure that they have a longer lifespan. Scarlet macaws flying should be considered as an unavoidable factor, because they should spend time in exercise to maintain their body and stay fit.

Where do they live?

They prefer to live in long trees along with their folks. Usually, they are found in deciduous trees in forests and near rivers. They make nests in tree hollows and fly a long distance to find food. They build their nest in the rainforest of Central America and northern South America. The scarlet macaw is endemic to the rainforest of Central America, Mexico, South America, and the amazon basin. Some scarlet macaws are found in thick, dense rainforests and nests in the humid climate of these ranging forests and near rivers where the vegetation is lush, thick, and bright.

In the case of domestic scarlet macaws, they need a spacious cage to live in. The interior space of the macaws is a major factor as it is the larger bird. The minimum cage size of the cage should be 36 inches wide, 48 inches deep, and 60 inches tall. 

Which Macaw lives the longest? 

There are different types of pet macaws and wild macaws, each with its uniqueness and quirks. Each macaw faces many threats while making their lives. When it comes to macaws in the wild, people trap them illegally from their habitat and sell them.

Blue and yellow macaws can live more than 100 years in the wild and more than that in the domestic. “Charlie” is the world’s oldest macaw which was born in 1899. Charlie was 114 years old and was the pet of Winston Churchill

“Poncho”, the green-winged macaw lived for 92 years and is officially one of the world’s oldest parrots recorded in the Guinness Book of Worlds.  “Old Man” is the oldest scarlet macaw which is 74 years old and was preserved in Barn Hill Preserve. Old Man is expected to hit 100 years.

Can a Scarlet Macaw talk?

Many people wonder if scarlet macaws talk. Yes, they can talk. They are capable of making different sounds. They are quick learners, but they cannot mimic exactly what humans speak. They can only mimic the sound or words that they are taught by their owners. Even though they are smart and intelligent, teaching them requires a lot of patience and consistency. If you want your scarlet to talk, you should start training them at a younger age. 

What do Scarlet Macaws eat?

The diet of the scarlet macaws is important to maintain their health and feather condition. The wild scarlet mostly eats fruits, nuts, seeds, flowers, and insects.  If you own scarlet macaws as pets, you have to provide them with highly nutritious food that includes bird pellets, fresh fruits, and vegetables.

These birds are not that easy to take care of and groom. They require a lot of attention in their grooming as well as their nutritional needs. 80% of their diet should contain pellets and the rest should be included with vegetables, rice, fruits, and occasional carbohydrate snacks. 

The food which is suitable for scarlet macaws includes:

👉Vegetables– Carrots, corn, spinach, pumpkin, beans, asparagus, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, broccoli, artichoke, beetroot, cucumber, and collard greens

👉Fruits– Strawberries, oranges, kiwis, mangoes, grapes, bananas, dates, and guavas.

👉Seeds– They can eat all types of seeds but sunflower seeds should be provided in a limited quantity because they contain high-fat content.

👉Nuts– Peanuts, almonds, pine nuts, hazelnuts, cashews, pistachios, macadamia nuts, brazil nuts, and walnuts. All the nuts should be unsalted.

👉Meat– They eat the meat of fish, poultry, the flesh of small insects, and eggs. These should be given in a moderate amount.

Serve varieties of food for your bird every day to keep them happy and healthy. If they were in the wild, their eating habits would drive them to search for different tastes and textures.

How much is a Scarlet Macaw?

Scarlet macaws are expensive species when compared to other parrots—having them as a pet is not cheap. The maintenance cost of the bird is also high because of its species and size. Scarlet macaw price depends upon the quality of the breed and the breeder. We should expect the price range from $2000 to $4000 if you are buying them from a breeder.

Scarlet macaws are cheaper macaws. Hyacinth Macaws can go up to $40,000. The physical appearance of these species is very important when it comes to pricing. The more colorful, vibrant, and unique the look is, the more expensive it gets. 

When you buy these species from the breeder, you have to consider the credibility of the breeder. You can have a tour of the facilities to confirm how these birds are raised. Because the background of the macaws is an important factor. You can ask for the health records of the bird if required. Before investing in them, check that you are not taking a sick bird home.

You have to invest in the initial setup and supplies such as cages, toys, food, accessories, and medicine to keep them happy and protect them from diseases. The initial expenses range from around $200 to $850 which is essential for your pet’s survival.

Scarlet Macaw can live 100 Years

Are Scarlet Macaws endangered?

Scarlet macaws are listed as endangered. Deforestation remains a major problem in their habitat. The population of the tropical forest of central and south America is greatly affected. Only 300-400 individuals are surviving in the wild of Mexico, Belize, and Guatemala. Other reasons may be due to loss of habitat, wildfires, and illegal wildlife trading. The results found that scarlet macaws had decreased in numbers because of spraying pesticides by the companies to protect their cultivation. 

If they are kept at home, they should be served properly which will help to expand the lifespan of your bird. They should be provided with proper food and space. If they are not allowed to spend time outside the cage they may cause sickness and can adversely affect the quality of life. 

The Bottom Line

For a true bird lover, every bird is priceless. Taking care of them should be a task, it has to be a lovable experience. Our engagement and dedication are so important to develop good behavior in your pet. Although they are attractive and have eye-catching features, you should keep in mind that they are noisy birds and demand a lot of attention.

Keeping scarlet macaws can be a task if you live in congested surroundings. Make sure that you are treating your pet with proper food, training, and love. The vital part that a pet lover has to develop is a bond with you and your bird. 

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