Reasons To Keep Parrots In Pairs

7 Reasons To Keep Parrots In Pairs – Do Not Skip This One!

Pet can be a good fit for you if you are searching for a companion. They provide enjoyment and companionship for many years. As we know, pet birds need more attention and care when compared to other pets like cats and dogs.

Parrots need to socialize to improve their personality so frequent interaction is compulsory. Sometimes you may not be able to provide them with the required attention. This can badly affect your parrot. To solve this situation, you can have to take care of several factors before getting a parrot as a companion.

7 Reasons To Keep Parrots In Pairs

The behavior of your parrot depends upon how it is raised and trained. Some parrots are very easy to take care of but some are complicated. Many parrots cannot live alone in cages, while some can survive without a companion. So it is important to know your bird before petting them.

Let’s take a look at the several reasons why we should keep parrots in pairs, as well as other important information about parrots as pets.

1️⃣ Parrots are socially active birds

Socializing them is important to keep them physically and mentally healthy. If you cannot get time to interact with your pet, it can negatively affect their behavior. When the birds are kept as pets, it’s essential to give them proper attention. So it is always better to provide them with a companion. When they have a pair in the cage, they will build a bond with each other and you can save your bird from boredom. Parrots enjoy being with their folks, and keeping them together can help to provide a happy life.

2️⃣ Help in their breeding habit

Some parrots need help from each other at the time of breeding. For example, Pyrrhura conure has a unique breeding habit of relying on each other to raise their babies. When you lodge both the species in one cage they will start to look at each other as a family. So always prefer to keep the pair of the opposite sex so they can be more attached. Parrots have a free zone that is reserved only for their mates. Touching, preening, and cuddling is allowed only with the mates. If your parrots do not know each other, you should introduce them to one another and allow them to spend time together.

3️⃣ Emotional factors

No one loves to stay alone without any interactions. The same happens in the case of birds. They are so emotional that a lack of proper care can lead to many emotional problems. While you keep two parrots together, they will have the feeling of companionship and make them happier. They always need someone to play with, talk to, eat with, and more. As a parrot owner, it is not easy to maintain a single parrot, so a second bird will make your job easy.

4️⃣ They feel safer with another parrot

When your parrot is with their folks, they feel more confident and safer. The companionship will make them feel like they are not alone in their worst situation. When we consider ourselves, we also feel comfortable when we spend time with our people. The same applies to your pair of parrots. They will be more relatable to their folks than the owners. Also, they can understand each other’s emotions and feelings more than humans.

5️⃣ Low chance of getting aggressive.

Parrots fall in the category of aggressive nature. They often get aggressive due to fear, stress, previous trauma, and dominance issues. They will not be comfortable with other species within their territory. Your parrots may also become intolerant and annoyed when another species shows dominance over them. So keeping the same species can lower the chances of having aggressive behavior in your birds.

6️⃣ Staying in pairs can make them bold

When you compare single parrots with pairs, you can notice a lot of behavioral changes between them. The parrots that live in pairs will be bolder than a single one. They will accept new things easily like new food, toys, and other activities. They will be more interactive and show interest especially when one parrot is shy and the other is active. The shy one will get inspired by the active one and get involved in new activities. 

7️⃣ Vets recommend keeping parrots in pairs

As human parrots also have their language in which they communicate with their species. Vets are experts and know every change of birds. They always recommend keeping parrots in pairs due to many reasons. Many studies show that parrots love to live with their pairs. If you want to keep your pet happy and healthy, allow them with a parrot friend.

Can parrots of different species live in one cage?

As a general rule, it is always good to lodge the same species in one cage because they can be more comfortable with their members as long as they have their personal space in the cage. 

If you put parrots of different species, they can be aggressive with each other due to their behavioral changes. Some species of parrots will not go well with other species. Your observation plays a role, knowing the body language of different species is essential here. If you mix an aggressive parrot with a calm parrot, it carries more risk.

Keep Parrots In Pairs

The species of parrots such as Budgies, cockatiels, conures, lovebirds, and canaries are social and great pets that they can adjust to living with other species. On the other hand, cockatoos, lories, macaws, an African gray, and caiques are different and can be aggressive to other species.

Overall, keeping parrots of the same species together in a cage is always better.

How to introduce a companion to a parrot?

Sometimes your bird will get lonely in the cage. So introducing a new friend to your parrot can help to solve this situation. To make the transition smooth you have to consider several steps. It is important to show that the new bird is a friend rather than an enemy. These steps can help when adding a new bird to an existing bird’s environment.

🦜 Observe your bird

First, put the birds in different cages so that you can observe the bird’s behavior. It is also helpful if the new bird has any illness or contagious diseases. At the same time, your parrot will get a chance to observe and hear the call of the new bird. Keep your birds in different cages so that it helps to get familiarized with the presence of the new parrot over time. 

🦜Keep the two cages closer

When the quarantine period ends, it’s time to get them closer. Keep two cages closer to introduce your parrots to each other. We cannot avoid the fact that even the same species cannot become friends easily. They will attempt to establish dominance over each other. Moving both cages closer can help your birds to know each other slowly. 

🦜Provide treat 

Parrots are fond of tasty treats. They will quickly get attached if they are served their favorite food. When your birds are ready to see each other,  offer them several tasty and healthy foods so that they share and eat. 

🦜Socialize them equally

The best way to build bonds among your bird is to socialize them boost their interactivity level, they have to keep engaged all the time. Using different tricks can help to speed up the process. Both your birds will get a lot of time to spend together and gain the trust of each other. 

Final Thoughts

As we discussed, it is better to keep parrots in pairs as there are several reasons. They love to interact with each other and spend quality time with their loved ones. Parrots always want someone to share their emotions and communicate with, especially in the case of domestic parrots.  They are more likely to establish bonds with their friends. So it is your responsibility to provide them with a mate that helps to keep them engaged and happy all the time.  

Proper monitoring of both the parrot’s behavior is the important thing you have to remember. You can see your parrots bonding with each other over time if you successfully keep them together. I hope the points noted in the article help pair your parrots!

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