Rarest Pet Birds

Rarest Pet Birds: Most Popular Pet Birds In The World!

I would like to introduce you to the rarest pet birds that you can own. Birds are believed to be the most gorgeous creatures on earth. There are lots of endangered species of birds that are going vanished day by day. If you are not interested to own common birds like cockatiels, budgies, finches, etc. then this article is only for you.

How It Become Unique?

Here you will find some birds which are very unique. Many people work to protect endangered species as well as the breed of birds. They also free them back into the atmosphere and support them to introduce them to new environments where they can thrive. There is a huge demand for rare birds due to their magnificent colors and unique characteristics. If you are interested in owning one from them then you should only be bought from verified breeders. The few rare pet birds are the Australian King Parrot, Victoria Crowned Pigeon, Black Palm Cockatoo, Golden Conure, etc.

What is the best exotic bird to own?

There are many exotic birds that you can own to make them a part of your life. Some of these birds are Hyacinth Macaw, Victoria Crowned Pigeon, Golden Conure, Australian King Parrot, Cockatoos, Green Aracari, Archangel Pigeon, etc.

Hyacinth Macaw is one of the best exotic birds that you can own. It is 3 feet long having striking yellow markings and dark blue feathers. They can be a bit costly because of their large size and you will also need to keep them in a big aviary. But they are very beautiful and gentle birds to own and they make a very pleasant and strong bond with their caretakers. 

Which is the rarest parrot?

Puerto Rican amazon also called as Puerto Rican parrot and Iguacu is one of the rarest parrots. Measuring 28–30 cm, this amazing bird is a chiefly green parrot with white rings around the eyes and a red forehead.

If we talk about their closest relatives, they are believed to be the Hispaniolan amazon and the Cuban amazon. These rarest parrots reach sexual maturity between 3 and 4 years of age. It is a cavity nester and reproduces one time in a year.

When the female parrot lays eggs, she handles the responsibility carefully and she will stay in the nest and uninterruptedly incubate them till hatching. The baby birds are fed by both parents & will fly 60 to 65 days next to the hatching. These are the most amazing and rarest birds that you can own to make them a part of your life. 

Are they expensive to own?

If we talk about the cost, it varies and they are a bit expensive too since they are very rarely available. Its cost starts at Rs. 750$ and completely depends on the seller. You can also get it online if anybody is listed on any trustworthy website. 

🦜6 Most Exotic Pet Birds🦜

🔷Black Palm Cockatoo

This is one of the largest cockatoo species around the world. Its head crest and dark grey color with maroon chicks give them a special attractive look. It has also red patches on the skin that looks so attractive and this color changes when this bird got excited. They need proper attention and care if you are acquiring them. The sense of humor of this bird is high and they can easily learn any trick which you teach them. Its cost is around 16000$ to 19000$.

Rarest Pet Birds in the world
Black Palm Cockatoo

🔷Victoria Crowned Pigeon

This is so unusual and beautiful-looking bird that was specifically named to honor Queen Victoria. They are huge in the size and their weight may be 5 pounds to 7 pounds. Their feather colors are light blue and maroon spot on the chest which gives them an attractive look. They enjoy walking around large space areas like the ground or empty roads

Victoria Crowned Pigeon
Victoria Crowned Pigeon

🔷Australian King Parrot

This is one of the most beautiful and uncommon species which comes from Australia. These birds are a little bit less adoring compared to other birds but this may be ideal for people which have more experience with pet birds. They are distinct because of their crimson redheads and forest green bodies. Just because it is a large species in size so they need plenty of space to play and exercise. These parrots are good intrants for the people who have so much experience keeping as well as working with the hard-beaked hookbills. Being very big birds, they need a lot of space to play and exercise to prosper in captivity.

Australian King Parrot
Australian King Parrot

🔷Golden Conure

It comes in yellow feathers which are generally founded in Brazil. Its size is around 12 to 13 inches. Recently this bird has been included in the endangered category birds so they are gradually harder to come by in the pet trade. They want so much interaction with their dear guardians or owners. They are smart enough to perform tricks that you teach them.

They are becoming very rare due to many well spread reasons. Though there are breeders who offer such kinds of birds for sale rarely, all sales of Golden Conures are severely delimited. It can be hard to find one. The survival of these birds is not much assured.

Golden Conure
Golden Conure

🔷Green Aracari

It is the smallest species that belongs to the toucan family. It has very dark green, almost black, feathers on its back and tail as well as a light green chest with a burgundy head. Just because they need a regular supply of fresh fruit and ripe so it may be expensive for you to feed this bird as well as there are so many hazardous associates with them compared to larger parrots. The precise population of these birds in the world has not been calculated yet by scientists and researchers because they are found in zoos in the wild and in private collections. But their population is believed to be constant and not in any instant danger of extinction.

Green Aracari
Green Aracari

🔷Archangel Pigeon

This bird thrives as a pet and cannot survive in the wild. This is one of the oldest pigeons which was found in the 13th century in European countries. It comes in a Bronze or gold body with black wings, white, or blue; unfathered legs, and dark orange eyes. If you are a beginner then you can acquire them and made a good bonding with them. The breast of this bird is slightly pronounced and moderately wide. The wings are tightly closed, moderately long, and lying courteously upon the tail deprived of crossing.

Archangel Pigeon
Archangel Pigeon

Final Thoughts:

So, these were some of the most exotic and rarest pet birds that you can own and make a part of your life. It is always amazing and cheerful to have a pet in your house. It gives you a lovely and happening feeling. You can undoubtedly choose any one of these exotic birds to own and purchase them online or through any other store available in the market. 

Since it is very tempting to own a rare and beautiful bird, it’s usually not in the best interest of animals. Every so often, bird owners undervalue the amount of attention and space birds need. While many people believe that, rather than owning wild birds as pets, it is always better to go and see them in wildlife sanctuaries and zoos where they are appropriately cared for by practiced handlers.

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