Do Parrots Have Vocal Cords

Do Parrots Have Vocal Cords?

We know that parrots have the speaking ability and can imitate humans effortlessly, but doesn’t that makes us wonder, “Do parrots have vocal cords?”. 

The answer to the above question is no, parrots don’t have vocal cords. 

Parrots are very beautiful and loving birds. They have a unique trait of speaking like humans. However, they only imitate humans and creatures. They are quick learners and can remember different types of words easily. But if the parrots don’t have vocal cords then how can they speak like us? 

How Is It Different From That Of Humans?

Parrots can speak with the help of syrinx. Parrots have syrinx similar to the songbirds. Syrinx plays an integral part in the speaking process of parrots. 

In this article, we have discussed how parrots can speak without having vocal cords. To know about parrots’ speaking ability, you need to go through this article. To clear your doubts, let’s get started with the article. 

How do birds talk without vocal cords?

Birds don’t have vocal cords like humans. Still, they have the power to speak like us. Humans have a larynx and birds have a syrinx. This organ called the syrinx helps the birds to speak. With this, they can make sounds, and mimic languages. Through syrinx, the birds can inhale and exhale air out of their lungs. It has two oval membranes in its wall which vibrate and through that birds can vocalize.

Every bird has a different shape and size of its syrinx. Birds have both larynx and syrinx. But they use the larynx only for breathing and eating. Even the scientists don’t have any idea about the evolution of syrinx. It’s a unique organ of birds. 

For changing voice frequency parrots use their beaks and tongues. The advantage of not having a vocal cord is they will never lose their voice.

Parrots control their muscles smoothly and can change the shape and depth of their syrinx. These birds only mimic voices and sounds. They copy the sounds of different creatures and communicate with their flocks through a common tone.

All birds can make chirping sounds of their own but all birds can’t speak like humans. Only a few of the birds have the speaking ability and one among them is a parrot. The parrots make excellent pets due to their speaking power and intelligence. 

Why can parrots talk but not other animals?

We have always wondered how parrots can talk but not other animals. A parrot is a bird that can talk and speak like humans without understating the context. However, few animals can understand human language but they don’t have the speaking ability. So what is the secret behind parrots’ speaking ability?

Parrots have a unique brain that functions well for vocal mimicry. Through this unique brain, they can create new sounds and voices. They also have an articulate tongue which is another factor that helps them to vocalize. It can move and alter the sound frequencies to make them talk like humans.

Parrots are birds that make extra efforts to communicate. They consider their owners as a part of their flocks. So, they try to adapt to their owner’s language and have a common conversation with them. They do have a desire to communicate naturally with humans, animals, or birds.

The birds with speaking ability have 7 clusters of neurons inside their brain. These are called the song nuclei. Studies say that this section of the brain helps them with their vocalizations. It is also discovered that parrots are unique and have more speaking tendencies because they have an extra layer of neurons around the song nuclei. Even parrots’ speaking tendencies differ according to their breed. 

Can parrots lose their voice permanently? 

Humans can lose their voice permanently due to various factors. But can parrots lose their voice? 

No, parrots cannot lose their voice because they don’t have vocal cords. There are chances that your parrot has stopped talking temporarily due to some reason. However, it’s very unlikely for a parrot to lose their voice permanently.

Sometimes the parrots can stop talking because of depression, fear, boredom, sickness, changes in their surroundings, or infection in the syrinx, throat, and lungs. If any food particles are stuck in their throat that can cause blockage in their voice. Fungal disease is also a factor in temporary voice stoppage. 

Whenever any of these situations arise make sure to check and understand the reason behind their quietness. Sometimes the reason is not severe and can be improved easily. But sometimes the situation might be serious and require medical treatment. Parrots suffering from a tracheal disease can lose their voice and it also leads to heart problems. 

What is the difference between Larynx and Syrinx? 

Humans and birds both have different vocal organs. Humans have an organ called the larynx and birds have an organ called the syrinx. The organ syrinx can only be found in birds, no other human or animal has this organ in their body. The larynx is known as the voice box of human beings. Similarly, the syrinx is the organ that is responsible for vocalizations in birds

The organ syrinx is located in the chest of the birds. It’s a cavity filled with fluid and is positioned on the base of the trachea, where the windpipe divides. The organ larynx is located inside the middle part of the neck area, on the same level as the Adam apple. 

The function of the organ larynx is to pass air in and out through the lungs. When humans try to vocalize the passing air inside vibrates to the vocal cords and that helps to produce voices. Whereas the organ syrinx has two functions. It is responsible for the breathing process as well as vocalizations of the birds. The larynx does not help in breathing. So, humans can breathe without a larynx but birds cannot live without a syrinx. 

Both the syrinx and larynx have a similar function. They are responsible for producing sounds and voices among the birds and humans. Syrinx has a unique feature and is not found in other mammals except birds. 

Final Thoughts

Parrots are very lovable and intelligent birds. They are chosen as pets and kept in captivity for a long time. The most unique feature of parrots is their ability to speak like humans. This makes them a preferred pet. They mimic human vocals and sounds very easily. 

Despite not having a vocal cord they have a speaking tendency. The organ called syrinx and their brain with an extra layer of neurons make them unique among all the birds. They quickly grasp every sound and imitate them. However, parrots don’t understand human language, they only mimic. The voice organ of birds differs from those of humans. However, both the organs have the similar function of making sounds. 

We hope this article “Do parrots have vocal cords” helped you to clear your doubts related to the parrots’ speaking tendencies. Now, when you know all about parrots and their speaking process then how about purchasing a parrot for your home. These lovely birds make excellent pets and keep the house joyous with their continuous chattering. 

Difference of vocal cords in humans & parrots

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