How Do Parrots Talk

How Do Parrots Talk? Are They Vocal Learners?

Do you have a parrot and do you ever wonder how do parrots talk? If yes, then this article is going to take you on a ride to knowing more about how do parrots talk. Parrots are one of those birds that can mimic the human voice, sometimes their voice becomes as perfect as a human’s.

Most parrots pick up a few words from their owners and repeat them and thus get versed in talking but the right training can lead to a better adaptation of words. 

Steps To Train Your Parrot To Talk!

There are many aspects of parrots that need to be addressed before we start training our parrots for speaking their first words. And in this article, we are going to discuss some of the most innovative ways by which you can train your parrots and create a regular training routine for them.

If you are someone who wants your parrots to mimic your words then read this article till the end and we assure you that you will pick up some of the best advice to teach your parrot. 

Can All Parrots Talk?

Parrots are lovely birds but they are not smart enough to pick up any language. But what they are really good at is picking up the words that their owners speak regularly. They recreate that sound and try to imitate their owners without comprehending the meaning of the words. Well-trained parrots develop specific cues to speak different words and that makes us feel that they are understanding what we are saying and respond to it according to that. 

However, they are just recreating a voice that they have learned after multiple training sessions. So the answer is, yes, parrots can talk but not the way humans do. 

How long does it take for a parrot to talk?

Now, when you know that your lovely parrot can actually mimic your voice, you must be wondering why is it not doing so already. Right? Well, parrots are some of the most sensitive birds to sounds, which makes them pick up different words.

Your parrots might need some time with good training to pick up the words that you want them to speak. Most parrots are able to pick up some words after 3 months of training but some other parrots might take even 12 months to start speaking. 

However, training your parrots early is one of the best ways to increase their pace of learning. Some of the best breeds that pick up words better than the others are African Greys, Timneh Greys, and Yellow Naped Amazons.

How to train your parrot to talk?

After, knowing how do parrots talk, most readers want to learn about the process of training your parrot to talk. In this segment of the article, we are going to discuss some of the key ideas and important steps which you need to follow before and during the training of your parrots.

Training your parrots is going to be an interesting journey for most parrot owners and you can document the progress to save it as a beautiful memory. These are some of the steps which you need to follow to ensure that you are training your parrot perfectly. 

🔹Be prepared to train

Training your parrots in a calm and clean environment can make them calm and composed as well. Parrots can be extremely moody at times and thus you will need to take care of the fact that they are in the ideal mood to learn and adapt. 

  1. Create a peaceful training environment and let the parrot settle in the situation. 
  2. If you are planning to treat them during the training then pre-meal training sessions could be an ideal choice. 

🔹Know your parrot species

It is another critical aspect when it comes to training your parrots. Most parrot owners are not aware of the species that they are owning and can be a hurdle while training your parrot as different parrot species are different in their nature and their temperament. 

  1.  Read more about parrots in general and their species from different books and the internet. 
  2. Observe your parrot and try to figure out its parent species before moving down to the exact breed. 

🔹Build a friendly relationship with your parrot

Being friendly with your parrot can be critical in creating a better understanding while training it. 

  1. You can pat the parrot gently over the head and make it a routine
  2. Make it eat out of your hand
  3. Treat it whenever it performs well during the training

🔹Start with simple words

Owners might need their parrots to pick up long and interesting words as soon as possible, however, it is not feasible to expect this in the initial phase of training. 

  1. Choose a few simple words which you want them to repeat
  2. Make sure these words are simple to speak and short
  3. Be patient while training. 

🔹Hold the bird in front of your mouth when you teach it

Holding the parrot perfectly can increase their chances of picking up the words. You need to make sure that they are in a comfortable position while being trained. 

  1. Make sure that they are at a height of your face
  2. Let them see how you speak my moving lips in a clear manner

🔹Repeat certain words every day during training

This is the core of the training when it comes to teaching your parrot how to speak a few words. Some parrots can pick up speaking even without being properly trained and only by hearing the repetitive words of their surrounding. 

  1. Choose easy, simple, and welcoming words to repeat
  2. Make sure to break them while speaking
  3. Repeat the words multiple times during the training

🔹Do not let your parrot get bored

Some parrots might get bored while being trained and it’s your responsibility to not let that happen. 

  1. Play with your parrot while it is being trained to speak
  2. Integrate other training along with the speech training sessions

🔹Be patient and give time to parrots

This is the most critical part when it comes to training your parrots. Giving out sufficient time to your parrot is the way to go and allows your parrot to learn naturally. 

  1. Do not expect that the parrot will start talking from the initial days of training, it might need weeks of regular training to make it happen. 
  2. Be regular with the training routine and make it interesting for the parrot as well as yourself
  3. Ensure to go slow in the start and let the parrot adapt to the change

The Bottom Line

After reading the article you are good to go to start a training routine for your parrots. Now you know how parrots talk and what things they need before they start with the proper training. However, all pets, especially parrots are different from each other and they need personalized care and efforts from their owners. It becomes critical for parrot owners to nourish their pets with a healthy diet, the right care, and timely attention to make sure that they feel connected while you are training them. 

Parrots are one of the smartest bird species and that makes them unique pets, however, the right information about the training should be acquired before planning the speech training for your parrots. In this article, we tried to provide you with all the information required to plan a proper training routine for your parrots. We hope that this article will enrich your experience as a proud parrot owner. 

Train Your Parrot To Talk

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