Parrots Lay Eggs

Do Parrots Lay Eggs? Answered!

In this “Do parrots lay eggs” article, we will discuss what you need to know about laying parrots, before and after the process, and some amazing traits about parrots. Stick to this article to the end of your parrot is laying eggs or if you want to know the process. 

No doubt that parrots lay eggs, but it sounds shocking that female parrots lay eggs without mating with a male parrot. Isn’t it amazing? 

Yes, it is the fact and embedded in the behavior that when they find themselves in such a situation and environment; they lay eggs. Without having reproductively involved, parrots can sense the same and that results in the formation of eggs. But how do you know if your parrot is laying an egg behind your back? Well, you will get to know all in this article. But is it okay for a female parrot to lay an egg regularly with no sperm entered into the ovum for fertilization? 

Can Parrots Lay Eggs Without A Male?

Yes, it is common in domestic parrots and rare in the wild to lay eggs without having reproduced with a male parrot. The breeding session in parrots starts with spring. There are many triggers that lead parrots to lay unfertilized eggs. Such stimulated parrots misinterpret the environment with reproduction results in the formation of eggs. 

These sensations include direct exposure to light for 10 to 12 hours a day, warmer temperature, the presence of nesting materials around, that make them feel stable to lay eggs, the hormonal activation naturally or living with the mature parrots, and the feeling of touch with their tail and back. 

But in the unfertilized eggs, the female parrot may lose interest soon and abandon them. It takes energy to produce eggs either fertilized or unfertilized. The egg membrane is formed with calcium, for which parrots use the body’s calcium and nutrients. Calcium deficiency while pregnant can lead to serious health issues. 

What Age Do Female Parrots Lay Eggs?

A female parrot feels sexual maturity when she reaches the age of 2. At the age of 2, she can lay eggs. The process, as we discussed above, can be started by some virtual or real sensations in her body, and thus she lays the unfertilized eggs. 

For the female parrot to produce the fertilized eggs requires the natural process of reproduction that needs male sperm to interact with the ovum in her body. Parrots stop laying eggs when they reach 12 of her age. Parrots lay eggs at 2 of their age, but age depends particularly upon the species. 

  • Lory and Lorikeet

They may look similar, but the only difference they have in them is the shorter and the longer length. Lory is a parrot with a short tail whereas Lorikeet is with a bigger tail. The fertilization in Lory and Lorikeet starts when they grow to age 2.

  • Cockatiels

Cockatiels may be difficult to breed initially. That is why they require more effort and preparation before you breed them. The age of starting fertilization for female cockatiels is about 2 years. 

  • Lovebirds

Lovebirds are small parrots with long beaks and short tails. The wild lovebirds are green in color, whereas the pet lovebirds vary in color. The fertilization process in lovebirds is noted to start when they are 1-2 years old. 

  • Amazon

Amazon is a monogamous pair, in which relationships last longer or sometimes till death. The mating goes throughout the year, but it is common from October to September. Amazon lays eggs at the age of 2. During mating season, the pair live near each other. 

  • African Gray

The African gray is an intelligent and human imitating parrot. The African gray usually starts mating or arousing sexually, when they are 5 to 7 years. 

How Often Do Parrot Lay Eggs?

Well, the answer to this question varies according to the species of the parrots. Mostly, female parrots are sexually active when they are 2 years older or around. The age factor is also not a firm line. It can also vary according to the varieties of parrots

The process of the formation of eggs starts when they are 2 years old or stops when the female parrot reaches nearly 30 to 40 years. Most parrots lay 2-3 eggs a year or 3-6 times a year when they are completely satisfied with the temperature and the comfort levels to lay eggs. Comfort level signifies the safety of the cage and the nesting materials to protect the newborns. 

There is no doubt that parrots are obsessed with their eggs and become aggressive when anyone tries to move the cage or tease them. Female parrots can lay 2 or 3 clutches a year. 

Symptoms Of Laying Eggs In Parrots

How would you know your parrot is pregnant when you have not bred your female parrot with a male parrot? If you do not want your parrot to lay the unfertilized egg, you can move the eggs silently with tricks because, in doing so, parrots may become aggressive or depressive. Parrots more often abandon the unfertilized eggs.

The pregnant parrots act and behave differently, which helps us conclude their pregnancy. Pregnancy drains nutrients such as calcium and calcium from the parrot’s body. Provide them with a healthy diet full of protein and calcium to help them live by their pregnancy. 

Here are the common symptoms that most parrots show during pregnancy. 

  • Walk differently

You can notice the change in their walk when they are pregnant. Pregnancy increases obesity and fat, which increases weight. This change in weight makes them move slowly. 

  • Twitch its tail more than usual

Tail twitching is common in pregnant parrots with which owners become familiar if they spend more time with their birds. By doing this, parents help them in moving eggs in the abdomen. 

  • Weight gain

Weight gain is the most common feature that represents pregnancy in parrots. No matter if your bird is carrying fertilized or unfertilized eggs in the abdomen, the parrot’s size will appear bigger than usual.

  • Drinks more water

Keep the water near your pregnant parrot. Parrots need water in the formation of eggs. 

  • Produce larger droppings (poop)

Parrots, when they are pregnant, produce larger droppings than usual. But this is not always a pregnancy definer.  

Final Thoughts

While concluding, do parrots lay eggs? Parrots are highly sensible and better at imitating birds. Human beings are petting parrots as they need an open environment and opportunity to come out of the blanket and live in the situation. Parrots can tell harsh truths or unhappy memories.  

Let’s sum up the above article to help you remember the main points to help you win against your fears. Parrots are imitating feathered friends and often they get more attention than usual. 

We have seen that parrots can be pregnant without having intercourse with the male partner, and this is because of the warm temperature, the male parrot’s playful sounds can make her feel reproduce and misinterpret the external things with the real reproduction.

We have suggested you help your pregnant parrot in order to keep her safe and uncomfortable. We hope that  after reading this article you will be more aware about the body of your parrot and will take better care of it. 

Parrots Lay Eggs Without A Male

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