Foods For Parrots

Foods For Parrots: Foods To Avoid Feeding Parrots!

Dear parrot owners, are you worried, thinking about what are the best foods For Parrots? Our team has studied various parrots and talked with experts to understand their digestive systems. We have analyzed and checked all the facts, again and again, so that we can inform you the best.

We understand that pet parrots are not an easy task as you need to take care of them just like a baby. Also, they can not talk so you need to understand their behavior. 

Are Pellets Good To Feed Parrots?

As their body is different from ours, their food patterns should be different. In this article, we have shared the best foods for parrots and tried to cover them with all precautions. Just scroll through it to learn more.

What to feed parrots?

Any birds are full of air sacks and that makes them light to fly. That is the reason why you should be more careful with their food. They need the food in a way that does not make them heavy as it will be harmful to them.

Also, they can not chew the food, only break them into pieces with their beaks. So this is a fact you must understand before feeding them. Considering those facts, you must be wondering what is the best food for parrots. 

We have studied and observed different types of parrots and talked with vets to make sure what can be good food for parrots. According to most experts, the diet of your parrots must have 50 – 60 % pellets and they should be without sugar and dye. You can tell the pellets as the regular food for your parrots. Pellets fulfill the calorie requirements of parrots where they do not have sugar or fat.

Apart from that, you can serve your parrots vegetables, fruits, and seeds. If you want to make its platter a colorful one, you must check out the vegetables and fruit items you can serve in our upcoming sections. We have chalked them with their nutritional values.

How do you feed a parrot as a pet?

Feeding the parrots as a pet is not rocket science, all you need to consider is their age, species, and food habit. Here we are sharing some general food-feeding processes that can be applied to any bird.

Before feeding them, make sure you have pellets and other food items that are suitable for them. In the morning you can serve pellets as snacks with seeds. Do not forget to keep a bowl of fresh water beside them.

If your parrots are babies, consider them feeding ½ tablespoon of seeds and pellets whereas adult parrots need 1 tablespoon of food. You can monitor their food habit and what food they are preferring, and you can serve according to that.

Are pellets good for parrots?

Pellets are a portion of really good and safe food for parrots and you can serve them regularly. Pellets contain all the necessary nutrients that can fulfill 60 % of the demands of a parrot. Most of the veterinary recommend pellets for parrots so you can feed them whenever you want.

Parrot Food List

As we have already mentioned that you need to be a little careful when it comes to feeding parrots. But you need not worry as we are sharing some of the foods in enlisted form. Check them out.


  • Beets –  Beets come with different names like red beets, table beets, and many more but what makes beets a healthy food option for your parrots is their nutritious value. It has vitamin c, iron, and fiber that can regulate blood pressure.
  • bell peppers-  Parrots have fewer taste buds compared to a human so the spiciness of bell peppers can not be felt much. You can put this spicy veggie to them as it can help to reduce heart risk and develop digestive health.
  • Asparagus – This low calory vegetable can be a good treat for your parrots as they are rich in vitamins A, C, and K. As it is a good source of antioxidants, it can prevent the parrots from other chronic diseases.
  • Tomato – Tomato is rich in Lycopene which is an antioxidant and it keeps the risk of cancer far away. The skin of tomatoes contains Naringenin which reduces inflammation.
  • Spinach- The greeny leaves of Spinach has a high level of minerals, calcium, and iron. You can decorate the plate with spinach which can make its bone stronger.


  • Apples-  Apples are the sweetest treat to your parrots and apart from that, it has various health benefits. It can give pigmented feathers to your parrots but make sure you peel off the skin and avoid feeding the seeds. 
  • Grapes- You can feed them any kind of grapes but red grapes can be the first option as their thick skin consists of several nutrients. As grapes have resveratrol which improves the brain health of your parrots.
  • Guava – Guavas are the safe fruit for parrots and the best part is you can serve it without peeling off its skin or removing the seeds. Guava is rich in antioxidants, and vitamins and its seeds contain vitamin A which is good for the eyes.
  • Papaya – Papaya is one of the favorite fruits of your parrots and you can experiment with it. You can just cut them into pieces or make a drink out of them, they will love it.


  • Chia seeds– Chis seeds can be a good treat for parrots as it contains fat, omega 3, and other nutrients. But remember you need to restrict the limitations of chia seeds so that the parrots can ingest other foods too.
  • Sesame Seeds-  Sesame seeds can be provided to your parrots with other meals as only the seeds do not fulfill all the health benefits. However, these seeds are nutritious and have Vitamin B in abundance.
  • Pumpkin seeds- Pumpkin is a very nutritious food for parrots so are its seeds you can get the packaged seeds in markets. However, they are preserved with salts so you can avoid them or you can prepare the seeds at your home.

What not to feed your parrot?

There are certain foods that are toxic for parrots and you should not serve them. 

  • Chocolate-  Your parrot is your dear one but you can not feed it a small piece of chocolate even by mistake. Chocolate consists of cocoa which is poisonous to them.
  • Peanut Butter-  Peanut butter is counted as one of the healthy food but it is not for parrots. You better not serve them.
  • Alcohol – Alcohol is injurious to the health of your parrots. You probably know the reasons.
  • Milk-  Parrots are intolerant to milk so you should serve anything that is made from milk.
  • Apple Seeds- Apple seeds consist of cyanide so you must avoid that.

Final Thoughts!

Petting the parrots is not difficult if you understand their food habits and digestive system. In this article, we have shared the good food for parrots and you can buy them according to your availability.

Here we want to mention that you can feed your parrot those seeds, fruits, and vegetables regularly but make sure they are not too frequent. Providing only fruits can bring obesity to them so you need to check all the foods before feeding them.

We hope, our effort will help you to sort out good food for parrots and you can be a pro at petting a bird.

Are Pellets Good To Feed Parrots

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