Can Parrots Eat Apples

Can Parrots Eat Apples?

Can parrots eat apples? When you are searching for your parrot’s diet, you probably think that a can parrot eats apples. We all have known the line “an apple a day, keeps the doctor away”, does it the same for the parrots?

You must be wondering about this, let us tell you that an apple can be an extremely delicious treat for your parrot. Now here comes the question how many apples should you give to your parrot or can you replace other foods with apples?

What Are The Benefits Of Feeding Apples To Parrots?

If you want to know about the apple diet for your parrot, this article will probably be the best answer to all your doubts. We will discuss not only the apple’s benefit but how it can benefit or harm your parrot’s health. 

Let us give a quick treat to your curious mind by reading out the article thoroughly. We can assure you that you will get some unique information about the parrots.

Are apples poisonous to parrots?

Apples can not be poisonous to your parrots as it has an abundance of nutrients. Starting from vitamins to minerals and proteins, Apples are a very delicious treat for your parrots. However, there are some bad effects that can be harmful to your parrot. 

Apple contains sugar which can fulfill the Sugar level in a human but this can not be very good for parrots. Regular feeding of apples can make them addicted to taking sugar which can cause different diseases and also they will suffer other nutrient deficiencies.

Health benefits of feeding apples to parrots

Apples contain a huge amount of nutrition such as vitamins, minerals, proteins, sugar, fiber, and many more. Truly an apple can be an influential fruit for your apple of the eye, your parrot.

Here we are going to share some of the facts about apple feeding that might help you to understand your parrot’s eating habits. We will break down some health benefits of feeding apples in this section.

  • Feather’s Pigmentation 

Feathers are the most alluring part of a parrot apart from their talking skills. Those colorful feathers attract the most and are very eye soothing. You just can not imagine your parrot without those feathers or even with their dull colors. But many a time, you can see them with dull and flaky feathers. 

These are the very symptoms of Vitamin A deficiency which causes many health issues to parrots. Apples can be the best source of vitamin A that can keep your parrot’s feather more pigmented. Not only that, Vitamin A deficiency can harm your birdy friend in different ways like nasal discharge, blindness at night, etc. 

Vitamin A is great for parrots and you must serve them through foods. Synthetic vitamin A is also available in the market but you better avoid them as they can harm your parrots. Besides Apples, you can serve vitamin A through different veggies and fruits like Apricots, Broccoli, etc.

  • Gut Health 

If you see your parrot is dull and sluggish, probably its gut health is not going well. There are certain signs that indicate the gut health of your pet is not well. Probably it will have a very bad digestive system.

Apple can help here to cure the gut health of your parrots. Apple contains Pectin which is one type of probiotic. And let us tell about the health benefits of probiotics. We all know that bacteria can harm our digestive system and many more. But what if we tell that all bacterias are not harmful. There are also some good bacteria that can improve gut health and probiotic is one of them.

Researchers have found that microbes and the nervous system are well connected in a parrot and that is why it is important to have some probiotics in its gut. Apples can be the best solution here and they can bring good bacteria into the gut.

  • Brain Health 

Different studies have affirmed that parrots are very intelligent creatures just like Elephants and Whales. This can cheer up your mind as your feathery buddy holds a developed brain but this can be a curse too. Scientists have also claimed that parrots are very prone to stress. 

Now it becomes very important to keep your parrot’s brain health in check. Apple can be a superb solution here. It contains Quercetin which is a high-quality anti-oxidant source and it can provide a good amount of brain health protein that it needs.

Parrots are social animals and they can easily socialize with others but you should understand the fact that they are far away from their actual family. It can lead them to change some behaviors and that affects their brain too. Apple can surely help out with its ingredients.

  • Bone Health 

Bone health is as important as other organs or limbs. You can find several symptoms if your bone health is not well. You must understand those symptoms to make sure your parrot’s bone health is alright or not. We are enlisting some of the symptoms like – 

  • Muscular Pain and contraction
  • Loss of balance
  • Trembling
  • Nervousness
  • Difficulties in climbing

Calcium is the best solution for bone health and does Apple have enough calcium to treat its bone? Yes, it contains calcium that can keep the bones stronger. Any Citrus fruits can have some quantity of calcium and apart from Apples, you can provide grapes or bananas for calcium.

  • Cholesterol Control

Fatty liver or Cholesterol can be poisonous to your parrot as that can lead to Xanthomas, a disease related to fatty liver. You can also check the symptoms which may help you to identify the cholesterol level of your parrot.

Annual blood tests can work really well to detect cholesterol levels. However, their brittle nails and poor feather color can be alarming signs of fatty liver. A parrot can feel anxious which can be the cause of high cholesterol or fatty livers. Apples are very good to keep cholesterol in control

Can apple seed kill parrots?

Apple seeds contain Cyanide which is a vicious thing for a parrot. If your parrot is taking apple seeds regularly, it can definitely harm them taking apple seeds can grow poisonous chemicals like cyanide levels. It can definitely kill your parrots however if you have mistakenly served it with a lesser amount of seeds, do not worry about that. A little amount of cyanide will not harm much.

Is it good for baby parrots?

Yes, you can serve apples to a baby parrot as apples can help them to grow and fulfill the necessity of nutrients. However, you just need to make sure you do not serve them the seeds or peels of the apples. You can chop them into pieces so that they find it easy to eat.

Do parrots eat apple peels?

Parrots can eat apple peels but it is not very good for them. Most of the Apples are grown with pesticide implementation. Pesticides affected most of the apple skin as it is the exposed part. 

If you are treating them with apples, you need to wash carefully the apple skin. Or else, you can peel off the skin and seeds, then you can serve the apples to your parrots.

Final Thoughts!

Your parrots must be the apples of your eyes but can parrots eat apples? Your mind must be chattering with this question as apples are easily available fruits and you always look for easygoing foods. Apples can be one of them but how much do they like apples in their diet.

Apples are nutritious fruits that can definitely stay a doctor away but what about your parrots. Well, the limited or controlled amount of apples can make your parrots more than happy and stay the doctors away.

In this article, we have discussed the benefits of Feeding apples to your parrots. Also where you should pay attention and be cautious while feeding parrots are discussed here. We hope you enjoyed the article thoroughly and it helps to declutter your mind about serving Apples to your Parrots.

Benefits Of Feeding Apples To Parrots

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