How Long Can A Parrot Go Without Water

How Long Can A Parrot Go Without Water? You SHOULD Know!

Parrots are the vibrant and gorgeous species of the avian kingdom. You will be very entertained when you have a parrot as a pet. But at the same time, you should take care of your bird better, mainly when you feed them. Providing fresh water to drink is the most important thing to remember while caring for a parrot. Because of the high activity level, they need more water to keep hydrated. 

Water is essential for our existence. We can survive only with water for a long time. Animals and birds also need water for their survival. Every living organism needs a certain amount of water in its body which is an unavoidable part of life. When we consider birds, they are very sensitive creatures and can cause health issues if they are not properly cared for. The quality of their life depends on their previous health condition and how well they have been groomed. You can control your parrot’s condition by providing them with food and care.

How Badly Does Dehydration Affect Your Parrots’ Health?

Have you ever thought about what if your parrot didn’t get the required water? Here is the answer. Parrots cannot go without water for a long time. A healthy parrot can live for about 2 to 3 days without drinking water but it can succumb to dehydration. It can vary depending on the size and age of the parrot.

Parrot’s body consists of 75% of water. So to maintain this level, they have to drink water regularly. Birds have to drink 5% water equivalent to their body weight. If they are not served with fresh water, many factors can affect the health condition of the parrot. An ideal body water level is very important to keep digestion well and maintain the function of the parrot’s appetite. An unhealthy parrot can only live for 48 hours without drinking water.

How to prevent dehydration in parrots?

  • Fresh and clean water should be available for them in the cage.
  • If your parrot is not drinking water, add some honey to enhance the taste to encourage drinking.
  • Provide them with more water-content fruits and vegetables such as watermelon, oranges, cucumber, berries, and many more.
  • Keep a water bowl everywhere around the parrots.
  • If none of the tricks worked, take your parrot to a professional vet to find the reason why they are not drinking water.

How to know if your parrot is dehydrated?

We cannot often identify the illness in parrots. They are instinctively driven to hide illness all the time. For a parrot owner, it will be a difficult task to spot whether the parrot is dehydrated or not. Unlike humans, they consume little amount of water even if you provide water daily. 

You can identify whether your parrot is dehydrated with some factors, like,

  • Dry dropping – If the droppings of your parrot are waterless or dry. They do not have the required amount of water in their body.
  • Sunken eye – If you notice your parrot’s eye got sunken, this is a sign of dehydration.
  • Lathery and weakness – This is one of the simple signs that we can notice when the bird is dehydrated. A bird that is not drinking enough water cannot maintain a normal healthy energy level. If your bird stops showing interest in their daily activities, it is time to check water intake. 
  • Dry mouth – The mouth of a parrot may be seen as completely dry if you have not treated them properly.

What kind of water should be given for parrots to drink?

Always try to give fresh water while serving water to them. But you have to be careful when you give them well water. Usually, well water contains a lot of excessive minerals and it is hard water. Many studies proved that hard water is not good for the health of parrots. The well water contains iron, which could lead parrots to have additional health problems.

The water you provided to your parrot should be fresh and clean. When you keep the water bowl in the cage, there is a high chance of contaminating water with the dropping. So, it is your responsibility to check whether the surroundings are neat and clean. You should clean the cage every day so that you can avoid the spreading of infection or diseases.

Also, the vitamin overage in water builds bacterial growth. This can badly affect the health of your parrot. In short, the quality of water you serve your bird plays a major role in the parrot’s health.

Let us conclude!

Just like us, our pet parrots also need water for survival. As discussed in the article, parrots cannot live for a long time without water. Their survival may be depending on their species, size, and health. When your parrot is in the cage, it completely relies on you to get a clean and good amount of water. So it is your responsibility to keep them comfortable. 

Remember that your parrot deserves proper care from you. So ensure that whatever you are providing is clean and healthy. Parrots that are well cared for can lead a long life. Hope this article helped you to know more about your parrot’s requirements and caring.

Dehydration Affect Your Parrots Health

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