Why Does My Parrot Scream

Why Does My Parrot Scream?

Here is the answer I found in deep research why does my parrot scream? At first, you need to understand this is not your parrot only who screams loud, but all parrots naturally make louder noises and scream when they feel afraid and threatened. 

Parrots are noisy birds. They love making noise, but screaming is another language they use to share negative emotions. Negative emotions like distress, boredom, fear, and depression because of the surroundings.

To calm them without threatening them, understand their behavior, and act accordingly. Yelling at parrots will only develop fear in them. Have passion and compassion while treating them. Doing so will make parrots feel calm and happy. Dig deep into the article to keep your parrots away from screaming. Keeping parrots free and mindful will be helpful for their health. 

Screaming Parrots: Anything To Worry About? 

Parrots are vocal birds. They love living with flocks to communicate with them. Screaming in parrots is natural. Though, it may come for several reasons. That does not mean you should rehome or deliberately try to quiet them.

Parrots in wildlife with flocks and screaming are a way to communicate with the other birds. Parrots may make noise if they want to feel accompanied. At your home, you are the flock of parrots. 

They want to communicate with you as they do with their folks. They will start screaming if they are left out and want you to be with them. Your one emotional touch or response will be enough for them to stop screaming. If they continuously scream and make your home noisy all the time, then it is a sign of a serious issue.

Parrots also scream when they are afraid, worried, stressed, hungry, or thirsty. If the noise is unusual and exceeds your tolerance limit, then you must visit an avian behavioral expert. But making parrots quite harshly will develop a screaming habit in them.

Parrots like drama and noise. If they find you responding to their scream harshly, they may interpret it in two ways. We will discuss these two reasons in the following sections.

Do parrots like screaming? 

Parrots are active when the sun rises. It is the time when they make loud noises. But screaming and making noise make a vast difference. Making noise is natural in parrots. They are social birds and want to be accompanied by their companions. Their Companions can be you or their flocks.

Parrots scream when they are threatened or frightened. And often when they are alone, they want your attention and presence. They may scream if you do not follow your repeated actions with them. Rarely do parrots like screaming, otherwise, they want your emotional touch and company. If you are always with your parrots and randomly make a distance from them, they scream to want you back.

What does it mean when a parrot screams? 

There are several reasons parrots scream. As discussed above, parrots like being in touch with their companions. Parrots are intelligent, noisy, cute, and mimic birds. They get upset when they do not satisfy their behavior or natural urges.

It means a lot when parrots scream. Either I am afraid of something or need your attention. The repeated screaming or harsh noises may interrupt you and your neighbors, which can create tension around. 

  • Parrots need your attention. 

In your absence, and when they feel lonely, they scream for attention. If they do not find you interested in them, they will make louder noises continuously to regain your attention. If you respond to their screams harshly, they get afraid or interpret it as drama. They get excited. If they get it, drama or they get fearful of your threats, they scream again in fear. 

  • Parrots may get afraid of wild animals.

When alone, if they see animals such as cats and dogs who they are not familiar with, they scream for protection. 

6 reasons ‌parrots scream: 

Do not always worry about parrots’ loud calls. They may use it as a trick to get your attention when you are busy. But a brutal deadening sound will stress you out and make you angry at parrots. 

  • Nervous behavior

Some parrots get nervous if they change the atmosphere or their companions. Some parrots like budgies and cockatiels are social birds. If you put them in a cage with no company, they feel nervous. For this to not happen, ‌respond to your parrots positively.

  • Boredom

Sadness or boredom may make parrots scream. They want your close attention or to come out of a cage in freedom. You do not need to worry about their scream. You need only to change the atmosphere for a while to make them feel good. One reason for the screaming is that they want you to feed them. 

  • Hunger or thirst

If your parrots are hungry or thirsty, they need your attention. If they feel incapable of gaining your attention, they screech their hands or tail or scream loud. Give them plenty of food. Make them fulfilled every time, even when you are busy and can not pay attention to parrots.

  • Lack of activities

In one place all the time, your parrot will get bored and look for something to get engaged with. 

You must free them of the cage for at least 2 hours a day to let them use their feathers and body. Doing so will make them less screaming and noisy. 

  • Fear

Fear of being threatened will propel them to scream in protection from wild animals or a person anonymous to them. Your parrot may scream if a new member in the cage fights with him. 

Keep new members out of their reach but close in the initial days. 

How to stop your parrot from screaming?

Making your parrots calm by yelling back at their screams will freak them out. Making your bird calm needs more passion and compassion towards them. You can try different ways to calm them from freaking out. 

  • Feed them 

Instead of yelling back at parrots, try calling them by feeding them. Maintain the food delivery cycle so as not to scream with hunger. Feed them what they like and you will see the result shortly. 

  • Isolate

Isolating your parrot while screaming will help you feel calm. Parrots wake up in the morning as the sun rises. They scream after getting up and this is natural. They will not get your yelling for their natural urge. Isolate them by covering their cage with a black sheet, so as to not allow them to respond to daylight. 

Final Thoughts

If you want the answer to the question, why does my parrot scream? We hope this article has answered you. Now you know, parrots scream when they are not in touch with their companions. They are afraid of wild animals, bright light, sudden movement of the cage, hunger or thirst, and your absence. Parrots speak loudly with their vocal cords and that is natural. You can not calm them by yelling. Doing so will exaggerate the scenario.  

Instead of harming them and being angry, understand their behavior and deal with them accordingly. Feed them and keep them in isolation for some time when they are screaming. 

Screaming Parrots

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