Parrot Live Without Food

How Long Can A Parrot Live Without Food?

Parrots are the most intelligent birds and wonderful pets. Birds always fly around in search of food and water. They travel long distances to gather food for themselves and their babies. Wild birds eat and drink constantly to keep their energy level constant, which is necessary to fly. But domesticated birds need a lot of attention and care. We all love pets and take care of them. We feed them their favorite food but what if you cannot feed them for a long time? How long can a domesticated parrot live without food?

Different Types Of Parrots With Lifespan

When raising a parrot, food and diet are the top priority on the list. Similar to humans, what parrots eat have a long-lasting effect on the life cycle. Suppose you want to keep your incredible parrots alive for a long time you have to focus on the daily routine. Some of you might be wondering how long a parrot can live without having food. 

Usually, parrots can not go without food for more than 48 hours. 3 to 4 days is the maximum time, but that’s more in the rarity.  The bigger bird can survive due to their slower metabolism and they reserve high fat. 

Can Parrots Live Without Food?

The answer is no. Every living being on earth needs food to survive. But unfortunately, plenty of parrots don’t get proper food and die for this reason. In the case of wild parrots, they need to find their food roaming around the atmosphere. Still. It may not be possible for every parrot to collect their daily fuel. Unless birds do not get enough it may result in death of birds

If the parrots are grown in the houses, the owner should prepare a timely diet plan for the pets. Because food matters for their survival. Selecting the apt food item can build the healthy growth of the parrot and maintain their feather and beauty.

Types of parrots and how long they can go without food

Different types of parrots have different lifespans based on their species. Depending upon the size of the parrot their regular schedule also changes. Parrots need food on a regular basis. Smaller parrots often succumb to starvation easier when compared to other parrots bigger in size. 

Types Of Parrots With Lifespan


Because of the high metabolism rate, these birds can only survive 24-48 hours without having food. Older, unhealthy, or very young cockatiels cannot stay for long. They should be fed at least once daily with fruits or vegetables moderately. Wild cockatiels search for food in the morning as well as at night. 


Depending upon the bird’s size and health, it can live up to three to four days without food. But we must consider that sick budgies may not survive for long. In the case of the elderly, they need food frequently, similar to the young growing budget. 



Same as other parrots the lifespan of a conure also depends on its size. Smaller conures go only for 24 hours without food while larger ones can live up to 48 hours. It can vary according to their health and size. So it is better to feed them on time. 

African Gray 

According to other parrots, African gray can live a bit longer without food due to their size. They can survive from one to four days without food and water. An African gray fed properly can live from 40 to 60 years, or longer. 

African Gray 


Macaws are one of the largest species in the parrot family. Macaws need a stable routine to follow in their diet plan and also in their grooming. So, many people refuse to afford them as pets due to the rate and also the level of care needed. Healthy macaws can survive between 48-72 hours without any food or water. Even the large macaw cannot live for long without proper fuel. They should be fed a daily mixture of fruits, nuts, vegetables, and water.

The Bottom Line

Ensure that the parrot is comfortable and has easy access to food and water because the nature of the bird is so sensitive. Just like human beings, parrots also come across certain health issues if they are not properly groomed or fed. It is important to know the biological and physical aspects of the bird before providing them with the facilities to live. 

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