Parakeets Eat Strawberries

Can Parakeets Eat Strawberries? Healthy?

Everyone wishes to make their pets happy and healthy. The easiest way is to treat them with tasty and healthy food. When it comes to feeding your pet birds, you will have many doubts about the selection of food items. We usually feed fruits that we prefer to eat, but the compounds of some fruits can be toxic for parakeets. 

Have you ever thought of feeding your parakeets with strawberries? Are they healthy or should avoid feeding them?  This article will help you to understand all about feeding strawberries to parakeets and their benefits.

Are strawberries healthy for parakeets?

Strawberries are included in the safe fruit list for parakeets. Wild parrots are exposed to all kinds of fruits. But as a responsible owner, you have to be super conscious about the diet of your pet parrots. Because you must schedule a proper diet for your parakeets. The most important factor is that they should consume adequate minerals and vitamins for their growth. 

You have to be particularly mindful and careful of what you are offering your parakeets. For instance, some fruits are toxic and have higher acidic content. Strawberries are safe from all these toxicities.

Health benefits of feeding strawberries to parakeets

Strawberries are rich in vitamin C, Folate, manganese, and potassium. This fruit also contains antioxidants that help to control blood sugar and improve heart health.

🍓Vitamin C: Strawberries contain vitamins that support the building of a healthy immune system in birds and keep the skin healthy.

🍓Folate: This is very useful in normal tissue development and improves the functioning of cells.  It is crucial for pregnant parakeets.

🍓Vitamin K: The advantage of this vitamin is that it helps the body to coagulate. So the parakeets will have an easier time dealing with the cuts in the body.

🍓Manganese: To improve metabolic functions, manganese is so important. So consuming strawberries help your parakeets in their metabolic functions. 

🍓Potassium: Potassium is a necessary factor for the proper functioning of the vital organs of your parakeets. It helps to improve the blood flow to their brains.  

Just make sure to serve strawberries to your parakeets once or twice a week as a treat. Although it has a lot of benefits, an excess quantity can harm your parakeets. So, quantity is an important factor to be considered.

How to introduce strawberries to parakeets?

So, if you want to offer some red and delicious strawberries to your parakeets? Here are a few steps you can follow to make sure that they are happy and enjoying having the fruits. It is important to take care of how to feed a new fruit to your parakeets

1. Take time

Your parakeets may avoid it if you directly put the strawberries directly into the cage. Understand their body language and mood whether they are stressed or scared. If they are, remove the berries and try to feed them again. But you have to keep calm and maintain patience while trying. It is always better, to begin with, a small portion of fruit. Eventually, parakeets will be curious to taste the fruit.

2. Wash off the pesticides

If you feed your bird fruits that are sprayed with pesticides, it can cause severe health issues. Unfortunately, farmers use pesticides for growth and to kill pests from attacking the fruit, but it can badly affect your little ones. It is compulsory to wash off all the pesticides from the fruit before feeding.

3. Cut into small pieces

Even though strawberries are small in size, it will be good if you cut the berries into small pieces that will make it easier for them to eat with their little beak. 

4. Don’t force or panic about them

Never force them to eat if they refuse. Try to make them comfortable and don’t panic if you notice their droppings are red after offering the fruits, it’s normal so no need to panic.

5. Service with other food

If you want your parakeets to consume the benefits of strawberries, if they refuse the berries, serve them with other regular vegetables or fruits such as parsley, cucumbers, flavourful cabbages, bananas, broccoli, etc.

The Bottom Line – Can Parakeets Eat Strawberries?

Strawberries are a storehouse of many vitamins and necessary minerals which is essential to enhance the health of your parakeets. Providing strawberries at a moderate rate is the correct method to feed your bird. If you are planning to change your parrot’s diet or include more nutritious fruits, strawberries are unavoidable. 

Most of the parakeets will enjoy having berries because of a combination of sweet and citric tastes.  One thing you have to keep in mind is the quality and quantity of the berries. Hope this article provides all the information you need about strawberries and your parakeets.

parakeets can eat strawberries

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