Most Expensive Parrots

What Are The Most Expensive Parrots? Are Parrots Most Prefered Pets?

Parrots are loved and cared for by humans because of their fascinating qualities. They are most preferred as pets among the other birds. Here we discuss, the most expensive parrots in the world.

Parrots are popular birds around the world. They have many different breeds with distinctive characteristics. They come in various colors, traits, tones, sizes, and prices. They are very friendly and intelligent birds that can mimic human sounds.

Most Expensive Parrots: Features And Facts!

Parrots’ mimicking ability differs according to their breed. Some species can mimic the sounds very fluently as compared to others. Due to their amazing traits and mimicking power, they are considered expensive birds.

Among all the parrot breeds, there are some most expensive parrots you can find. These are costly because of their high-quality appearance, traits, mimicking, etc. However, not every parrot is costly. The cost depends on the parrot’s rare breed and its characteristics. 

In this article, we have explained the reason for the parrots being so costly along with the 5 most expensive parrots. So without further ado, let’s get started with the article. 

Why Parrots Are Expensive?

Many people prefer to purchase parrots as their pets. Their unique traits and friendliness are the factors that encourage people to bring them to their homes.

However, when people get to know the price of these parrots, they come to a halt. The cost makes them think twice before buying.

However, despite them being costly people do buy them because of their loveliness. So, why are parrots so expensive birds? 

These birds come in a variety of colors and are so beautiful. Their appearance becomes the first factor for the cost. People get attracted to their gorgeousness.

These birds are difficult to breed and are quite picky while choosing their mate. Their loyalty to their mate makes it tough to mate with others. So the cost adds up because of the breeder’s efforts.

Other factors include age, training, skills, intelligence, friendliness, mimicking, etc. The size of the birds also matters because small birds like budgies cost less than the bigger ones. Many people buy small parrots because they are cheaper. 

The price of parrots might start from $50 and can go up to $1000. After bringing the parrot home you need to invest money in their cage, food, health, etc.

So the above factors altogether add to the cost of the parrots. However, parrots are a one-time cost, so purchasing a good parrot is the best choice. Parrots can live longer if taken care of and are good companions. 

Facts About The Most Expensive Parrots In The World

Parrots are considered to be wonderful pets. They are charming birds with unique characteristics. If you are contemplating whether to bring a parrot into your home or not then view the below facts mentioned about the most expensive parrots. These facts about parrots might help to clear your confusion.

◼️ Intelligence 

Parrots are extraordinarily intelligent birds out there. They are very smart and clever birds. Studies have found that they have unique brains, hence their incredible abilities to speak like humans and perform tasks. Intelligence is also one of the factors in their being a preferred pet. 

◼️ The Difference In The Feet 

Parrots’ feet differ from other birds. Generally, birds have four toes at the front of each foot. But parrots differentiate in this respect. They have two toes at the front and two at the back on each foot. This helps the parrot to grip things more conveniently. 

◼️ The African Grey Parrot Understands What They Say 

Most parrots simply mimic human words and sounds but they do not understand the context. However, the African Grey parrot, which comes under the category of one of the most expensive parrots, can understand several words they mimic. They are capable of grasping a large number of words. 

◼️ Largest Parrot = Hyacinth Macaw 

Hyacinth Macaw is the largest parrot in the world. It also comes under the category of one of the most expensive parrots. This parrot has a glamorous plumage. They are very rare and confident birds. People get attracted to their wonderful personalities.

◼️ They Are Loyal To Their Mates 

When it comes to breeding some parrots are found to be loyal. They mate for their whole life. Parrots like Scarlet Macaw and Cockatoo come under the loyal birds. They only mate once and also raise the young ones. 

The 5 Most Expensive Parrots To Keep As Pets:

Below we have mentioned the 5 most expensive parrots to keep as pets along with their prices. 

◼️ Hyacinth Macaw 

  • They are the most expensive parrots in the world. Their rarity makes them an expensive bird
  • The price ranges from $7000 to $40000 
  • This bird is the largest parrot found in the world. These bluebirds are gorgeous-looking 
  • They have a very unique and strong beak. They are capable of breaking very strong things with their beak 
  • They are quiet and confident birds with a longer life span 

◼️ Scarlet Macaw

  • They are the most colorful bird 
  • They are extremely loud birds
  • They are long-lived birds. The scarlet macaw is a loyal bird. They mate only once 
  • They need daily exercise and mental refreshments
  • The price of this bird might be between $2000 to $4000. However, the prices also depend upon the breeder 

◼️ Black Palm Cockatoo

  • It is the largest among the cockatoos 
  • This bird is not naturally affectionate and requires a lot of effort to tame 
  • Among the parrot species, the Black palm cockatoo’s beak can only match with Hyacinth Macaw beaks
  • The price of this bird is $20000  
  • They have a unique drumming talent. They have a beautiful appearance

◼️ Galah Cockatoo

  • They are affectionate and loving birds. They require a good amount of attention from their owners 
  • They are also known as rose-breasted cockatoos. These birds have pink feathers on their bellies, chest, and half of their faces. The color of their crest is a combination of pink and white. They have grey feathers and tails
  • The price of this ranges between $700 to $3000 
  • These are smaller in size as compared to other cockatoos
  • The crest of these birds fans out if they get scared or excited 

◼️ African Grey Parrot

  • African grey parrots are one of the most intelligent birds that are found in the world. They understand the meaning of words while speaking. This bird is very popular and preferred as pets
  • The African grey parrot is a medium-sized bird. The birds are grey with a dusty look and a red tail. 
  • They don’t prefer intense physical touching. African greys have two different subspecies 
  • They have a very long life span. They are affectionate, needy, and sensitive birds. 
  • The price of this bird ranges between $2000 to $4000 

Final Thoughts

Parrots are beautiful birds to be kept as pets. There are a wide variety of parrot species to choose from. As mentioned above the cost of the parrots depends upon the breed along with many other factors that are also included in the cost. 

We hope this article helped you to understand the reason behind parrots being so expensive.

If you have the budget then the above-mentioned most expensive parrots are the best choice for pets. They are beautiful and have unique traits.

It is amazing to have an intelligent companion with extraordinary characteristics. So, choose your preferred parrots among those to have a new member in your family.

Most Expensive Parrots

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