Can Macaws And Cockatiels Live Together

Can Macaws And Cockatiels Live Together? Or Is It Bad For Them?

If you are a pet lover and have a lot of parrots with you, cockatiels and macaws are unavoidable parrots. When we plan to keep two different species together, we have to take care of many things. In the case of birds, various species possess unique and vibrant personalities. If we are not aware of their nature, this can lead to risk.

If you are thinking of putting macaws and cockatiels together in a cage and making them live together, it can cause many problems. keeping them together is not a good idea because, in the case of harmony, they cannot maintain a good relationship with each other. The main reason is the size of the parrots. Macaws are bigger birds, while cockatiels are small and very passive kinds of parrots. If you still plan to keep them together? Then just look at the article.

Can Macaws And Cockatiels Get Along?

When we talk about cockatiels, they are very interactive and social parrots when compared to macaws. They demand more caring and attention from the owners. These types of parrots are very jealous and don’t get along with other birds, even with their kind.

If you want to provide your cockatiel with a companion, buying a smaller or similar-sized parrot would be better. Never opt for macaws as a companion for cockatiels because they possess huge differences in size and strength. Not only in their physical appearance, but they are also different in personality and behavior. Generally, cockatiels are calm and submissive and on the other hand, macaws can be very aggressive and opposed. 

Cockatiels can live without a partner or companion, but they will be well-connected to their owners. If someone is too attached to the owners, the parrot shows some behavioral changes like aggression, jealousy, and even depression. That is why cockatiels need more attention and plenty of time playing with their owners. They will be happy if they are the only parrot in the household. Whereas macaws are the most laid-back and calm parrots. Macaws have strong beaks and can damage your cocktails which could be life-threatening.

Can you keep macaws with other birds?

Macaws can bond with their owners and also be friendly with other birds, but only to some extent. Because of their aggressive and territorial nature, they can cause injury to other birds. The relationship between macaws and other birds will depend on their temperament, species, and size. You have to prepare your macaws before introducing a new bird to them. 

When we lodge two different species, you have to consider some factors like,

🟢 Size: size is the most important factor to consider because if you put a small bird with the large one, they can fight with each other and the bigger one may establish dominance over the smaller bird. So avoid keeping different-sized birds together.

🟢 Training: macaws are usually aggressive birds and need plenty of training to keep them calm and gentle. You can do this gradually. Start by slowly touching your macaw on its beak. When you do this often, they get used to it. If you want your bird to be interactive it should be well-trained as it can mingle easily with other birds.

🟢 Body language: consider the body language of each bird. In the case of macaws, they use their body language to tell when they are upset or irritated. If your bird’s body language is different, it’s better to keep them separate.

🟢 Age: the age at which you introduce a bird to other matters. When you mix two young birds with adults, they will have a better chance of living in harmony. 

🟢 Temperament: birds with similar personalities and energy levels can live happily and have a better chance of getting along with different dispositions. But when you mix birds with other birds of a different character, it can affect their harmony.

Differences between macaws and cockatiels

 Macaw And Cockatiel

Cockatiels are unique members of the cockatoo family with small-sized, long pointed tails and slender bodies. They have unusual personalities that we can read by their facial expressions. They tend to bond with humans easily and are very socially interactive birds. They demand a lot of attention and need a comfortable companion. They are not made to be sad, alone, and locked in a cage.  When we compare it to other birds like macaws, cockatiels are calm and gentle parrots.

While in the case of macaws, they possess entirely different personalities and behavior. They are also sometimes subtle and highly contextual. They are the types of birds that do not need a bird companion every time. They are more attached to their owners rather than other birds. If some other birds enter the comfort zone of macaws, they can become aggressive and angry. 

What to do to avoid fights between two species of parrots?

When you finally keep two different birds, everything seems great until you find them fighting. There can be many reasons behind their fighting and unusual behavior. If your bird feels there is not enough space and their territory is occupied by a stranger, it will attack.

You can introduce a new member to the cage by following some rules to avoid attacks between them.

1️⃣ The first rule you should follow is to keep each bird in a separate cage and place them far apart but in observation of one another.

2️⃣ When you introduce a bird, put them in neutral territory. Place your birds outside the cages so that they can come closer on their own.

3️⃣ If you find them comfortable, gradually increase the amount of time they spend.

4️⃣ If your goal is to pet the birds together, building a connection between them is necessary. So train them together by allowing toys, tasty treats, and interactive tasks.

5️⃣ Once they get adjusted to one another, consider lodging them together in a larger cage. 

Final Thoughts

As we discussed above, mixing different species of birds can be a difficult task. It is common to put different species of birds in one cage but if you are not aware of their personalities, temperaments, behavior, and interactivity, it can cause danger to both birds.

Always make sure to tame your birds according to their body language. Well-trained birds can be more friendly and interactive with everyone including other bird species. If you are lodging two unique birds together, like macaws and cockatiels, it can cause more trouble than harmony because they can’t live together in a cage for many reasons. So, try to understand your birds more by spending quality time with them. 

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