Lifespan Of Senegal Parrots

Lifespan Of Senegal Parrots – Can They Live More Than 50 Years?

The Senegal parrot’s lifespan in captivity has been one of the most recent quests of pet lovers, especially those who are fans of birds. Regarding the Senegal Parrot, it is one of the most popular family birds with impressive pet quality as well. Other than the comfort you get when you get to know about its price, there are many reasons to make a Senegal parrot your favorite pet. 

If you prefer a bird as your pet over dogs and cats, I can guess how you find parrots to be adorable. But when you look for any of the African Grey, Amazon, Cockatoos, Macaws, or Eclectus breeds, it would be quite expensive to proceed with your plan. In that case, you can choose the Senegal Parrots, and a list of other species, which are inexpensive, but not less appealing. 

Are Senegal Parrots Good Pets?

Senegal parrots are relatively small when compared to other parrot breeds. They are also quiet and calm, but not least talkative. They have a way larger head when compared to their entire body, which adds to their cuteness. Their irises are yellow and vibrant, but their head is blocky giving them an intense look.

Even if this parrot species has a serious gaze, the Senegal patriots are quite friendly and playful enough to become one of the most popular pet birds. It is smaller in size, around half of a gray parrot, and also less expensive. One of the most adorable features of this bird is the alignment of yellow feathers in its chest into a large “V” shape. 

As pets, the Senegal parrots are a great choice since it does not need a partner if it is well trained. They are quite active and friendly, and greatly seek attention, especially if you get closer to them during the early stages of their growth. Even though their capacity to learn vocabulary is very low you can train them to articulate 10-12 words. 

The Senegal parrots also love to play with toys, especially softwoods, rope toys, and acrylic toys that are attached to bells. If they are hand fed they become extraordinary pets and can be comical and entertaining at the same time. They are also known as easy-going and playful companion birds that you can relax with. 

Does The Senegal Parrot Migrate?

The Senegal parrots are native to the woodlands of Central Western Africa. This parrot is a resident breeder across west Africa, where it migrates within. They move around various regions of the country, seeking fruits, seeds, nuts, and blossoms for food.

The natural habitat of this bird is in savanna and open woodlands. But they migrate within their natural range during wet seasons in search of dry areas. 

The Average Lifespan Of A Senegal Parrot

On average, the lifespan of Senegal parrots in the wild is 25-30 years. But when you give it enough care and nutrition at home, it can survive up to 50 years, that would be an extra 25 years!

But while keeping them at home, you have to ensure that they are not getting overweight as they tend to eat a lot. This can lead to obesity and eventually respiratory struggles and excess beak growth (which can be a sign of liver disease). However, there is a low chance for it to become obese as it is always active.  So, you can keep them engaged while taking care of their diet and physical moves to let them live longer, avoiding obesity. 

The Bottom Line

The impressive features of the Senegal Parrots like its smaller size, friendly behavior, adaptations, lifespan, and playfulness make it the best pet you can choose. Even though they are less showy than many South American species they become one of the most popular pet birds due to their friendly and endearing mannerisms.

Considering the Senegal parrot’s lifespan, they can live up to 25-30 years in the wilderness, but strikingly double this (up to 50 years), when kept at your home with better care, nutrition, and nurture. 

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Senegal Parrots As  Good Pets

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