Keep Parrots Warm In The Winter

How To Keep Parrots Warm In The Winter?

Parrots are not well adapted to colder environments; therefore, as a proud owner of funny two-legged beauty, you should know how to keep parrots warm in the winter.

You might be aware that Parrots are not always lovely cuddly birds but sometimes very idiosyncratic and, above all, stubborn pets. Besides, they are sensitive too and need extra care compared to other pets. You have to put in additional effort to keep your parrot warm and healthy in winter.

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You should be aware that Parrots come from typically warmer regions. Therefore, they are biologically more adapted to a warmer environment. Consequently, facing the cold is often a test for our furry friends, and if you do not take proper care of your parrot in winter, they might succumb to cold, harsh weather.

Therefore, parrots should be offered more specific care when the cold arrives. Take note of the care needed and strategies to follow to keep your parrot warm in winter.

Do parrots get cold easily?

Parrots cannot catch a cold in a literal sense, but they do get cold easily. Parrots are tropical birds and do not tolerate colder weather very well. A few species in the wild have developed some immunity to cold; pet parrots have no such ability and are typically adapted to the conditions they are raised in. Therefore, an indoor parrot is unlikely to handle cold well, and if you do not put special care, you are condemning them to diseases and death.

Can they freeze to death?

Parrots, similarly to other birds, have some defense mechanisms to fend off a colder environment; however, if the temperature is too low, those won’t be enough to keep your birds going. In that case, a parrot will indeed freeze to death.

As mentioned above, parrot comes from lands of warmer weather. Their bodies are ill-suited for colder climates. Constant exposure to cold and acclimatization have developed some resistance in a few species, but it’s generally quite limited, and too low temperatures will prove fatal. The situation could be even grimmer for pet parrots, as they do not have any ability to resist colder temperatures. Any exposure to colder weather could very well be the end of your lively feather friend.

Ways To Keep Parrots Warm In The Winter

It will be evident by now that cold brings trouble to your funny two-legged friends; therefore, you need to implement strategies to keep your parrot warm in winter. Thankfully, there are several ways to keep your parrot warm and cozy. Read the below-mentioned tips for parrot care in winter.

  • Find a safe and comfortable location

Relocating the cage is the first step to protecting your bird from the cold. If you generally keep your pet outside, now is the time to move it indoors and place it somewhere warm. If that is not possible, it is essential to keep it in a place with some insulation against frost and wind.

If you see that your bird is all puffed up, it is cold. It’s now essential to swiftly move to a warmer place inside. But make sure not to put it against a direct heat source, or the shock could prove fatal.

  • Use cage covers

One good way to protect your bird from inclement weather is to cover the cage with appropriate material. Parrots exposed to a chilly draft are more prone to catch a cold. Covering the cage will insulate it from cold and keep the inside of the cage warmer. A wintering veil or a transparent polycarbonate plate could do the trick. You can also use cage covers or a good blanket to insulate the cage while still maintaining good ventilation.

  • Install a heated perch in the cage

The draft is dangerous to your parrot and could make your pet susceptible to health hazards. Therefore, protecting your parrot from the cold draft is essential, and one great solution to this is heated perches.

The heated perches deliver gentle heat while providing a warmer platform for your bird to stand. It provides the tiny legs of your pet, good comfort and prevents them from freezing. On top of that, it also maintains the cage’s environment and keeps it warm enough for your bird to be comfortable and cozy.

  • Buy them toys and encourage physical activities

Another excellent way to minimize the effect of cold is to increase the physical activity of your parrot. You can do so by offering them more toys. Parrots love to play, and more toys will encourage them to engage and move, thus increasing physical activity. Physical activity boosts metabolism and raises body temperature. A more occupied, active, and playful pet will have a higher body temperature and can easily fend off the cold.

  • Provide bird clothing

Just like you put on a warm jacket and other things to protect yourself from the cold, the same can also be done with your feathered friend. Parrot clothing is an excellent way to protect your pet from harsh weather. A variety of bird clothing is available, specially made to keep your pet warm. To keep your parrot warm in winter, you can try these tiny, sparkling, and stylish clothing items. However, make sure that they are not too tight, or the heat buildup will do more harm than benefit.

Can parrots survive winter?

Yes, parrots can survive winter, but not without help. The exotic specimen needs special care to thrive in winter. It requires a suitable environment, not too cold and warm, to remain active and healthy. If you can meet the basic needs and care of the parrot in winter, you can very well preserve your pet’s health even in a colder climate.

Final Thoughts

Hope the above given easy tips to keep parrots warm in the winter helped you with taking care of your pet parrots in the cold weather. When the breeze begins to get colder, it’s time to implement measures that will keep your parrot warm in winter. Remember that parrots are sensitive to cold as they are tropical species and come from warm regions.

While you cannot neglect your parrot’s care on any day, winter requires special care, and failing to do so will harm your pet or even prove fatal. Ensure that the environment inside the cage is properly maintained. It’s not too cold and warm, there’s proper ventilation, and the air is not too dry.

Avoid direct heat sources, and if you have to, go with an electric heater. Moreover, properly implement the tips provided here to keep your parrot warm in winter and minimize the effects of frost.

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