How Intelligent Are Parrots

How Intelligent Are Parrots?

It’s a common misconception that parrots have the same level of intelligence as infants, but drawing comparisons between the two is definitely an intriguing thing to do. When compared to other animals, How intelligent are parrots? They are in a class all by themselves due to the sharpness of their memory, the outstanding intelligence they possess, and the impressive vocal powers they possess.

In the course of research that was carried out on the gray parrot, it was discovered that certain members of the species are able to link words with their definitions and build simple sentences on their own. 

Which Are The Most Intelligent Parrot Species?

In addition to their extraordinary capacity to mimic human speech, parrots also possess the ability to mimic other animal sounds. Amazingly, parrots are even capable of recognizing the concept of zero, in addition to demonstrating highly developed problem-solving abilities, the capacity to communicate their demands, as well as counting, adding, and subtracting.

Why are parrots intelligent?

Because they are able to mimic human speech, people often consider parrots to be more intelligent than other birds. The evolving genomic sequence of a parrot contributes to the animal’s high level of intelligence. Language, memory, and spatial awareness are all regulated as a result of this. The creative and intellectual capabilities of these individuals are the result of natural selection at work. 

The hypothesis put out by biologists to explain this phenomenon is that their level of intellect gradually increased as their life spans increased. Previous studies have shown that birds have a large number of neurons packed into their forebrains. This indicates that birds are able to maximize their cognitive potential despite having relatively tiny brains.

Parrots intelligent facts

  • The ability to learn new things comes easily and naturally to parrots. If you haven’t ever interacted with a parrot before, you should be aware that they are among the most knowledgeable birds in the world
  • It comes naturally to them to be able to use tools and figure out solutions to problems, as well as to associate words with things and situations.
  • Not only are they able to learn and replicate the calls of other animals, but they are also capable of imitating a wide variety of ambient noises, including human speech.
  • The Kakapo, on the other hand, is able to leap great distances and is adept at scaling tree trunks, so it never goes hungry.
  • The average lifespan of a parrot might change depending on the species. However, it is possible for some of them to outlast their owners. The average lifespan of a little parrot is from 15 to 20 years, while that of a medium-sized parrot is 25 to 30 years, and the maximum lifespan of a huge parrot is 100 years.

Are parrots smarter than other pets?

When compared to the IQ of other pets, parrots can sometimes come out on top, but are they actually smarter than other pets? Yes, it is the correct response to this inquiry.

The majority of the time, parrots do noticeably better than other types of pets on the several standard intelligence tests for pets. It has been discovered that the genes that play a role in the development of parrot brains are very similar to the genes that evolved to give humans large brains.

Parrots are intelligent birds that are capable of complex cognition, and it turns out that the genes that play a role in the development of their brains are similar to those that evolved.

The 5 most intelligent pet parrot species


  • Many parts of a macaw’s brain are so well linked to one another, that these birds are able to engage in logical and prescient thought. 
  • Macaws, according to the results of several experiments, would bury their food if they fear another bird could try to steal it from them. It is possible to draw parallels between the cognitive and emotional quotient of a macaw and those of a human youngster who is two or three years old. 
  • Macaws are able to demonstrate their cognitive abilities by seeking attention and goodies from their owners and being resentful when they are not given them.

   Amazon parrots

  • Amazon parrots are well-known for their ability to converse, as well as their high level of intelligence and gregarious personality. They acclimate well to life in captivity and have no trouble settling into their aviary or cage. Amazons require a significant amount of cerebral stimulation in their daily lives.
  • People often agree that they have voices that have a really pleasant tone to them and that they have excellent articulation.
  • It is common knowledge that Southern Mealy Amazons are the kindest and most submissive of all the Amazon parrots. When maintained as pets, they develop deep attachments to their owners and are known for their warm personalities.

   African Grey Parrot

  • In addition to being one of the most common types of birds kept as pets, It is believed that the species has a level of intellect comparable to that of the most intelligent non-human creatures, such as apes and cetaceans.
  • The cognitive capabilities of African greys are comparable to those of youngsters aged four to six years old. Because of this, kids are able to recognize items based on their color, substance, form, and number.
  • African grey parrots are also considered to be among the most intellectual of all bird species. Over the past few years, experts from all over the world have conducted a significant amount of studies on the cognitive abilities of African grey parrots.


  • The budgerigar was the first species of animal other than a mammal to exhibit an understanding of the human language; nonetheless, its level of comprehension is only similar to that of a human child who is seven months old.
  • Even if you change your look in some way, such as by dyeing your hair or purchasing new clothes, people will still be able to recognize that you are a human being.
  • Even after a few months have passed since you and your budgie have been separated, this fact will not change. Budgerigars have the ability to identify human voices and even facial expressions.


  • Cockatoos are distinguished from other species of birds by their intricate crests and their twisted, curved bills. These birds are known for the high amounts of social contact that they have, in addition to their outgoing personalities and amazing language abilities.
  • Because they are able to imitate such a wide range of sounds and noises, this demonstrates that they have a high level of intelligence.
  • They came to the realization that they did not need to give in to the want to consume a food item that was put in front of them since they could wait out for a more desirable reward that would emerge at a later time.


How intelligent are parrots? The sharp memory and high intelligence of parrots distinguish them from other birds. They are able to relate individual words to their meanings and build simple sentences. Parrots are natural learners and possess an exceptional level of intellect.

Both humans and parrots evolved enormous brains as a result of the same genes. The cognitive and emotional quotients of macaws are comparable to those of children. Intelligent creatures, African grey parrots are. Budgerigars have the ability to recognize people and noises. Cockatoos are known for their social and outgoing personalities.

The most intelligent parrot species

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