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Indian ringneck parakeets are a trendy parrot breed that has been owned as pets for a long time. We can find these parrots very commonly in the houses of India. We will be attracted to the characteristics of the bird and the ability to speak. They are capable of making strong bonds within a short interval of time. These birds are very social and can become excellent companions, so if you are looking for a full-time pet partner, you can bring these species home. 

Are Indian Ringneck Parrots Good Pets?

Knowing your parrot is another task, unless and until you are not aware of the needs and requirements of your bird, you cannot fulfill their needs. Since they are so smart and intelligent they are mostly underserved may be because they are available easily. But there are several reasons which will influence you to buy them. The most interesting reason is that they can deal with you being away shorty. That means you do not have to sit with your bird for 24 hours.

If you have a job or need to go somewhere else, you can go without worrying about your pet. just make sure that you spend your free time playing with them and training to socialize. The quality of their lives depends upon how you treat them so there is something you have to know before owning a pet. This article can help you to access the basic information about Indian Ringneck parrots.

Indian Ringneck Lifespan – How long do they live?

You might have wondered how long these birds can live around us. Let’s go into the lifespan of these beautiful and interactive parrots. The potential lifespan of these birds in a non-captive environment is at least 15 years.

In the wild, these birds live up to 20 to 30 years and it may expand for pet birds. The lifespan of your bird depends upon how they are treated and provided with care to keep them happy and healthy. Many things influence the lifespan of the bird, Which includes

Proper diet

When it comes to parrot care, diet is the most important factor to be considered. Many inexperienced parrot owners do not realize the needs of the birds and perform exactly the opposite of their needs. This practice can harm the parrots physically and mentally which also influences their lifespan. Selecting the right food for your bird can be a little bit challenging. You should know which are the safest and most harmful food for them. There are parrots foraged foods like edible garden flowers and grasses. Like other species, you can feed them with fresh fruits and vegetables. Spouts are the favorite food item of these birds. Always try to feed cooked grains and legumes to avoid health issues.


As we all know, birds can fly and can easily move from one place to another. What if they are not allowed to fly? Lack of exercise invites a lot of problems among birds such as obesity. It is considered a silent killer of domestic parrots. so keeping them healthy is important. For that, you should take care of many factors such as the size of the cage, physical activity, providing them with plenty of toys, and spending time with them in training and working on tricks that involve movement.

Care and safety

When you bring your bird home, you should give importance to the care and safety side because apart from the diet and exercise, mental stimulation and the bird’s stress level cannot be avoided. They require a lot of care and engagement because they can turn to self-mutilation. They also produce behavioral changes like excessive screaming which result in stress. If your bird is not safe from such a situation it will be prone to many diseases which negatively impact the lifespan of your bird.

Indian Ringneck Price – How much is an Indian Ringneck parrot?

The price of these parrots can range from $400 to $1,500 and it may vary depending on their color and breed. If you want a rare color you have to pay more than the average price range. Some are more expensive not only because of their looks but it’s of the interactivity and quality of the breed. 

When we adopt Indian ringneck parakeets, there are two types of adoption. Which is a one-time cost and an annual cost. If you are stuck on one breed, it will be better to buy them from a breeder. Most people opt to buy already socialized breeds. So it will be easy to tame them. In this case, the price range will be slightly higher compared to the ordinary breed.

Buying a parrot from a breeder is a one-time cost, apart from this, you have to spend additional money for the initial setup and supplies which cost around $200 to $350. The total monthly cost of owning these parrots can be between $30 to $150. Which includes medicines, entertainment, grooming, and food.

Indian Ringneck Lifespan

Before buying an Indian Ringneck parakeet check whether the breeder is reputed or not. Don’t buy the parrot only considering its looks. Ask for a tour, so that we can know the credibility of the breeder and can avoid defective parrots.

The environment where the parrots are kept is an important factor because unclean and enclosed surroundings can cause diseases to the birds. When you buy a pet parrot you have to make sure that they are not affected by any diseases. 

We have to check if the parrot is alert, and active, and shows all the signs of a healthy parrot such as bright eyes, vibrant feathers, and full crops. Buying a pet is not only about price, the health condition of the parrot also matters.

What color are male and female Indian Ringneck parrots?

The most common color of this parakeet is green with some blue reflections on the tail. We can find them in many different colors including blue, yellow, white, and purple. It is easy to determine the sex of the parrots by their color. Male parrots have deep red beaks, three bands of color around their neck, and black facial markings.

Usually, these black marks appear at 18 months of the male parrot. We can also know the average age of parrots by the blue and pink rings on males. It appears when the bird is 3 years old. While females have slight darkening around their necks instead of bands.

Green is the original color of the species and the rest are the mutations. Due to its beauty, breeders are eager to produce rare colors and different mutations. Apart from the typical colors, there are many mutations like gray mutations, pastel blue mutations, white-headed pastel blue mutations, olive mutations, and so on. People breed with different colors to get a variety of shades. And sell them in different price ranges.

Common diseases that can affect the health of the parrot

Keeping birds out of danger is the responsibility of the owners. You need to be aware of the signal that may indicate that your bird is ill or having any sickness. The main thing is that you have to identify it and treat it accordingly before getting late. For this, you need to observe your bird and notice the signs of illness as soon as possible. 

Indian Ringneck Diseases

Common diseases that birds can have are:

  1. Psittacosis

This is also known as parrot fever which is an infectious disease that can occur in most birds. It usually spreads through the droppings and dust of the birds. The common symptoms of Psittacosis fever are difficulty in breathing, lack of appetite, depression, discharge from eyes and nose, and discoloration in droppings. If this condition is not identified earlier these symptoms are enough to lead them to death. So proper avian care is important in this state.

  1. Polyomavirus 

This is a very deadly virus that is often found in mammals and birds. The main symptoms are loss of appetite, swollen abdomen, weight loss, and dehydration. The birds should be vaccinated at the breeder’s necessary to avoid the virus from infecting them. There is no treatment for this disease so the owner should strictly follow hygienic surroundings and limit contact between potentially infected birds.  

  1. Giardia

This is a parasitic disease that can be passed from infected birds through cysts. The main reason for this disease is due to unclean water supplies. Dry itching skin, bulky stool, depression, and diarrhea are the common symptoms of this disease. Giardia can be treated with antibiotics and usually require several courses. You can prevent it by keeping the aviary clean and dry. 

  1. Malnutrition

Lack of fuel can be the reason for many health issues, not only for birds but also for every living organism. If your bird shows any illness or signs of sickness, it can be because of a poor diet. You have to provide them with a balanced diet with pellets and fresh foods. If you find any health issues take your bird to the vet and ask for supplements. You can treat this situation by changing the diet of your bird by including nutritional food.

The Bottom Line – How good is Indian Ringneck as a pet?

Daily monitoring of the bird is a mandatory factor that will help to handle your bird easily. As we know that these birds are attention seekers, so you have to spend time and care to protect them from diseases and other health issues that can harm them. It is your responsibility to secure your bird and provide them with the essential facilities.

Exercise, diet, clean surroundings, and proper care are the key factors that affect the lifespan of the bird. When you own a bird as a pet, the first thing to keep in mind is its comfort and safety. If the bird is not comfortable with what you are providing it may show negative signs which may do more harm than good. So try to understand your bird and its nature and make them happy by providing what they want. 

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