Best Hummingbird Feeders With Cameras

Best Hummingbird Feeders With Cameras – SUPER INTERESTING!

Capturing the moments of feeding hummingbirds can be a magical and enchanting experience for any birder. Hummingbirds are fascinating and energetic creatures we love, yet some characteristics like lighting speed and small size make them difficult to capture. There are probably many ways to shoot hummingbirds, but we recommend using hummingbird feeders with cameras to get a detailed picture of them. We can consider using feeders with cameras as the next step in bird feeding and watching.

The involvement of technology made the feeding process more interactive and enjoyable. One of the main features of the best bird feeder with a camera is, it should have the ability to see the birds close like never before. There are a lot of feeders with cameras available but selecting the correct one from the crowd is challenging. In this article, we found some of the best hummingbird feeders with cameras that treat you with a unique and clear visual experience of tiny hummingbirds.

What Can You Feed Hummingbirds Besides Sugar Water?

The innovation of birds feeding has uplifted the feeding experience of bird lovers. Hummingbird’s diet is made of a variety of food items but the most famous food of the hummingbird is nectar. They are usually available in nectar-producing flowers that are densely grown. We can feed them with homemade sugar water nectar. But have you ever wondered what to feed them rather than sugar water?

Hummingbirds are excellent hunters, they eat small spiders, and insects and are warm to gain nutrition. As hummingbirds love sugar, you can feed them sugary fruits like watermelon, oranges, grape jelly, and other water contained fruits. Hummingbirds do not get attracted to every fruit. When you feed them fruits, they should be completely ripened and juicy,  allowing their beak to suck the liquid of the fruit easily. 

4 Best Hummingbird Feeders With Cameras

Getting a perfect picture of hummingbirds is nearly impossible because of their speeding movement, because of this, birders opt for hummingbird feeders with cameras. This method has benefits because we can save a lot of time and effort. At the same time, hummingbirds can have their nectar. 

Here are our top picks for the best hummingbird feeders with cameras. We are going to reveal those essential elements so you know what to consider when shopping for the best bird feeder with a camera.

  • BirdDock Hummingbird Feeder With Camera

     Hummingbirds' diet
    • Dimension: 9.4’’L * 6.7’’W * 8.7’’H inches
    • Features: 1080 HD camera, AI recognition of bird species, Auto-notification
  • NETVUE Birdfy AI- Smart Bird Feeder Camera 

    NETVUE Birdfy AI- Smart Bird Feeder Camera
    • Dimension: 10.23 * 9.64 * 11.22 inches
    • Features: detects 6000+ birds, 1080P color night vision
  • ESOXOFFORE Smart Bird Feeder With Camera

    ESOXOFFORE Smart Bird Feeder With Camera
    • Dimension: 3.9’’L *4.3’’W * 7.1’’H.
    • Features: FHD wide-angle 1080p Videos and 12MP photos, IP65 waterproof feature
  • LKBird Smart Bird Feeder With Camera

    LKBird Smart Bird Feeder With Camera
    • Dimension: 11’’L *8.7’’W *9.5’’H
    • Features: Captures 2-megapixel photos, and 1080 HD live-stream video, identifies 10,000+ bird species

1. BirdDock Hummingbird Feeder With Camera

This feeder has a hummingbird auto detector camera which automatically notifies when birds come and go near the feeder. The advanced-featured feeder is the best option as a gift for bird lovers and parents. Other features include:

BirdDock Hummingbird Feeders With Camera
  1. Design: The specially designed hummingbird feeder can hold seeds and nectar which is the unique and newest design among hummingbird feeders. This also allows you to capture the birds and feed them simultaneously.
  2. AI recognition of bird species: The cameras attached to the feeder analyze the bird’s face and tell the possibilities of species through Wikipedia. You can also upload a picture of the bird on the APP to know the bird type.
  3. Playback function: After inserting the TF card into the camera, you can access the history of bird videos in case of missing birds.
  4. 1080 HD cameras: The 1080 HD camera provides 165 degrees super wide angle of day and night vision. This feature allows you to monitor the arrival of birds during the day and night. It also takes live videos of the birds.
  5. Auto-notification: The smart feeder can automatically detect the presence of hummingbirds and notify the owners in the form of a text message. 
  6. Other features: BirdDock branded hummingbird feeder comes with the dimension of 9.4’’L * 6.7’’W * 8.7’’H. It can handle up to 720ML of nectar and can easily be refilled. The product weighs 5.6 ounces.

2. NETVUE Birdfy AI- Smart Bird Feeder Camera

The main features of the NETVUE Birdfy AI- smart bird feeder camera’s features include:

NETVUE Birdfy AI- Smart Hummingbird Feeders with Camera
  1. Anytime accessibility: The auto-capturing camera allows you to watch the birds anytime and anywhere. It will identify all the coming birds and the owner will receive the notification via the phone app. It also captures the close-up look of the birds and provides the best birdwatching experience.
  2. AI identification of 6000+ birds: This feeders camera detects more than 6000 species of birds for you. The AI algorithm recognizes the type of birds, looks at the further details, and introduces it through the Netvue app with the recognition result. This feeder can detect birds; if any other animal comes, it drives them away by flashlight, siren, or saying “go away”.
  3. Can see clearly with  1080P color night vision: The feeder gives you the best shorts of images and videos even in the night mode. Instead of a selfie-like perspective, it provides a close-up picture with the detailing by 8* magnification. With a 5dBi antenna, the camera supports a more stable 2.4ghz Wi-Fi connection so you don’t have to worry about losing signal and missing the moment of the bird’s visit.
  4. Free store and sharing: This feeder will auto-capture every moment of the birds as images and videos and store them in the Netvue Cloud for up to 7 days for free. If you can also extend it by subscribing or using an SD card. It supports smartphones, tablets, and computers so that you can easily share data.
  5. Design: The IP65 weatherproof and firm stand provides strong support for birds while feeding. It has the capacity of a 1.5L container to store enough food. So you don’t have to refill it continuously.
  6. Other features: The product dimension is 10.23 * 9.64 * 11.22 inches with a weight of 4.59 pounds. The Netvue bird feeder costs $249.99. 

3. ESOXOFFORE Smart Bird Feeder With Camera

Smart bird feeders are combined with a bird feeder and camera that can identify the bird species using artificial intelligence. This feeder was manufactured by ESOXOFFORE. The factors that make the products stand out are:

ESOXOFFORE Smart Hummingbird Feeders With Camera
  1. Design: This unique bird feeder has a 2-in-1 design which allows you to feed wild birds and hummingbirds. It can hold seeds, nectar, and water which can meet the needs of every bird you love. 
  2. Attracts hummingbirds: Hummingbirds get attracted to the feeders because of the red flower lid attached to them. The five flower-shaped ports allow the hummingbirds to take a rest and drink the nectar. It can accommodate multiple hummingbirds at once.
  3. Connectivity and storage: You can connect the computer via a USB to upload photos and videos. A card reader is included to upload the SD card storage card data to the computer.
  4. Battery and IP65 waterproof feature: This feeder is equipped with a 1000mAh rechargeable battery. It automatically enters the dormant state and has a long standby for 1-2 months. The IP65 protects the feeder from different weather conditions.
  5. Sensor: The camera detects the birds from a range of up to 33 feet. The PIR motion sensor has a trigger time of 0.8s so it can automatically capture and store the picture or high-quality video.
  6. Other features: This feeder especially focuses on capturing hummingbirds. The dimension of the product is 3.9’’L *4.3’’W * 7.1’’H. The camera has a motion detector and can capture FHD wide-angle 1080p Videos and 12MP photos. 

4. LKBird Smart Bird Feeder With Camera

This bird feeder with a camera is available on Amazon and is manufactured by LKBird. The specifics features of the feeder are

LKBird Smart Hummingbird Feeders With Camera
  1. Charging facility: You can charge this feeder using solar power charging. If the charging cable is connected to the solar panel the camera can be continuously charged during the day. Apart from the solar charging, the built-in 5200Ah low-power battery runs for 3 months without extra charging.
  2. Design: It is designed to contain 2.5L of nectar and food. The bottom of the feeder has multiple water outlets for drainage facilities. We can consider this as a strong house for birds because it is made of ABS heavy-duty metal base. 
  3. Use of smart technology: The feeder captures 2-megapixel photos, and 1080 HD live stream video, watches every move of a bird with clarity, built-in microphones and alarm drive away squirrels and it has AI recognition, which can identify 10,000+ bird species. 
  4. Sharing: The smart bird feeder supports only 2.4 GHZ networks. Only one person can directly connect to one feeder but can share the data with other devices.
  5. Other features: The feeder is made of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, metal, and acrylic. You can hand this feeder wherever you want. The dimension of the product is 11’’L *8.7’’W *9.5’’H. 

How long can you leave sugar water out for hummingbirds?

It is always recommended to change the sugar solution at least every 3-5 days in the summer and every 7-10 days in the winter. When you leave sugar water outside you have to consider other factors also. 

If the sugar water is directly exposed to sunlight, then it should be changed often as every 2 days. When you keep the sugar solution outside, it can become cloudy or grow mold in the surroundings of the nectar. This can harm the hummingbirds in many ways so, you should change the solution immediately as possible. If the volume of the solution is thick, you cannot keep it out for a long time. 

Practicing to keep a regular schedule for changing the sugar water helps to avoid unwanted mess. It is your responsibility to keep the feeder clean and fresh. And if necessary, it should be replaced.


If you are a birder who searches a lot before purchasing a hummingbird feeder with a camera, this article can help you in many ways. The special features mentioned in this article mainly focus on providing information regarding the feeder in all aspects. The specifications of the camera that is attached to the hummingbird feeder help you capture clear and perfect images of them.

Hope this article provides all the information regarding hummingbird feeders with cameras. This method will surprise you with a different experience of bird watching. 

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