How Do Hummingbirds Find The Feeder

How Do Hummingbirds Find The Feeder? Here Are Your Best Ways!

We are obsessed with this tiny and magical creature. People love to watch their activities sitting in their gardens. Many believe hummingbirds’ presence in their backyard is just a stress buster. Feeding them with nectar is the best way to attract hummingbirds to your backyard. If you place a feeder in your garden, you can watch them playing for a long time. 

How We Can Attract Hummingbirds?

Hummingbirds do not have a strong sense of smell, but they are hyper-sensitive to red color. If you watch hummingbirds flying in the sky, they will focus on the area of red flowers to have nectar. Also, they are intelligent birds as they remember which flower they approached first to suck nectar.

If you want to attract hummingbirds to your backyard, you have been wondering how they find the feeder. First, you have to understand their behavior and preferences for food and set up according to it. 

Why won’t hummingbirds come to my hummingbird feeder?

The first thing to keep in mind is that the hummingbirds will never come to the yard right after the feeder is placed. It can take weeks or months for hummingbirds to notice the new feeder in your yard. You have to take extra steps to speed up the process. If you don’t do anything to attract them, the result will be negative.

The placement of the feeder is an important factor to consider. That means keeping them somewhere under the visibility of the birds and feeding them comfortably. 

Some common reasons why they are not visiting your yard are

🔶As we know that hummingbirds are migrating birds, and they won’t be available all the time around us. If you keep the feeder at the wrong time, they will not visit the feeder.

🔶The ingredient of the nectar matters because the recipe of the nectar can affect the arrival of hummingbirds.

🔶Keeping the feeder in the wrong location. This can be the main reason why they are not visiting. If you place the nectar in a hidden place, they will not notice it. 

🔶The sugar syrup in the feeder can be spoiled easily when it is exposed to the sun. It has to be filled with fresh nectar every day. When you keep the nectar in the sun for a long time, the nectar can become unhealthy for birds.

🔶Make sure that bees and ants take over your nectar. Because of the sweetness of nectar,  ants can quickly reach them and crawl into it. 

How to attract hummingbirds to the feeder?

We can attract hummingbirds in many ways. The primary thing you have to do is to find the best hummingbird feeder and place them in the correct place. If you want to bring these tiny creatures to your garden, following these guidelines can help you. 

🐦Choose the correct hummingbird feeder.

You can attract hummingbirds with a perfect feeder. Due to their decorative and colorful design, they resemble a flower. Which means they will come to drink the nectar from the feeder. 

🐦Hang more than one feeder.

If your feeder is not getting spotted by hummingbirds, try to hang more feeders in the garden. When you hang multiple feeders at the same time, the birds can easily identify it and come to drink the nectar.

🐦Plant more flowering plants near the feeders.

As we all know, hummingbirds’ primary source of food is nectar. They depend on flowering plants to have them. When we plant more flowers, they will get attracted to the area and notice the feeder.

🐦Give hummingbirds some space.

They need more space to be comfortable and peaceful. They will be afraid of other birds and people around them. If they spot something unusual, they will not come near it.

🐦Change the design of the feeder.

If hummingbirds are not visiting your backyard, try to change the feeder. Try different varieties of feeders available in the market. Prefer to use red color, floral pattern, and spacious feeders to comfortably allow them to have the nectar.

🐦Keep pets away from the feeder.

If you have pets like cats or dogs in your house, keep them away. Once a hummingbird catches their attraction, it will fly away and never come back.

Which feeder should you choose?

When we pick a bird feeder, try to pick an attractive feeder. Hummingbirds get attracted to red flowers because of their physical specialty. It will be helpful if you choose a red color feeder that resembles the flower.

There are a variety of designer feeders available in the market. But, choosing the correct one will be a little bit challenging. It will be better to choose a feeder with an easy cleaning option. If the nectar bottle is transparent, you can monitor the condition of the solution. If it goes bad, you can change it accordingly.

Place the feeder in the shade to protect them from climatic conditions. If your feeder is made of plastic, it fades easily and may affect the quality. In the summer season, due to humidity, the sugar water inside the feeder spoils, and the container can leak. So, protect your feeder from the extreme sunlight.

Before purchasing a hummingbird feeder, find time to research the latest model available in the market. Also, make sure that they are affordable, durable, and useful in every aspect.


People often love to watch hummingbirds visiting their gardens and having nectar from their feeders. Some bird enthusiasts record the bird’s activity for future use. We can enjoy the sight of our little friends at a feeder every day by placing different feeders in the garden. 

There are many varieties of hummingbirds around us that we are not aware of. If you want to explore them sitting in your garden, you have to use some tricks and techniques. As we discussed in the article, it is your responsibility to provide the required facility for your bird visitors. If you clear all the distractions, hummingbirds will visit your garden daily. Then you should keep in mind to use more hummingbird feeders, place them at the right time, and fill them with fresh nectar. 

They don’t have a fixed time to visit your feeder. It can vary from days to weeks or even a year. However, consider the details provided in the article and treat them as your guests. Don’t worry if they didn’t visit your feeder. Consistency is the key, keep trying. They will visit your home very soon. 

Attract Hummingbirds To Your Feeder

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