How Does It Feel When You See A Blue Jay

How Does It Feel When You See A Blue Jay? Is It A Good Luck For You?

Do you think a bird can make a difference or change your life? Yes, certain birds have the power to influence people in many ways. As we all know, birds have a historical background of beliefs and symbols, so people value them in many norms and cultures.

Some believe that when we see a blue jay, it resembles something meaningful. These creatures reflect strength, passion, renewal, and encouragement.

What Happens When You See A Blue Jay?

When you see blue jay several times, it implies that some energies are trying to convey information to you. If you are wondering about the symbols and meanings associated with this beautiful bird, then look at this article.

Here, I am providing some interesting meanings and interpretations of a blue jay and its influence on your life. After knowing about the blue jay, I am sure you will be very happy whenever you catch a glimpse of them. 

When you encounter a blue Jay, you can believe it is a stroke of good luck because blue jay is known for its strong sense of determination and high level of intelligence. They are brave birds and capable of achieving their goals in any situation. This attitude teaches you about the importance of hard work in life and encourages us to never give up on your goals. 

Seeing them is considered a positive vibe. In many cultures, birds are placed as symbols of prosperity and good fortune. It is believed that if your mind lacks patience, affirmation, and love, blue jay reminds you to work on it. We cannot deny the spiritual and symbolic meaning hidden behind their appearance. Continue reading this article if you are curious to know about this mysterious bird around us. 

What does a blue jay symbolize?

Here we will explain the different interpretations of what a blue jay might symbolize and the cultural significance of this fascinating bird.


When you witness blue jay, you can consider it a lack of communication with your loved ones or indicate less truthful communication from those around you. It reminds you to communicate more clearly and keep an eye on the people you are dealing with. 


When a female and male blue jay, they make it for the duration of their life. The couples mate with their pair and never cheat on each other. This quality of blue jay represents faithfulness and togetherness. So, when we see a blue jay, it can be a message to the universe to lead a life of loyalty. 

🔵Strength of character

The blue jay is considered a symbol of developing character strength. These colorful birds have strong potential and the ability to inspire you to be bold, more resourceful, courageous, and hopeful in life. People believe that seeing a blue jay can make you a decision-maker which helps you to see your life in a big way.

🔵Cheers to colorful life

As the vibrance in their looks, these birds also lead their life colorfully. It catches the sunlight through its feathers, and the brown feathers become blue. They encourage you to fill colors in every moment of your life. Their presence can comfort you with a positive signal to regain energy and encourage you to heal your wounds. It invites you to follow their way of colorful life.

🔵Freedom and independence

Freedom is the basic thing we need in our life. The blue jay is the type of free-spirited bird that can travel anywhere they want. Nothing can distract them while doing whatever they want. They are always ready to take risks and try new things without any hesitation. Their attitude towards life is an inspiration to humankind. They don’t care what the rest of the folks are doing and do whatever it takes to get their food.

Spiritual meaning of seeing a blue jay

Seeing a blue jay is considered a positive omen. Because of their intelligence and excellent memories, people believe that they can remember a past life. In many cultures, people represent birds as spiritual creatures because they think that these birds have a connection with the spiritual world. If you see them flying around the surroundings,  they are trying to convey a special message to the world. Their unique call stops people and makes them feel different. Witnessing a blue jay can positively change your life when you are going through a difficult situation.

In Christianity, the blue jay is a sign of heaven and an indicator of good luck. It is believed that a blue jay is God’s message carrier, and he sends them to remind us to be persistent in life and never give up in a difficult situation. As a result, they often appear in ceremonial dresses and prayer bundles. 

Their visit teaches us in a spiritual sense that whatever we do in our life takes time with trust in faith. So, whenever we see a blue jay, it teaches us the importance of growth and prosperity in life. 

What does a dead blue jay symbolize?

As we discussed the importance of the visit of a blue jay we learned a lot about the symbolic meaning of these birds. Now we know that they are the true representatives of positivity and enrichment. But what if we encounter a dead blue jay? 

A dead Blue jay symbolizes that you are hiding from your problems, spirituality, or the feeling of loss. It also indicates that you have to work more on your determination, desires, and threats.

Instead of running away from your problems, blue jay tells you to stay and fight whatever happens in your life. We feel a negative feeling when we see a bird with positivity dies. These beautiful creatures remind you that every problem has a solution and hold on until the time arrives. 


In the world of spirituality, animals play a major role. Even in our cultures, animals are considered important figures, especially birds. In the world of avians, the blue jay is one of the most powerful creatures that possess different meanings.

As we discussed above, blue jay reminds us of loyalty, wisdom, curiosity, and courage. So seeing a blue jay indicates good luck that motivates us to adopt the life values of that beautiful creature.

The one thing we should keep in mind is, all these symbols and beliefs depend upon how we think and accept things. Every spiritual belief is not the same, they may vary from culture to culture. So, stick to the positive side and ignore things that destroy your inner peace. 

Hope the article helped you to understand the different perspectives of blue jay. And how they influence us to build determination and passion for achieving big dreams in our life. 

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