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How To Hold A Parrot? Safe Methods!

We all want to go close to our pet and that might make you wonder about how to hold your parrot. This might sound like a tricky task to a lot of new pet owners and they might wonder how so many people can carry their parrots along with them with ease.

If you are one of those parrot owners who want to think about this and want to learn how to hold a parrot without hurting it and yourself, this article is going to be a complete step-by-step guide for you. 

Holding A Parrot: Safety Measures To Know!

Parrots are one of the smartest birds in the world as per research studies. They are known for their beautiful voice and adaptability to pick up new words and speak them just as we humans do. This is one of the main reasons why most people choose parrots to be their first pet bird.

Parrots are extremely beautiful and that is why we feel like staying closer to them while interacting. In the article ahead we are going to discuss the details of how parrots should be held and what are the tips to do it without getting hurt. 

Do parrots like to be held?

This is very important to know whether your parrot really likes to be held or not. Most parrots are different from each other but there are a few common traits that we can share with you. Most parrots like to be petted on their head or their chest or right below the neck.

Once your parrot knows you completely then it will enjoy your touch but it may get frustrated if you try to touch its feathers and do not want to hold you from there. You should also not hold them from their feet. You have to teach your parrot to step up before you can call it to step on your hand and then stand there on its own rather than you holding it. 

Is a towel necessary to hold a bird?

Most people use a towel while holding their bird. If your bird is not trained properly then it is probable that it might bite your hand out of the blue or due to any other frustrations. Parrots are wild by nature and efficient training is required to make sure that they do not bite their owners.

In case your parrot is still under training and you want to be on the safer side while picking it up then having a towel in your hand will always help. But even if your parrot is already trained to not bite, it might have some sharp claws that can hurt your skin. Hence, if you are not an expert then it is advised to use a towel to hold your parrot. 

Tips to hold a parrot

These are some of the tips from the parrot experts that will make it easier for you to hold your parrot without hurting it or yourself. 

  • Be gentle, and never squeeze the parrot

This is one of the most crucial points for any parrot owner. Parrots and all other birds are very fragile, not only physically but emotionally as well. You have to be very gentle while picking them up to make sure that you do not end up squeezing their body which can hurt them badly. Birds have soft fur on their skin which can be felt while holding them in your hand, however, it does not mean that you have to hold them strongly. Try that they come to your hand and sit over it rather than holding in your pam.

  • Teach your parrots some tricks

Teaching your parrot is one of the most fun parts for the parrot. However, it can really challenging as well. Parrots are some of the moodiest birds which are not naturally domesticated. Training does not come naturally to them but proper and regular teaching sessions can make sure that they learn some tricks quickly. You can teach them to step up, turn around, dance and tap their feet, and do many similar tricks. However, you will need a good treat for your parrot to make sure that it sticks to the training religiously. You can use any healthy seeds for parrots love them.

  • Clip their wings

Most parrot owners never come to realize the fact that clipping the feathers of your parrot is a completely painless process if done with care. As we have mentioned parrots are not naturally domesticated and thus we need to clip their wings otherwise they will fly around the house or even fly away to the unknown. You need to clip their feathers even if you are planning to keep them within a closed room as they can harm themselves by flying to the roof or to the fan. Make sure that you are using the right pair of scissors and read about it before doing it. 

  • Avoid your parrot standing on your shoulder

We all have seen it, people making parrots and other birds sit on their shoulders, and like us, you must have wondered as well how they do it. Well, the answer is clear – they have followed all the things which we have mentioned above and trained their parrots to do so. But no matter how cool it looks it is not wise to do so. If your parrot climbs to your shoulder then it gets access to all of your face, eyes, neck, cheeks, and ears which can be threatening in case it gets frustrated with something and bites you. Hence, we do not advise you to make your parrot stand on your shoulder.  

  • Take off pieces of jewelry

Another word of caution from the parrot experts suggests the fact that one should avoid wearing any kind of jewelry around their parrots. There are many tales popular around in which parrots steal away jewelry and use it to decorate their place. However, the only truth amidst this is that they love bright and shiny metals and would love to come close to them and bite them or play with them. It might result not only in damage to your jewelry but it can also hurt you while doing so. Hence, make sure that you are taking off your jewelry before going close to your parrot. 


Parrots are not only smart and clever, but they also understand human emotions keenly. They observe their atmosphere and recognize their owners with ease which makes them perfect pets. However, most parrots might get uncomfortable at first when you will try to go closer to them and that is we must do it with caution.

Knowing how to hold a parrot can increase the chances that your parrot will feel more comfortable around you. You have to follow the steps mentioned above in the guide to make sure that none of you gets hurt while attempting to come closer to each other. 

These beautiful birds can be conservative at times and thus you will need to give them adequate time before holding them comfortably. Let them know you and then only you can start by touching them. We hope that this article will give you adequate information regarding how to hold your parrots and will assist you in doing so in the future. 

Safety measures to hold a parrot

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