Green Cheek Conure

Green Cheek Conure Price, Lifespan, Care & Diet

Green cheek conures can be considered beautiful pets due to their tiny structure, intelligence, interactivity, and personality. If you want to add them to your family it will be a wonderful experience. Their simplicity attracts everyone to adopt them. We feel very calm and comfortable interacting with them and watching their activities.

This article looks at the lifespan, care, diet, and price of Green cheek conure. We should have the complete details about the bird before bringing them home. If you are a prospective owner, this article’s information can help you to know more about these adorable birds.

How Much Does Green-Cheeked Conure Cost?

You have to be selective in every factor including food, shelter, health, and care. If you are not affectionate to them it will be difficult to create a bond. So care must be given at the very beginning when you bring your bird to a new environment.  

Green Cheek Conure: Lifespan

In general, Green Cheek Conure has an amazing potential for lifespan. These species can live up to 30 years but you cannot ensure that your bird can live for so long. Some factors affect their lifespan. Mainly the lifespan of a pet depends on several factors such as environment, care, health issues, stress level, breed, and diet. 20 to 30-year lifespan applied to all the variations of this species but cinnamon mutations may not live up to this age limit as there is a tendency to have breathing problems. If you provide proper vet care, they can live up to 15 years.

Female green cheek conures survive less time in comparison to male parrots because they undergo many physical changes from laying eggs to becoming a  mother. They suffer from health issues, stress, and unexpected changes at this time. So, females should be extra cared for than males to expand their lifespan and keep them away from danger. 

Some birds may have genetic problems or diseases which are simply out of our control and may shorten their lifespan. In these cases, we cannot do anything much. so, it is important to buy the birds from a reputable breeder because they will be aware of the inborn problems of the breed. Some breeders may keep breeding defective birds over and over without much regard for the bird’s health and sell the birds to fulfill their business needs. 

The survival rate of these birds increases if you keep them in captivity.  In the wild, these birds’ survival decreases because of the external predator’s attack, but in the case of the pet parrot, they are safe from predators and natural calamities. If you own a green cheek conure, it can survive for a long period with good food and care.

Green Cheek Conure: Care Guide and Tips

Providing a proper shelter is the first thing you have to do when you bring your bird home. Comforting the birds matters because when they are introduced to new surroundings and environments they will be stressed and refuse to respond. It is a common and time-consuming process so you have to be patient with your birds. 

The standard conure cage measurement is 18*18*24 inches with ½ inch spacing. The space of the cage should be expanded if you are planning to add companions. The cage should be filled with food and cleaned at regular intervals. The droppings should be cleaned from the cage to avoid any kind of contamination.

Apart from the food, these activities need extra time and attention so if you are confused about the caring and grooming side some tips can help you to tackle this situation :

First of all, try to understand the requirements of your bird. Practice different methods in diet, activities, toys, etc to know what they like. Observe your bird regularly to make changes in their providing.

The home of your bird should consist of plenty of rooms that allow them to fly and climb. Birds usually don’t like congested environments because they move from one place to another regularly. If you fail to provide the required space they can be aggressive and can build negative behavior. 

Green cheek conure is a type of bird that needs either a bath bowl or a regular shower. If you cannot give a bowl, you can spray water gently with a spray bottle this can make your bird relaxed and fresh. Don’t forget to remove dirty water from the cage because it can invite bacteria to grow and make the bird sick.

Green Cheeked Conures are very social and smart so we cannot put them in a cage and left them alone. They need high interaction and require plenty of stimulation that helps them to be energetic and engaging. So provide them with some kind of puzzle toys to stimulate them mentally.

Make sure to visit the vet at least once a year. If you notice any illness or sickness in your bird, take your bird to a professional vet for treatment. 

Spend time with your bird every day. To create a bond with your bird interaction is an important factor. You have to spend quality time with the bird to make them socially interactive and active.

Green Cheek Conure Lifespan

Green Cheek Conure: Diet and Food Chart

A portion of proper and healthy food can help to keep the bird strong and active. Diet is an unavoidable element when you take care of your bird. Conures food should consist of:

⚪️Different types of vegetables, fresh fruits, leaves, and bird food. You can also include seeds and pellets in their diet.

⚪️Your bird should consume nutrient food which should include minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates, vitamins, and proteins.

⚪️The fruits and vegetables should be served fresh every day. Uncooked or stale food can cause harm to your birds.

⚪️Before feeding your bird identify the safe and harmful fruits. The safest fruits include mangoes, kiwis, ripped bananas, nectarines, papaya, figs, apples, berries, apricot, watermelon, guava, oranges, pineapples, and coconut. 

⚪️Some food can be toxic and unhealthy for your feathered friend. Avoid providing them with dried fruits with preservatives, avocados, olives, asparagus, milk or dairy products, onions, and lettuce.

⚪️Never share food from your plate or mount because microorganisms present in your mouth can cause illness in the birds.

⚪️Consult a vet if your bird is suffering from malnutrition. The doctor will suggest supplements if needed.

Price of Green Cheek Conures

The price of the bird differs according to the breed and color mutations. Usually, Green Cheeked Conure parrots are considered affordable so they will be suitable if you are looking for a low price and manageable pet. The pricing range of these birds ranges from $250 for the lower quality and ends up around $700 for the best breeds. There are different mutations like pineapple green, turquoise green, cinnamon green, yellow-sided green, and violet-green cheek conure. Pineapple and turquoise green can command higher prices around $400 to $700.

Apart from the rate of the Green Cheek Conures, there will be other expenses such as a bird carrier or travel cage, a bird cage, medical trips, food supplies, toys, and cleaning supplies. We cannot simply buy the bird and keep it in the house. You have to be ready to spend more money to provide additional facilities. 

The price of the parrot depends upon the breeder you purchase from, the age of the bird, color, mutation, quality, and geographical location of the breeder. It may vary according to the availability of the parrot. The cost also depends upon the character of the bird, easy-to-tame and friendly birds are more expensive. 

The Bottom Line

Green-cheeked conure is the perfect breed of parrot that will bond well with you and your family. It also depends upon how much effort you are putting to take care of them. Every bird needs proper care and attention, these birds also maintain a long-lasting relationship with their owner. These birds are very active and can create a good attachment with you by spending quality time with your pet.

We can consider this like a give-and-take policy because the birds will only respond to you if they are satisfied with what you are providing. It depends upon the level of involvement between you and your pet. Most pets will be happy if they are treated positively. The main thing you have to keep in mind is to serve them as a friend, not a slave who should obey you. 

A well-balanced diet can be helpful to maintain health and keep them away from diseases. You have to be well known about the needs, likes, and dislikes of the Green Cheek Conure bird. For that do plenty of research about its breed because every bird is not the same. Each and every bird possesses different requirements. You don’t have to be well experienced in grooming like other types of birds, but it is necessary to know your bird and its nature.

If the bird is injured you should be capable of providing them with first aid measures and saving them from critical situations. Taking care of your bird is not an easy matter, it will be successful only if you genuinely want them at home. Treat them like a part of your body by providing extra care and love.

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