Get The Bird Out Of The Vent

How To Get The Birds Out Of The Vent?

Birds fly into the house’s vent because it is an attractive place for them to set up their nests. Vents provide high location and protection from the outside world. They settle in places where they can spend time and secure themselves from predators. But birds occupying your vents can be dangerous to the people living inside the house. If they are not removed we cannot avoid the chances of spreading certain diseases.

They can occupy any vent in your home, especially the kitchen, bathroom, and dryer vents. The vent provides warmth and protection but if they build their nest, it will be more difficult to evacuate them, which also affects the functionality of the vent. How much time a bird occupies may vary according to the type of bird and its nature. 

Problems when a bird occupies your vent

There are many problems when a bird enters your house through the vents. Eventually, they may settle and build their nest in the vent. This can cause many problems for your house members. The birds carry lice and mites along them, so when a bird enters the house, the mites and lice enter as well and crawl around the areas like the kitchen and bathroom.

Another major problem is when a bird feels comfortable in the vents, it starts to nest which stops the flow of air into the house. A blocked vent can accumulate unpleasant order and can lead to a fire.

Why do birds build their nests in vents?

Vents are usually high from the ground so the birds feel protective and comfortable. Vents are often dark and warm and difficult to reach humans to get the birds out so these factors make it appealing to the birds to place their nest. When birds make their place in the houses they will be much safer from outside predators like other birds, dogs, cats, and even humans. Mother birds find such places to hide their babies from dangerous surroundings. 

When the birds construct their nest in the vent it may invite many discomforts to the house owners. Several problems arise such as odor, sound, or sight when the stubborn bird stays at the house’s vent. Birds are extremely messy when they leave their droppings inside the house and they will remain as stains. Which destroys the interior of the house.

Urine and feces of the birds produce odor throughout the house which can be intense eventually. The house owners may face difficulty removing the stain of the extremely sticky droppings. If the birds start to stay there and reproduce, things get very noisy when babies start to chirp and move around.

How to remove birds from vents?

Adult birds can easily be podded or scared away from the vent. Removal of birds from the vest can be a messy activity and can be more difficult when the bird gets stuck in the vent. If a bird builds their nest, carefully remove them from the vent. The nest would be built up of tiny particles such as sticks, grass, and other suitable materials. The nest may carry fungus, bacteria, or other things which can harm humans. 

To remove birds and their nest from the vents, gather your protective gear, a flashlight, long needle-nose pliers, and a screwdriver. Spot the vent where the bird settled usually to the side of your bathroom or kitchen. First, try to catch the bird with your hand if possible.

When moving the nest, pick the nest’s leaves, sticks, or other hard things that poke up. Using long needle-nose pliers can help to remove the nest that has wound around the slat. Always use a flashlight to check whether the little parts of the nest are removed successfully. 

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The Bottom Line

If the birds are stubborn and attacking it is better to seek a professional to remove the bird without getting hurt. They have all the correct tools and techniques to do the job quickly and effectively. An incorrect method may lead to the death of the bird.

Every interior of the house is different,  when constructing a house consider the chances of birds entering the house and take precautions to avoid it. Install a vent guard over the exterior vent to prevent entry. 

How to get birds out of the vent

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