Doves As Pets

Doves As Pets | Different Types & Caring Tips!

Doves are wonderful pets. If you do agree and really wish to make doves as pets, then these sweet, loving, and social birds will be the best companions ever.

Doves are ideal pets for everyone who wishes for a bird as a pet. These adorable birds are found in almost every part of the world. There are hundreds of dove species, but only a few are commonly seen and available as pets. The popular pet dove species are charming, brilliant, and social in nature. From ancient times, these birds are considered to be the symbol of love peace, and various cultures. 

Which Is The Friendliest Dove To Keep As Pet?

If you love to own a dove as a pet, then it could be the best decision ever, as doves are undoubtedly ideal pets and will surely be a wonderful addition to your home. 

Here, we will be discussing every aspect of choosing a dove as a pet. If you are ready, then with no further ado, let’s dive deep into learning about doves as pets. 

Do doves make good pets?

There is no doubt that doves make good pets. They are incredibly docile creatures holding affectionate personalities. Owning them is like enjoying a very calm and peaceful pet parenting. Most dove species are gentle and shy, but once they get used to the environment and start mingling with you, these warm birds will fill your heart with love and happiness.

In general, doves are good pets for families having children and old aged people. These clam birds are a perfect choice for noise-sensitive individuals who will get impressed with the quiet cooing nature of a dove. Overall, the gentle nature and soothing sound of the dove make it an ideal pet for your home. 

Are doves good for beginners?

If you are a beginner in parenting a bird, you don’t need to think twice about opting for a dove as a pet. Doves are good-natured and they easily get socialize with others and of course, are comfortable to care for and look after. These smart, quiet, and social birds don’t bite and are innocuous. 

Now that you know dove is an ideal choice for everyone who loves to own a bird as a pet. But as a beginner, there are a few things you need to know in common. The first thing is the environment, which is the primary factor to deal with when you consider doves as pets.

If you are planning to make a home for them outdoors, then you must consider the temperature, direction of wind, sun, wind, and the chance of other creatures’ attack. On the other hand, if you are planning to keep them indoors, you need to have a look at the layout of your rooms. Avoid opting for the corners, doorways, and kitchen areas if you opt for indoors.

Doves with their non-destructive nature make them good to keep in plastic or wooden cages. As doves prefer spending the majority of the time on the ground, try to provide a highly spacious cage for them with considerable floor space. 

What do doves eat?

When you consider a dove as a pet, it is vital to know its eating habits. Like humans, it will be hard for the birds to suddenly change their diet which makes them completely upset. When a dove is new to your home environment, it will surely be under stress and when the same strange feelings happen in the case of the food you feed, it may lead them to feel wired. In case you are planning for a diet switch, you can go for it gradually over time. 

There are various pelleted feeds available in the market that are keenly formulated for seed-eating birds. As there are different dove species, based on the specific species you own, pick the right size for your pet from the variety of pellet sizes available. Other than pelleted feeds, a better option is feeding natural seeds. 

Generally, doves love eating soft foods like multi-grain bread, steamed rice, cornbread, hard-boiled eggs, mealworms, crushed shell, chopped fresh vegetables, etc. Many of the doves even like fresh foods like cauliflower, carrots, broccoli florets, bell peppers, greens, and berries. If you are more conscious about feeding your dove with the best, you can talk to an avian veterinarian for expert advice.

6 top doves to keep as a pet

Here is the list of the top 6 doves you can surely consider keeping as a pet.

  1. Diamond Doves

The speckled wings and the orange/red eye circles easily catch our attention in these most popular domesticated doves. The diamond dove is deeply adoring with its white diamond-like dots scattered over its feathers. The shady grey all over the body, the white diamond dots, and the orange eyeliner makes this dove something special from others. These doves that look gentle may tend to be a little nervous or skittish when you try to hold or pick them up. But after time, these loving doves will gradually develop a strong bond with their pet parent. Some of the specialties of diamond doves include quiet, ear-piercing vocalization, sweet tempers, and good manners. 

Friendliest Dove To Keep As Pet

2. Ringneck Doves

From the name itself, you can imagine what it looks like, right? Yes, the ringneck doves have a black ring-like pattern over their neck. The ringneck dove is the most popular choice among pet owners. These doves are highly sensitive, and you should treat them the same way. One of the major positive sides of the Ringneck Dove is that they long to be alone and love having some ‘me time. Some of the ringneck doves never like having the company of others or even their mate. They love being solo. 

Ringneck Doves

3. Homing Pigeons

Homing Pigeons are the most commonly seen doves worldwide. They are renowned by their names ‘messenger’ or ‘carrier pigeons’. This brilliant breed holds the strong ability to find its way back even after covering long distances. These birds were the chosen messengers in ancient times because of their unique ability to deliver the message and fly back home. This is a great choice as Homing Pigeons are the owners of good personalities and sweet souls. Though this is named a pigeon, there are no scientific differences between a dove and a pigeon. 

Homing Pigeons

4. Mourning Dove

These are the common doves seen in the United States. These doves are well known for their ability to fly fast. These brownish birds with small black eyes look very common but are a good choice to keep in your home as your loving pet. Their feathery wings can make an audible sound. The sound they create moving their wings sounds like a sort of whistle. 

Mourning Dove

5. Turtle Dove

These are the domestic doves commonly seen in tropical environments. The turtle dove attracts people with its red round eyes, brown-black shaded features, and black and white patches over the neck. Turtle Dove has no similarities with the reptile called a turtle. The name was derived from the special sound they make. This dove is much smarter than an average bird. 

Turtle Dove

6. Java Doves 

Java doves are excellent pet doves that make a good companion even for first-time bird owners. The pure white attractive look gives a soothing effect to the eyes. The cooling sound they make makes the listeners completely relaxed and stress-free. The amazing laughing sound they make will surely entertain children and adults. 

Java Doves

Tips for caring for a pet dove

These are some of the tips to keep in mind when you have a new pet dove at home. 

🔺Try not to overhandle the pet dove for a couple of days after bringing them home.

🔺Thoroughly clean your hands before and after contact with your pet bird.

🔺Don’t use detergents or strong soaps to clean the cage

🔺Frequently remove the leftover food from the cage

🔺Serve fresh food and water

🔺Provide safe bird toys

🔺Purchase a large cage

🔺Ensure to place the cage somewhere warm and comfortable

Bottom Line

Now, that’s all about doves as pets. Doves are incredibly calm creatures who maintain a good relationship with their owners just like other pets. They love socializing and get on in no time. You don’t need to put your effort into keeping them as a pet, as they are friendly and highly cooperative.

Although most doves wish to stay alone, it will be best to give them a pair that makes them easily adapt to the environmental changes. If you are planning to buy a dove, the bonding they develop with you is surely going to surprise you. 

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