Diarrhea In Parrots

Diarrhea In Parrots: Causes & Treatments!

We get so excited to have parrots as pets in our homes. Parrots are the most friendly and lovable birds to have as pets. They are gorgeous-looking birds with unique speaking abilities.

Diarrhea And Parrots: Is There Something To Worry About?

They can also be trained to perform various activities. There are so many fun elements we experience by having a parrot. But getting a parrot also involves numerous responsibilities. Parrots need enough care and attention to be healthy and cheerful. 

They can get sick if they are not handled properly. Diarrhea is a very common health problem that parrots have to face. The owners need to understand their behavior to get to know that they have diarrhea.

Diarrhea can be treated at home but not if it’s getting serious. When the condition becomes severe the owner needs to consult the veterinarian. Diarrhea in parrots can be caused by multiple reasons. 

In this article, we have specifically talked about diarrhea in parrots along with causes and treatments. If your parrot is having diarrhea and you don’t have any idea about it then this article might be a great help for you. 

Do Parrots Die Of Diarrhea?

Parrots also get sick just like human beings. They also have to experience some diseases common to humans. One among such is diarrhea in parrots. Diarrhea can be caused due to dietary issues or drinking unclean water.

However, diarrhea is not a serious problem and can be treated by finding the root cause. But if it’s getting out of hand then the parrot should be taken to a doctor instantly. But do parrots die of diarrhea? Well, the answer is no.

Diarrhea does not cause death. There aren’t many cases where a parrot died because of diarrhea. If the parrots are fed any food that is spoiled, indigestible, or unclean water that can cause diarrhea in them.

Parrots also face diarrhea when they are constantly stressed or scared. There might be several reasons for them to be stressed. Diarrhea in parrots is also caused by bacterial infections. The causes of diarrhea should be found by the owners.

However, your parrot will not die of diarrhea if they are treated properly while they are sick. Take care of them and visit a doctor for treatment. 

Causes Of Diarrhea In Parrots:

Diarrhea is a common disease that can also be seen in parrots. There can be multiple causes of diarrhea in parrots. Below we have mentioned a few reasons for diarrhea in parrots so that you can understand the root cause of the sickness if your parrot has diarrhea.

  • Viral infections

The parrots can have viral infections that can cause loose droppings. There are a few types of common viral infections in birds. Due to these viral infections, the parrots can face diarrhea. The symptoms of this infection can be tiredness, stress, vomiting, appetite loss, blood droppings, or loose liquid-like droppings. 

  • Dietary issues 

Pet owners maintain a proper diet schedule for their parrots. Changes are made in the diet schedule as per the requirements. Sometimes, diarrhea can be caused due to these diet changes. Your parrot might not be capable of digesting a particular food. Diarrhea can also be caused by bad hygiene. 

  • Bacterial infections

Infection in parrots can also be caused due to bacteria. Contaminated food, polluted water, poor hygiene, dirty surroundings, etc can be the cause of bacterial infections. The parrot suffers from diarrhea because of bacterial infections. With diarrhea, the bird can also catch a cold.

  • Toxins 

Parrots are very inquisitive birds, so they try to eat anything they see near them. It’s a habit of birds to taste the items they find interesting. This habit can cause health issues. Eating or tasting unwanted toxins can cause diarrhea and infection in the birds. 

  • Fungal infections 

Diarrhea in parrots can also be caused by fungal infections. Eating spoiled foods, unclean water, or dirty environments can be the reason for fungal infections. It can cause other diseases along with diarrhea. Unhygienic surroundings are bad for parrots’ health.

  • Stressed or scared 

If the parrot is constantly scared or stressed then that can cause health issues like diarrhea. They will have loose liquid-like droppings and will be lethargic. Parrots can be stressed due to disturbed sleep or tiredness. They can be scared they see an unfamiliar person or creature around them. 

How To Treat Diarrhea In Parrots?

If your parrot has diarrhea then your priority should be its treatment. Humans need care and medicines when they get sick. In the same way, parrots also need enough care and medication when they are ill.

Diarrhea in parrots should not be neglected. Owners should find the reason for diarrhea and start the treatment instantly. Below we have explained a few treatments for your help. 

🦜Check the droppings 

A healthy parrot has brown and solid droppings with only a small amount of urine as a liquid. If the dropping is light brown, white, and watery then it’s diarrhea. It can be caused due to viral or bacterial infections. Ask your vet the reason for these infections and start the treatment after identifying the root cause.

🦜De-stress them 

Stress can cause diarrhea in parrots. A parrot can be stressed if they are not getting proper sleep at night, they are not getting enough attention from their owners, see an unfamiliar person around, sense danger, or feel sick. The owner needs to understand the particular reason for their stress and try to find a solution to that problem. So that the parrot’s stress can be removed.

🦜Proper diet 

Many times changing the diet routine of parrots can cause diarrhea. Sometimes, parrots are not able to digest some foods. Feeding spoiled foods or rotten fruits can be bad for their health. Owners need to make note of the diet to know which food is causing indigestion. Diarrhea can also occur due to antibiotics. Proper diet maintenance is necessary for a parrot’s good health.  

🦜Proper diet 

Many times changing the diet routine of parrots can cause diarrhea. Sometimes, parrots are not able to digest some foods. Feeding spoiled foods or rotten fruits can be bad for their health. Owners need to make note of the diet to know which food is causing indigestion. Diarrhea can also occur due to antibiotics. Proper diet maintenance is necessary for a parrot’s good health.  

🦜Consult a veterinarian

If you see symptoms of diarrhea in your parrot for a longer period then it’s a serious situation. Because this diarrhea can lead to more severe diseases. So it’s better to consult the veterinarian directly for the treatment of the parrot.

🦜Remove toxins 

Parrots have a habit of eating or tasting unwanted toxins present around them. This toxin can cause diarrhea in parrots. Owners need to check and remove the unwanted toxins from their cages and playing places. 

🦜Maintaining hygiene

Unhygienic surroundings can cause diarrhea in parrots. Other factors like contaminated water, dirty cages, dusty places, spoiled foods, unclean food bowls, etc. are also some causes. Always clean the surroundings around them to maintain hygiene. Rinse their food bowls, wash their napkins, and clean their cages to avoid diseases. 

Final Thoughts

Parrots are also prone to diseases. They are delicate creatures that require extra care to be healthy and happy. As stated, diarrhea can be a common condition seen among parrots.

It’s not fun to see your pet bird sick. The owner needs to analyze and comprehend the root cause of the condition for treating their parrots.  We hope this article helped you to get the details related to diarrhea in parrots. Now when you have some idea about this condition, start with finding the root cause to treat your parrot. Make your parrot healthy and happy again!

Diarrhea And Parrots

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