Crows Eat Other Birds

Do Crows Eat Other Birds? Is It True? Why?

Crows are common birds that we can find anywhere around us. They are naturally aggressive and are sometimes a nuisance to people. Most birds eat anything that they get. They are so intelligent and not bad at hunting other birds. 

Cows are often seen in trees and even the backyard of houses. We cannot own crows as pets because of their aggressive nature and disgusting behavior. We cannot keep them with other pet birds as they scare away domestic birds as well as wild ones.

Are Crows Good Birds To Have Around?

They are very vigilant when it comes to keeping their family safe and chasing food. They get anywhere and destroy the properties in search of food or things that may interest them. We can consider crows as both fascinating and a headache to many when they visit their housing. Sometimes these birds tend to overpower and dominate smaller birds or scare them.

Do crows attack other birds? 

Crows tend to attack other birds for various reasons. These species eat other birds as part of their diet. As we all know crows are omnivorous creatures, which means they are the type of birds that eat everything such as green, meat, and even the leftover food from humans. The meat portion of their diet includes small insects, reptiles, and birds that are smaller than them. They also eat the eggs of birds and even when they are hatchlings. 

Crows start hunting if they face a scarcity of food. So they hunt and attack small birds because they are easy to catch. small birds such as sparrows, doves, songbirds, chicks, and pigeons fall prey to crows.

Sick and injured birds are easy prey for crows as they cannot easily escape from them as fast as healthy birds. In search of prey, they often destroy the nest of small birds and snatch whatever they have. Nestlings and eggs are the perfect targets for crows because they will not be able to escape and fight back. They often go for the easiest target when hunting.

Small birds do not have much defense or can resist the attack of predators so it will be easy to catch them. When the adult parrots are not at the nest, crows steal the eggs from the nest or eat up baby birds.

How do crows hunt?

Crow is considered a patient hunter when compared to other birds. In case they spot prey, they use varieties of tricks and strategies to catch the targeted birds. One strategy is to rest in an uplifted position and attack when the path is clear. Another is teamwork. More than one crows combine and work to overpower their prey. But they will only attack small birds if they believe that they have the opportunity and it is an easy target.

How to protect baby birds from crows?

Now you know that crows eat other birds as their food and you are probably wondering how to save your bird from crows. We can do some tricks to protect your baby bird from being gobbled up by a hungry crow. There is some tip that you can try to keep the crows away and protect your little ones;

  • Try putting a bird net around the nest and make sure that the hole of the net is small enough so that the crows cannot catch the babies. It should be at least 4 inches so that the tiny birds can get into it.
  • You can also visually scare the crows to leave the nest and your property. You can use shiny properties such as tins, mirrors, or CDs to scare them off.
  • Crows are smart and will realize the place of things that scares them so they will try another place to catch small birds. So, change the properties of the object you are using to scare them. 

The Bottom Line

The animal food chain is a clear indication of a healthy and thriving ecosystem. As we all know every organism is food for others. Crows are also a good source of food for various organisms like owls, snakes, humans, raccoons, and cats for survival.

Crows can be scary birds especially if you have small birds or nests with younger birds around your area. Moreover what they eat depends on what is available to them when they are hunting for food. They will be more focused to catch more vulnerable birds if given a chance. They mainly steal and eat birds that come across. You can protect your small birds from the attack of crows with the tricks mentioned in this article. 

Are Crows Good Birds

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