Why Are Parrots Colorful?

Why Are Parrots Colorful

Parrots are fascinating exotic pets because of their gregarious nature and brilliantly colored bodies. But Do you know why are parrots colorful? According to a scientific study, it was found that the colorful plumage of a parrot developed through time in order to improve its chances of finding a mate. Birds are able to recognize … Read more

What Are The Most Expensive Parrots? Are Parrots Most Prefered Pets?

Most Expensive Parrots

Parrots are loved and cared for by humans because of their fascinating qualities. They are most preferred as pets among the other birds. Here we discuss, the most expensive parrots in the world. Parrots are popular birds around the world. They have many different breeds with distinctive characteristics. They come in various colors, traits, tones, … Read more

Do Parrots Recognize Their Owners?

Do Parrots Recognize Their Owners

Do parrots recognize their owners? Yes, parrots do recognize their owners and are able to identify their owners. Parrots build close ties with their owners and gradually internalize their faces and voice as they grow from small parakeets to medium-sized Quakers to huge parrots like Amazon grays and cockatoos. The strong relationships that parrots make with … Read more