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How Much Does A Canary Bird Cost? 6 Factors To Consider!

Supervising a bird is a decision that needs forethought as well as planning to ensure that you have the money to put toward the regular care requirements of the type of bird you carry at your home. All birds have different nutrition necessities, some will need larger or smaller cages, as well as some, may require frequent veterinary care.

Well, knowledge of both the expense and care of a bird before selecting a bird will support you to make sure you’re ready to offer a bird the best life possible. The canaries are social birds, known for their beautiful coloration and flocking song. They belong to the Canary Islands and it is one of the best birds for beginner pet buyers. In this article, you can learn how much a canary bird costs and other details.

Is A Canary Bird A Good Pet?

If anyone wants to own a small as well as easy-caring bird then canaries may be a good choice for them. This bird can make good company with kids. These birds require to be taken care of appropriately though, as they need proper attention as well as regular interaction which keeps them happy and healthy.

The canary bird requires minimal and you only have to keep in mind that the bird has plenty of perch space and live food alternatives containing vegetables, bread, seeds, fruits, grains, and pasta. 

How To Purchase A Canary Bird?

A canary bird may be a good choice for a beginning keeper who likes and loves birds. The canaries are suitably small in size as well as they don’t need much space. Following are the guidelines given below on how to purchase a canary bird.

  1. First of all, study and find the breeds you are interested in and recognize your preferred breed, variety, approximate cost, and care needs.
  2. Then you have to buy your canary only from legal and reputable breeders – preferably those that show their birds, as exhibitors mainly focus on breeding quality birds and control their stock in stellar condition, as is needed for those wishing to be positive in their endeavors.
  3. You should also try to investigate their parents’ backgrounds. The breeding line is significant if you expect to display your bird in the future.
  4. Purchase young breeding stock before they have passed through their baby molt. The breeders are always excited to sell young, unsexed birds at cheap rates. At the maximum time, these “unsexed” birds have been sexed like hens. By purchasing young birds that have still their immature feathering you have the best chance of getting a male if you purchase a proven male.
  5. Kindly do not purchase the birds that are going through the molt (changing feathers) or are indicating any signs of disease. Molting is a very difficult as well as a stressful phase for canary and changing homes at a similar time may be harmful to its health. You should start with acquiring a healthy bird in strong physically and in excellent condition.
  6. Guess to pay money. Breeders do not want to have to deal with bad checks, and will not admit them.

How Much Does A Canary Bird Actually Cost? Costly?

The normal Canary Bird Cost is around $300. In areas like California and Washington, you may have to pay upwards of $400 for a canary. In these areas, some of the highest-priced canaries are available when you buy them from a breeder.

The consequence of choosy breeding is a variety of sizes, shapes, as well as colors. The color ranges available are white, orange, pink as well as yellow which is often linked with canary birds. Given below are the different kinds of canary birds that you may like:

  • Atlantic Canary

Atlantic Canary is also known as Serinus canaria. it belongs to the Fringillidae family. It’s nearly like its smaller size cousin, the European Serin. The average Canary Bird Cost is about 30$.

  • Blue Factor Canary

Most of the canaries in this group have different attributes that differentiate them apart. They are available with a yellow and white color base. They are naturally colored by light. The light tricks you to make you see the tones. Its price range is around 70$.

  • Border Fancy Canary

The ideal length for this canary is around 14 centimeters. They are smaller in size. They have round bodies as well as shiny plumage. The particular breeding English and the Scottish Canaries stand at an angle of 60 degrees. This species of Canary Bird cost around 100$.

  • Cinnamon Canary

These birds were considered to be a discrete breed in England. At the beginning of 1900 they were crossed with a specific breed of canaries – the Yorkshire, Norwich, and Border Canaries- to make their cinnamon-colored color stand out. Its market cost is approx. 90$

  • Crested Canary

Crested canaries are admired by numerous breeders as well as pet owners for their physical personalities. Their crests support them differently from the other canaries in comparison to their songs or colors. This bird is between the species of canary with a small tuft of feathers on their heads. Its cost is around 120$

  • Domestic Canary

These kinds of Canaries are domesticated and are generally called canaries. The origin of this species is Macaronesian Islands. The cost of this canary is around 150$.

Canary Bird A Good Pet

💰Cost of cage and aviary for Canary bird

A cage is a one-time investment that you have to make when you decide to pet a bird. Generally, birds need plenty of space to move and keep their body active. The average size of the cage should be at least 24 inches long, 18 inches wide, and 18 inches high. The price of the cages depends on the size you choose for your bird. Well-constructed cage prices are $30 to $100 depending on its design and facilities. The price may vary due to the quality and space of the cage.

These birds need essential supplies to make their lives more comfortable and relaxed. When we consider canary birds’ needs, they prefer a nest in their cages. A nesting box helps them breed, rest, and have their private time comfortably. These birds are so attached to nests. so, if you want them to keep happy, just place a nest box inside their cage. The female canary bird uses nests to lay eggs, relax, and nap. You can also purchase a woven nest from a pet store. 

🍱Canary Bird Feeding and Water Dishes

Most of the cages come with food and water dishes. If your cages do not have such a facility, manage to buy a food and water tray for your canary. You can purchase feeding dishes starting from $8 to $18. These dishes are easily available at any pet store near your door.

🧩Canary Bird Toys and Perches

Your canary bird likes to have playtime and entertainment. The easiest way to keep them engaged is by providing them with plenty of lots to play. There are many toys available in the market with affordable price ranges. While you purchase toys, select the toys that can help to keep your bird physically and mentally engaged. The most common types of toys are swings, bells, ropes, and lattice balls. You can purchase toys starting from $10 and can go up to ranges depending on the features and quality of the toys. 

🥗Canary Bird Food and Treats

Canaries don’t consume lots of food like other birds. The cost of their food is relatively lower than larger pets. Typically, the canary’s diet consists of seeds, vegetables, pellets, and fruits. They like pumpkin, spinach, cabbage, peas, pumpkin, cherries, plums, and cucumbers which are easily available in the market. So, you don’t have to invest more money in their food. Canary food ranges from a price of $15- 25 depending on the quality and brand of the food. 

🩺Canary Bird Healthcare Costs

Canary birds are susceptible to disease. They are mostly affected by illnesses like viral, fungal, and bacterial infections. These birds can be easily affected by various diseases so take your bird to a regular vet checkup. You need to afford a monthly medication cost from $20 to $ 100. 

🦜Canary Bird Grooming Cost

Canaries do need much grooming like other birds. They are capable of taking care of themselves. You just have to provide a bowl of water in their cage for bathing. Buy a perch so they can keep their claws in shape so that you don’t need to trim them often. If your bird claws need more care, seek a veterinarian to trim them for your bird. These grooming care are affordable and comes under $40 per month.

The Bottom Line – How Expensive Is A Canary Bird?

Canary is one of the most beautiful as well as attractive birds in the world, if you are thinking to own them, then you need to make sure you should have to make a great environment with food as well as shelters that keep the bird in a relaxed and happy condition. Proper food and vet visits will be the major factor to keep the bird healthy. 

Another thing that you have to keep in mind about the hygiene of the palace. Their cage and food bowls should be completely cleaned, so they will never contact the dirtiness of the place. These are some of the basic ways which will support you to keep a canary happy little bird in the home.

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