Cages For Parrotlets

Cages For Parrotlets – Best 5 Cages For Parrots

The newbie parrot owner often asks for the best cages for parrotlets and this is pretty much confusing when it comes to parrotlets.

As they are babies so we imagine the small cages for them which do not help in the long run. Parrotlets are the most delicate ones and they need a certain space to grow up.

Cages For Parrotlets – Make More Comfort For Them

Choosing the perfect cages for your parrotlets can be a tedious job. People who are new to this petting game, probably face real issues. 

Before asking the expert, you need to study the cages of parrotlets and we can help you here. Our team has worked on gathering the information for the best cages and this article will be the one-stop solution for you to get all information.

You need to consider some facts before choosing a perfect cage for your parrotlet and if you are keen to know them, I would suggest you scroll further.

What Is The Ideal Shape Of A Parrotlet Cage?

We understand the reason behind choosing parrotlet as your pet. The innocence in their appearance snatches the attention of the people in no time.

You probably came under this trap, the beautiful trap. Before choosing the parrotlet cage, you must know some facts about parrotlets.

They are not as innocent as they are shown. Your parrotlet can be the louder member of your family and you should be ready for it.

Some experts have said that this parrotlet is an adult parrot with tiny bodies and they are very intelligent as well. If you are petting for companionship in your lonely time, parrotlets are the best options. They can make bonds with their owner quickly.

Now let us talk about the shape of the ideal shape of the cages. You must consider the fact that you are buying the home for your parrotlets and that must be very comfortable, breathable, and spacious.

Cages For Parrotlets - Comfort For

Also, you should remember the fact that birds are free animals and you are petting them now. So it will be your responsibility to give them that comfort and freedom as much as possible. If it comes it comes to shape, you must avoid the round-shaped cages for parrotlets as they can be harmful to your parrotlet.

We will tell you the reasons behind that. The round-shaped cages are very detrimental to birds’ psychology. The round space makes it congested and your parrotlet can not move around freely. Their tails, nails, or beaks might get stuck.

Another reason why you should not buy a round cage for your parrotlet is that they are not user-friendly. You will find it difficult to wash them. Also, the vets do not recommend round-shaped cages for any birds.

If you go to a shop for buying the cages, you should avoid the round-shaped cages. You can not fit any equipment there properly and also this can be very harmful for your bird’s communication.

You can opt for a square or rectangular shape as they are more spacious and give you the freedom to roam around.

What Size Cage Do Parrotlets Need?

As we have mentioned that the tiny your parrotlet looks like, is not so, probably the adult bird with a petite body and you should treat them as the big child though. However, the cage can arouse both mentally, physically, and socially whenever they talk to their owners.

So, when you are going to decide on the size, you must know some facts which we are going to discuss now. We keep on focusing on its mental development but ultimately it is the tiny little bird that can easily escape from the cage if you do not pay attention to its breadth.

Size of Cage for Parrotlets

So it is very important that you should make the breadth properly. We recommend the bar width should lie within ⅝ inch.

After fixing the bar width, you need to focus on the cage’s security. You have already known the fact that your parrotlets are so much intelligent and there is a chance that they can learn the process of unlocking the cage. So, you should pay attention to that.

If you are looking for the perfect cage size for your parrotlet, you can start from 18 inches by 18 inches. These are the minimum measurements, however, you can adjust or make them larger. The larger it is, the cozier will it be.

What Do Parrotlets Need In Their Cage?

Now is the time to set up the cage for your parrotlets and here we will discuss that. Firstly, you should keep the cage hanging so that it can swing.

 Needs In parrotCage

Try to put them in a place where they can get a proper 12 hours of nighttime. You can also cover them up with clothes to make the cage dark from within. 

You must keep the rope for their swinging. They are very playful and cheering in nature so you need to keep them up with different toys, ladders, etc. Just like a baby, you can spoil them with toys to chew

5 Best Cages For Parrotlet?

We have already shared all the essentials you must know about parrotlets and their cages, now is the time for recommendations. We will share some cages recommendations for your parrotlets.

🐦Prevue Park Plaza Bird Cage: This 18/18-inch parrotlet cage is well fitted for your parrotlet as they are formulated with non-toxicate coatings. You can clean the easily and the cage comes at an affordable price. But you might find difficulties with the seed guard as it does not collect all the debris.

🐦Super Deal Pro 61’’ 2-in-1 Bird Cage: This cage is more durable and made of metal. You can get a few rooms with exterior and it also has the perch. But you will need some time to set up all the things.

🐦Zeny Bird Cage 53-Inch Pet Bird Cage: This is one of the best cages for parrotlets as this is more spacious and also durable. However, the instructions given in the guidebook might confuse you so better you fix the cage with an expert.

🐦Prevue Hendryx Wrought Iron Flight Cage: You can opt for this cage for your parrotlet as this is also very spacious. You can also get a bottom shelf storage for the cage but the cage is a little expensive.

🐦Yaheetech 41-inch Parrot Bird Cage: The design of this cage is quite interesting with  4 feeding doors and some side panels. This is a portable cage so the durability is not guaranteed. However, you can use a cage while traveling.

Final Thoughts

So we have reached the end and we would love to share a few words about the cages for parrotlets. In this article, we have tried to cover the best cages for parrotlet from the scratch.

If you are a new parrotlet parrot owner, most of the time you probably think of the perfect cages for your parrotlet. If you have gone through this article properly, you might have knowledge of how to choose the cages for your parrotlets. 

We have also shared some of our recommendations for cages. We hope this particular piece of writing will help you to find out the best cages for your parrotlets.

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