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How To Buy Parrots Online? What To Consider?

Have you ever thought about how to buy parrots online? Can it be shipped? Parrots can be decent birds to pet and you can buy parrots from almost anywhere just like any other purchase, and now you can pet parrots after buying them online.

We have been buying our pets from the local shops or stores as it was the only way to get them. However, some websites can ship your parrot to your doorstep.

Parrots can grab your attention with their multicolor appearance but they are incredibly delicate. So you must be wondering if buying them online is a good idea or not. If you have such doubts, I am here with my expertise. We will share nitty-gritty details on buying parrots online.

Best Online Stores To Buy Parrots

Being the most sensitive bird, it needs more attention and care. When you buy them from a local store, you can easily understand their condition. But in online purchasing, you need to be more careful. If you are thinking of having a pet parrot, you need to surf the internet more to gather knowledge. You can consider this article as an answer to your doubts. Here we will share six websites that are selling parrots online.


This website is MAP (Model Aviculture program)  certified and serving since 2009. They sell different types of parrots like Amazon, African grey, etc and you can buy parrots online from their websites by applying different filters.


You can buy any pet, starting from farm animals to birds from this website. They keep a simple interface with a lot of categories to make it customer-friendly. You can purchase health products from their official website.

  1. Brenda’s Bird

This is one of the oldest websites based in Florida and they are serving with certified aviation staff. You can purchase birds from their website as they are also serving offline 24/7.


Tiffany Latino and her mother started a bird store in 1979 and they are certified, aviation specialists. You can opt for their services but make sure you have chosen the breeds before making their pet.


This website is specially designed for parrots and you can be amazed watching their variety of collections. If you do not like your parrot after buying it online, they will also refund your money. Another best part about this website is that you can have veterinary access through their website.

Can Parrots Be Shipped? Pros & Cons!

Shipping any animal can be a tedious job as they are not habituated to the process. Parrots are sensitive birds and they need more attention. Shipping a bird to other countries can be risky as the climate is not the same everywhere.

Shipping a parrot needs some extra care and preparation. Before shipping them a thorough study of the weather should be done. Some parrots are so sensitive that they cannot bear heat or changes in the weather. If that is the case, the sellers usually refuse to sell the parrot online. 

For those parrots who are capable enough to travel to another region, some travel crates are used. Also, there are a few guidelines for them that need to be taken care of. In some countries, the birds are kept for 21 days in quarantine before departure. With the proper equipment, they can easily be boarded.

Is It Safe For parrots?

Nowadays, parrots are shipped easily from different countries. So if you have doubts about whether it is safe for a bird, then I must tell you, yes, it is safe. However, some other aspects also work when it comes to shipping. Even if the seller arranges proper equipment for boarding, still some other factors need attention. The first and foremost thing is the bird’s health condition. You need to have enough knowledge about the parrot’s characteristics so that you can understand what can be happened during transportation.

In some situations, birds can feel stuck and it can stimulate their brain. Understanding their psychology is extremely important as some experts have shared their opinion about bird shipping. Some situations like long traveling can irritate them and this can make them restless. 

How Much Does It Cost To Ship Live Birds?

If you are buying parrots online, just like any other purchase you need to spend some extra dollars on shipping costs. How much extra you need to spend will be depended on the weight of the birds and also the mail express. However, mostly $35 – $52 is the average cost per box.

There are also some restrictions from the mail express like the adult bird’s weight should not cross 6 pounds and the box should be 70 pounds. The sellers prepared foods like apple shavings for them but water is mostly avoided for a long journey. However, nowadays it has become common to ship a bird to a different country thus relevant services exist to cater to your needs. 

Things You Should Consider Before Buying Parrots Online

Birds are witty and colorful creatures that can give you a subtle feeling. If you are thinking of having a pet, parrots can be a truly good option. Collecting the parrots from the local shop can be easy but they can not show you a variety of birds that the online websites can.

Nowadays, people sell birds and pets online and that is also on a global level. Before shipping them, you need to consider some facts which we are sharing here.

🟢The Size Of The Bird:

When the bird is transported, the size of the bird is important. If the bird is an adult then it should be more than 6 ounces but less than 25 pounds.

🟢The Size Of the cage:

The size of the cage will be dependent on the bird but you need to make sure that it should be well spaced. As the bird needs to stay there for a long so small cage will make him suffocate.


Keeping a pet can be costly sometimes. If you buy parrots online, you will have to spend extra money. It is also true that you need to spend more money maintaining him. So if you are thinking of petting, make sure you are capable to spend on them.


People keep a pet when they are lonely or they love animals. As they are very tender so they need more attention. Your negligence can harm them a lot so make sure you have enough time to nurture them.


Having a pet is not easy as they need to be taken care of just like a baby. They do not understand whether you are busy or not. So make sure you can commit some quality time to them before making buying them online.


To make sure that your pet is safe, you need to take care of it properly. Changing seasons can affect them hence, you need to prepare their shelter or cage accordingly.


You need to make proper space for the pet where they can live comfortably. You need to make sure that the cage or the shelter is spacious enough for them to roam around it. 


Having contact with a veterinarian is important. Your pet can be sick anytime and googling things can make the situation worst. So it is better to have access to a professional veterinarian.

🟢Breeders and Rescues:

You can find a lot of animals or birds around you and you can also make them your pet. Those will be called rescued pets. However, you can purchase pets from different breeds but it is a costly process and have its own pros and cons.

The Bottom Line

Buying parrots online could be a learning adventure for you as there are multiple aspects to consider before you finalize one particular bird. However, there are multiple sides to the picture before you plan to import a delicate creature like a parrot. If you are doing so make sure that all of the regulations are followed and the parrot will be transported using trusted vendors. 

We hope that this article will be a guide for those readers who are planning to buy parrots online. We tried to sum up all the information to ensure that you can make an informed decision. 

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