How To Bond With Your Parrot

How To Bond With Your Parrot?

Most parrot owners look for the answer to ‘how to bond with your parrot?’ After adopting a parrot, this is a significantly common question people look for the answer to. If you are also one of them, this article is for you.

Parrots are social animals too. your parrot can easily make bonds with its owner but you need to understand some aspects of your parrot. When you bring it home, it comes to a new place. This might irritate it and a change of atmosphere can make it nervous. Forcing it to make the bond with you will not help at all. You need to hold your patience. We have studied the behavior of the birds. Our expertise can help you to get rid of this problem.

How Can You Understand If The Parrot Is Bonded With You Or Not?

We understand how it feels when pets do not reciprocate with us. It might hurt your emotions. But they are the animals who are less complicated than humans. All you need the patience to understand their behavior. If you want to learn them, this is the place. Explore further.

How do you get a parrot to trust you?

Parrots are intelligent birds. They are also socialized animals. It is not very difficult to make a bond with them if you know the process. If you have another pet you can understand how it is important to be with them. Do you remember your early school days? You have hardly any friends at the beginning. Now recall how you make some good memories with your friends. It is the quality time you spend on those days. This also works for your parrots as your parrot needs your time. 

You need to observe its behavior. It will help you to understand what will make it calm and comfortable. You can talk to them and it also helps. Remember one thing your pet needs to trust you. To gain trust, you can sit with them and read books. This is how it begins. the next step will be to understand its body language. If you see your bird is spreading its feathers you should stay aware. As this is a clear sign that your friend is angry or irritated.

However, lowering the head is a clear sign of being comfortable. Learning its behavior will help a lot to understand your parrot. If you see it being nervous, do not panic and you should give it some alone time. Sharing is caring, we all know that but when it comes to food, we hardly remember the quote but your parrot might not like that. You can share your food with it. Eating dinner with it will give it an indication that you are no alien. These are the simple way to communicate with them.

How long does it take to bond with a parrot?

We get to hear such questions a lot. Every parrot owner who is a beginner in this petting job, asks this question. We will clear your doubts but before that remember patience is the key. When we were exploring parrots’ behavior, we read a lot of articles on the time span of making bonds with parrots.

A college student who bought a parrot for her house hardly gets time to hang out with it. She could talk to her bird at dinner only. Daily 2-3 hours of hanging out might not help. This student added that she spent the whole weekend with it. While doing homework or watching TV, she keeps it alone. She talked with and shared her food with it. She used a chopstick to take out it from the cage. That 4-month male parrot made the bond with her in some days.

However, she emphasized understanding her behavior. You should understand its anger, comfort, and nervousness. There are no hard and fast rules in the time period of being the friend with it. It requires quality time on your part.

Tips and tricks to forming a bond with your parrot

Here we will share some tips and tricks to make the bond with your parrots.

  • Soft Speech

Talking softly with it can make it calm and comfortable. You should not yell at it even if you are frustrated, It will keep it away from you.

  • Favorite Foods

Offering favorite foods gives an indication that you are its friend. Often you can do so. Understand what your parrot likes and provide accordingly.

  • Treat them with new toys

This time you can make it a bit spoiled. Gift it some toys. Just like a kid, your parrot will be your friend.

  • Socialize with your parrots

As we have already mentioned that parrots love to socialize. You can put other birds with it in the same cage. It is a good way to socialize or you can take it off from the cage and talk to it sometime. This needs to be done very carefully.

  • Grooming Sessions

Grooming sessions can make it learn a lot of things. It will make it confident and comfortable. Probably your parrot will feel much more expressive and communicative with you.

  • Play with your bird

Playing with it also gives it a chance to socialize. You can talk and let it copy you. The process may take time so keep patience.

  • Communicate with them

The best way to communicate is to make eye contact with the. You can speak politely and give it time to respond. The more you will communicate, the more your parrot will be your friend.

Signs that your parrot is bonded with you

You can understand if your parrot is bonded with you. Here are some signs.

  • Flapping Wings

Flapping wings is a clear sign that your parrot needs your attention. your parrot might call you in this way.

  • Hanging Upside down

If you see your pet hanging upside down, do not panic. This is a sign that your parrot is healthy and accustomed to the atmosphere.

  • Express with beak and head movements

Follow its behavior. your parrot can grind with its beak, this is to express its love and comfort. Lowering its head is also a sign that your parrot has become your friend.

  • Wagging tails

If your parrot wags its tail, be happy. Your journey of making a bond is at the end. your parrot will do this before you when your parrot is comfortable and happy.

Final Take

Now let us conclude this article on the topic of how to bond with your parrot. Petting the parrots is not an easy job. You need to take care of it. Starting from providing the right food for it to make it comfortable. You must hold your patience.

However, this is not a hectic job either. All you need to understand is its language. Remember, they can not speak. You need to be extra observant to understand its behavior.

Bonding with your parrot is easy when you know the strategy. The first step you need to do is to spend quality time with it. It will make it more comfortable. Apart from that communication is important.

If you can communicate well, they will become your friend in no time. However, remember some words. Talking loudly or angrily is discomfort. If you are not in good mood, avoid it for some time. You can simply sit beside it and it can uplift your mood too. In the end, it can be said that does not rush or nag to be its friend. Take time and trust the process.

Bond With Your Parrot

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