Get Birds Out Of The Garage

How To Get Birds Out Of The Garage? Simple Hacks!

Birds are beautiful creatures and people love to see them. They build their nest where the interaction of people is less and where they feel comfortable. But what if a bird is stuck in your garage? 

Freeing a pesky bird out of the garage can be a little challenging. When rescuing a bird from any place, its safety is the primary factor. The simplest way to free a bird is by opening windows or doors and letting them out. But the problem is this doesn’t happen quickly because the bird tends to fly in an upward direction instead of going through the entrance. So the person who catches or frees the birds can use some tricks and techniques.

Why Do Birds Tend To Come Inside Your Garage?

Most of the birds are attracted to the garage due to some reason. Firstly the birds think that they can easily pass through the building without getting trapped. While the light penetrates from the window or ventilation the little creature believes that there is an opening to fly through. For example, songbirds and hummingbirds may perceive light from windows or cracks so they enter the garage and fly through the building

Another reason is the food search.  Birds roam around the surrounding area in search of food for themselves and their folks. Maybe the bird saw something similar within the garage. To escape from predators, harsh weather, or cold birds use to find places that look calm and protective for nesting. These reasons are enough for them to make a place in a garage.

Tricks and techniques to keep the bird out of the garage

Finding the bird inside the garage and releasing them into the wild requires some patience and time. Considering birds as living creatures they should be protected and removed humanely without injuring them or yourself. Tricks and techniques to get birds out of the garage are:

  1. Provide an exit

Allow the bird to fly out of the garage by covering all the windows and opening the door making it easy for the bird to fly away quickly. Cover the window with some material so that they don’t find any other escape route but make sure enough light enters the room so the bird feels safe inside. Wait for some time until the bird finds the main entrance to escape.

  1. Food and water

This is one of the easiest ways to attract birds. Offer them something better than what they are searching for so they will leave the garage to have the food. Keep the food out of the garage but under the vision of the bird. Make sure that there are no predators like dogs or cats which harm the birds.

  1. Use objects 

If the birds in your garage are super stubborn, use objects like a long rod to shake the nest and without harming them, place it out of the garage in a safer place. If the bird is frightened by this method, leave for a few minutes and try once again calmly.

  1. Place a fake owl

The owl is considered the predator, so place a duplicate owl to trick the bird and they will make their way to escape from the decoy. After placing the decoy open the door and close the other exits. Set the owl somewhere under the visibility of the bird. Allow some time to spot the decoy, once the bird notices it they soon fly out of the garage.

  1. Catch the bird

The last option is to catch the bird and set them free. Create a dark atmosphere so that the bird finds a relaxing place to take cover and sleep. After almost an hour, slowly enter the garage and find where the bird rested. Trap the bird using a net, basket, or towel and take it outdoors. 

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The Bottom Line

Most garages have plenty of hiding space so the birds feel safe to make their place there. These could make it difficult or impossible to free the bird out of the garage. But if it is necessary to keep the properties of the garage away from the birds, trying out these methods will be helpful. 

techniques to keep the bird out of the garage

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