Bird Poops on You

What Does It Mean When A Bird Poops On You? Is A Good Luck?

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when a bird poops on you?  You may think that your day has been ruined or you easily curse luck angrily and clean it up. But when you come to know some other beliefs related to bird poop, you will be wondereḍ.  Some people believe bird poop is a stroke of good luck. In many cultures, it is considered a blessing and good luck. Isn’t it crazy?

Bird Poops On You: Physical, Emotional & Spiritual Perspective!

When we closely look at ancient beliefs, birds have a remarkable historic background. Many religions are giving much importance to birds. Those who practice Islam, believe that birds are the messengers of Allah, so birds pooping on them is viewed as a blessing and good luck. In Christianity, birds are viewed as heavenly creatures.

On the other hand, Other cultures believe that some birds like crows, ravens, and owls are bad luck and bad omen.  Besides the religious aspects, birds are representatives of freedom, love, and wisdom.

Different meaning of bird pooping on you

When we look at other cultures there are so many faiths and beliefs around us. Each and everything may have a history or some particular reason. We all know that birds are represented as a sign of freedom, from spiritual, physical, and emotional perspectives. 

Physical perspective

We can find the different meanings of bird poop in many ways. We tell by looking at the shape of the droppings, like, if it has an elongated shape, then it indicates that something good is going to happen. Another way is by the consistency and color of the poop. If the drooping is white or yellow and the consistency is unusual, it might be a sign of joy and happiness in life.

Spiritual perspective

Bird poop has been seen as an indicator in many cultures for centuries to give messages to people from god. This belief emerged from the fact that birds are the link between the spiritual realm and the earth. In other words, according to spirituality, bird poop on you can free you from negative energy. Several spiritual messages can be derived from the bird’s pooping, such as 

  • If a bird poops on you will receive more money in the future.
  • It  can be related to your relationship
  • It indicates that you may have a lucky day.
  • Good luck is on the way to your life
  • You are about to receive any spiritual enlightenment soon
  • It is like a hope that things will improve.

Emotional perspective

When a bird deposits dropping on you is like an encouragement of renewal. When a bird poops on your head it is meant to be extremely good luck. When the same bird poops thrice, it is believed to be uncommon and the person is very lucky. People always keep an emotional connection with birds and engage with them. Not spending time with them, but their every matter is valued. 

Other meaning

  • It can be a sign of a carrier of diseases.
  • The bird is trying to ask for something such as food, water, or shelter 
  • They are showing some kind of dominance
  • Taking control of space
  • It got to poop somewhere.

The Bottom Line

Now you know if you are wondering why even bird poop has meaning. Some beliefs are deeply rooted in ancient cultures and they cannot be changed. The meaning of birds pooping is one of them. This superstition is still considered good luck for many. 

Ultimately it is up to you to believe it or not. You can curse, clean it up, blame the bird, or find something positive out of this experience. scientifically speaking, there are no such beliefs that indicate bird poop is good. Bird poop is capable of spreading many diseases which can harm everyone. For a bird owner, bird pooping is just an ordinary thing which is an inevitable part. 

Bird Poops On You Spiritual Perspective

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