Remove Bird Poop From Concrete

How To Remove Bird Poop From Concrete? An Easy Way For You!

People love birds because of their positive vibe through their appearance, chirping, and songs. Birds are the favorite of children and elders because they are considered the most beautiful and varied species. People spend time observing the birds and their activities, but it will not be so pleasant when the bird poops on the surroundings and damages the surface. 

Bird poop is a type of organic stain that contributes to an unsightly stain in the surroundings. Bird poop is not only harmful to human health but also destroys walls, cat painting, roofs, and even concrete surfaces because of the presence of acid in the droppings. It is important to clean the surface to reduce the stain and clear the surface. 

Why Do We Need To Remove The Stain?

Birds do not have a separate excretory system like mammals for urine and feces, both excreted through a single exit, the cloaca. The droppings of the birds are converted into uric acid and guanines.  This uric acid forms into the thick white paste known as urine, with dark brown feces in the middle.

The presence of uric acid in the droppings can disintegrate the materials used to construct the buildings such as concrete, marble, metals, and paints. This not only makes the surface unpleasant in visibility but also causes many problems to the building such as it destroys the architecture of the property. The continuous droppings reduce the strength of the surface. 

The droppings of the birds contain the fungi Histoplasma and Chlamydia bacteria which decrease the immunity of humans if it is inhaled. This also contains bacteria that cause gastrointestinal diseases which lead to diarrhea and vomiting. The risk of having such diseases is high when there is a large number of droppings present on a surface like concrete. Therefore,  we need to remove the dried poop from the surface and clean the stain which can help to minimize the health hazards caused by the bird poop

How To Remove Bird Poop From The Surface Of The Concrete?

If there are small amounts of dropping it will be easy to remove using dish soap, a hose, or a scrub brush. Use a hose to wet the area using a hose, apply the dish wash on the surface, and rub it with a brush. Rinse the stain continuously, the stain will disappear. 

The dishwasher liquid or scrubbing won’t work if there is a moderate amount of poop. Always protect yourself while cleaning the droppings by wearing a mask and gloves. Use a light-duty electric pressure washer to wash off the sticky stain and apply special soap or detergent to the surface, then use a scrub to clear the stain.

If the area is large and too sticky, cover the area with sawdust and wait for at least 10 minutes for the sawdust to absorb the stain. Use a broom to remove the sawdust. Repeat the process several times to get rid of the stubborn stains and for effective results.   

Apply the same method if there are large amounts of droppings, but it won’t be enough. Use a concrete cleaner or Muriatic Acid, which is also known as Hydrochloric acid which helps to clean the surface more easily. Dilute the acid before using. But you should never pour water directly into the acid as it will cause a chemical reaction. There is the usual radio to mix the Muriatic acid with water which is 4:1. 

Apply the solution to the stain after cleaning the top portion of the poop. The stain will peel off after some time from the concrete surface and wash off immediately. It may damage the concrete surface if the acid remains for too long. 

Another method to remove the stain is by mixing a tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide with three drops of ammonia. Spray the solution on the discolored area on the concrete and let it for 30 minutes. After the 30 minutes is up, cover the area with sawdust and sweep it up. 

The Bottom Line

There is both joy and headache when dealing with animals and the bird is one of them.  Bird poop or dropping can cause health issues as well as damage to the surface. The stain on the various surfaces may be difficult to remove if it is more in quantity. If you want a clean and tidy place, you can use these methods to get rid of stains. 

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