Get Bird Poop Off Your Car

How To Get Bird Poop Off Your Car? SAFE TRICKS!

Bird poop on the car is a common sight, but no one likes it when their luxury and passionate vehicle is destroyed by stains. People who are passionate about their car cannot tolerate when the bird’s white droppings fall on the shiny surface of their car. It mostly happens when you park your vehicle under a tree.

Do Bird Droppings Damage Car Paint?

Bird poop is usually sticky and stubborn to remove from the surface. Due to the presence of uric acid in the droppings, it can damage the surface of the car. So it is essential to remove the particles of the droppings and clean the stain as soon as possible. It is difficult when it dries out and sticks entirely on the surface.

People use many methods to clean the droppings but sometimes the stain will remain and can last for a long time which can be the reason for dimming the paint of the car.  There are some tricks to get rid of bird poop on the surface of the car.

Early cleaning

Try to clean the poop as soon as possible. If you wait until the regular wash. The uric acid in the droppings will damage the paint of the car. You can easily clean the wet droppings using a towel. If the poop becomes dried, wet it with water, wait until the water soaks the dried droppings then remove it.

Use cleaning solution

If you find difficulty in cleaning the poop with water and cloth, use a vehicle-safe cleaning solution. Apply the solution to the stain and use a wet cloth to clean the stains. If the stain is also stubborn, leave the cloth for a while on the stain and rub the area gently until the marks of the stain disappear.

Club soda

Club soda is another interesting method to vanish stain marks from the car. The carbonate present in the club soda will break the acidic element in the bird poop. This method is very effective because of the availability and affordability of soda. Pour some soda on the surface of the stain, rest for a while, and then wash off the stain using water and a cloth. Use only club soda, do not use sugared or carbonated soda.

Baking soda

Baking soda is a great cleaning agent which is used to remove different stains. Anyone can easily prepare baking soda solution by taking two tablespoons of mixing baking soda with dish wash soap. Add hot water to the mixture of baking soda and spray on the surface, let it soak for ten minutes, and clean it using normal water


Spraying WD-40 on the affected areas can loosen the bird droppings even if it is very hard. This solution enables quick removal of the stain. The properties present in the spray help to remove the stain quickly.

Professional help

If the stain is too hard to remove and cannot clean it by yourself it’s better to call for professional help. There are a lot of professionals who provide effective services to clean the car and remove any kind of stains. Take the car to any professional outlet and ask them for a car wash. These services are better because they know what to do and what not.

The Bottom Line

Any kind of droppings is pretty much messy to clean. People use different methods to clean the dropping stain from the car, but it is always better to clean it the instant you notice it. Bird poop will come off quickly when it is wet. It is suggested to gently remove the stain because vigorous cleaning will create micro-scratches on the surface of the car.

After all, prevention is better than cure, so one of the best ways to help protect your car from bird stains is by using a tarpaulin sheet when parked or not in use to avoid dropping stains or grime. 

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