Types Of Bird Seeds

5 Best Types Of Bird Seeds – Classes And Their Features!

 Bird seeds are a mixture of seeds, nuts, fruits, and vegetables consumed by wild and domestic birds. Millet, Hulled sunflower seed, safflower seed, striped sunflower seed, cracked corn, and black oil sunflower seeds are considered to be the best bird seeds. The most commonly used ingredients in bird seeds are sunflower, corn, fruits such as raisins and cherries, and peanuts.

The source of these ingredients is mainly from Kansas, north and south Dakota. The black oil sunflower seed is the best bird seed you can afford. The black oil sunflower seed is the most recommended bird seed by bird farmers for feeding their birds. This seed attracts the widest variety of birds and it provides the perfect nutritious meal for the birds. This bird seed comes with a thin shell that is easy to crack and open, so the birds do not have to spend more energy cracking the shell. 

Is It Safe To Give Seeds To Birds?

Many birds are happy to follow a seed diet, but that doesn’t mean it’s good for them. Bird seeds are high in fat and show a deficit in important vitamins and minerals that is essential for a bird. Many types of bird seeds contain artificial colors and unhealthy ingredients. Feeding too many seeds can lead to malnutrition and an increased risk of bird mortality.

Seeds are considered to be a great treat for birds but they must be balanced with other components in a healthy diet. Recent studies recommend feeding pellets instead of seeds to birds. pellets are bird foods that contain all essential nutrients. high-quality bird pellets contain a balanced fat content, vitamins, and minerals to keep your bird healthy. Pellets approximately meet  70 to 80 % of a bird’s healthy diet.

Cheap types of bird seeds contain a large portion of filter seeds,  most birds ignore or toss them aside. seeds that have less filter waste usually attract birds. Seeds are considered to be the best treat you can afford for them. Most birds are fans of the black oil sunflower seed. Black oil sunflower seed is easy to crack and the best all-rounder for bird feeding. Most bird feeders recommend this particular type of mixture for bird feeding.

Almost 50 million black oil seeds are produced in a year and most of them are for feeding birds. This bird seed is high in oil content, which means it provides the necessary nutrients for birds in a single bite. It also has a thin shell which makes it easier to break and eat. Birds do not have to spend more energy opening the seed. Most seed-eating birds will eat any type of sunflower seed, but they are most likely to eat black oil sunflower seed because of its nutritious benefits and thin shell.

5 Bird Seed Types List

Seeds To Birds


  • Millet is a small and round seed that is consumed by both humans and birds.
  • It is the favorite meal of ground-feeding birds.
  • There are two types of millets red and white.
  • Most birds prefer white millet, especially finches. 
  • The White millets are sweet and rich in protein.
  • Millet is a good source of magnesium, phosphorus, protein, and calcium.
  • Millet is the perfect meal for baby birds, it offers a huge amount of calories to complete development.
 Types Of Bird Seeds - Hulled Sunflower Seed

Hulled Sunflower Seed

  • This Bird seed type is a superior fat, fiber, protein, and vitamin source.
  • Hulled sunflower seeds are created from sunflower plants
  • This bird seed type is available in semi crushed state which makes it easy to consume even for small birds.
  • It provides excellent nutrition for all backyard birds.
  • This is the most efficient seed for winter bird feeding.
  • The major disadvantage of hull seeds is that they are a bit expensive compared to other types of bird seeds available on the market.
  • The American goldfinch, morning doves, white-throated sparrow, black-headed grosbeak, and house finches will happily consume hull sunflower seeds.
 Types Of Bird Seeds - Safflower Seed

Safflower Seed

  • The safflower seed has an uneven shape and a bitter taste, which might not be a good treat for most birds.
  • They are popular and highly nutritious, and it is a great option for backyard birds. 
  • They are not applicable for small birds feeding
  • Safflower seeds contain all essential nutrients that are important to the birds.
  •  They have very thin-shell so that birds can easily break and consume them. 
  • They are the favorites of cardinals, some doves, grosbeaks, and native sparrows also consume safflower seed.   
  • Only a minor number of feeders use safflower seeds for feeding purposes.   
  •  Most birds are not familiar with it, according to some studies squirrels and house sparrows don’t like safflower seeds.
  • Safflower is a better option for feeding stations because the birds are always thankful for their meals.
 Types Of Bird Seeds - Striped Sunflower Seed

Striped Sunflower Seed

  • The striped sunflower seed is one of the seeds that are included in the bird’s diet.
  • It is a bird food that increases the energy level in birds.
  • This seed contains fat and oil which can easily metabolize in birds and keeps them healthy.
  •  Sunflower seed is safe and healthy for your birds so it is part of their daily diet.
  • It contains protein, carbs, fiber, and vitamin E. 
  • Striped sunflower seed is by far the most recommended seed by bird feeders.
 Types Of Bird Seeds - Cracked Corn

Cracked Corn

  • Cracked corn is the best food supplement for backyard birds.
  • It contains zero oil percentage and it is rich in both protein and fiber.
  • It is also used as a filler in birdseed mixtures.
  • Corns are mainly consumed by quails, grosbeaks, ravens, cranes, and other species.
  • A cracked con contains 9.5 % protein.
  • Cracked corn is mainly attracted by backyard birds.
  • Cracked corns are easily available and affordable.        

Verdict on 5 Best Types Of Bird Seeds

 In this article, we discussed the best bird seeds and the best 5 bird seed types. Bird seeds are supplement foods consumed by wild and domestic birds. the most commonly used ingredients in types of bird seeds are sunflower, corn, and peanuts. millet, hulled sunflower, safflower, striped sunflower, cracked corn, and black oil sunflower seeds are the best food supplements available in the market for birds.

Among these 5 best seed types, the black oil sunflower is the best all-rounder. Bird Seeds attract both wild and domestic birds. Black oil sunflower has a high-calorie level and it contributes the essential nutrients to keep a bird healthy. Black oil sunflower is the most recommended supplement by experienced bird feeders.

Feeding seeds to birds has benefits but it doesn’t mean that is good. Most seed types contain artificial colors and unhealthy ingredients. consuming too much of them can lead birds to malnutrition, and can also increase the mortality rate of birds. Research says that consuming pellets is more effective and safe than feeding different bird seed types. Pellets also consume approximately 70 – 80 % of a healthy diet plan. It is very necessary to follow a balanced diet to keep the bird healthy.

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