Best Parrot Cages In 2022

6 Best Parrot Cages In 2022: Customer Rated!

You have brought a new member into your home, and this one is so sweet, endearing, and cute that you wish to bestow all the world’s comforts upon it. You are willing to make its new abode as cozy and beautiful, as the little creature is, right? 

Best Parrot Cages Comfortable For Your Pets!

Are you searching for the best parrot cage on the market right now? If “yes,” then you have been led to the ideal location for finding a quality parrot cage. We are here to help you save time and spare you the burden of reading a tonne of reviews.

Best Parrot Cages

It is a rather regular occurrence to be uncertain about which parrot cage to purchase. Due to the wide variety of parrot cages available on the market, this difficulty exists. We have put up a thorough guide on how to choose the best parrot cages on the market to get you out of your dilemma.

What Should Be The Right Size For My Parrot Cage?

The right size depends on various factors, and to find that out, one needs to understand the components of a bird’s cage so that verifying the dimensions becomes easier. 

These are the components of a parrot cage:

  • Cage locks– are a crucial component for securing the cage.
  • Perch: a horizontal rod or branch that a bird uses for seating or resting.
  • Removable feeding tray: this makes it easy for owners to clean up the bird’s mess. 
  • Seed guard: keeps seeds inside the cage so they don’t spill out.
  • Access door: gives cage entry access
  • Storage: this is the area under the cage where you may keep the accessories and the bird’s food. 
  • Play top stand: the area at the top of the cage that gives birds extra space to play.
  • Wheels: make moving heavy cages much easier for you.

There are also different kinds of cages available, and to decide which one is best for your bird, let’s understand the types first:

Types Of Parrot Cages

🔹A flight cage or aviary

Many birds can fit into this flight cage, which has ample room for them to expand their wings and soar. Plants and shrubs are frequently seen in aviaries, giving them a natural appearance.

🔹Traditional birdcage

This type of cage is what you typically see; it is rectangular and varies in height and width.

🔹A cage with a dome top

Although it has a traditional cage-like appearance, the curve top gives it a distinctive aspect. Some styles, which are frequently referred to as Victorian bird cages, include doors on the top.

🔹A toy-sized birdcage

A play-top cage, as the name implies, includes a play area on top where you may install perches, toy hangers, and food. This cage design is appropriate for active birds because they require space to explore and something to focus their energy on.

🔹Travel Cage 

The purpose of this compact, portable birdcage is to move birds from one location to another.

🔹Corner Cage

They are enormous cages for housing huge birds, many of which are rather numerous. It’s a special cage that may be tucked into a room’s corner.

🔹Breeding or double bird cages

This huge cage has a partition that can be used to keep birds of the same gender apart so they don’t hurt one another. The size of the bird will now depend on its breed, and parrots are a fascinating and diverse group of parrots

Here is a list of some of the most famous parrots to keep as pets, along with the minimum cage sizes we advise:

🦜 Cockatiel –  A Cockatiel may require a cage of  length and breadth of 20 inches and height of around 24 inches

🦜 Lovebirds – These small-sized birds will require a cage with a length, breadth, and height of 24 inches

🦜 Conures – These birds require a cage with dimensions 24″ x 24″ x 24″

🦜 Parakeets – These birds require a cage of dimensions 24″ x 24″ x 36″

🦜 Small cockatoo – These birds require a cage of dimensions 36″ x 24″ x 48″

🦜 African grey – They need a comparatively larger cage with dimensions of 36″ x 24″ x 48″

🦜 Large cockatoo – As the name suggests, try finding a cage that comes as a comfy fit for the bird, with the exact dimensions of around 40″ x 30″ x 48″

🦜 Large Macaw – Again, as the name suggests, Large Macaw try finding a cage that comes quite huge in size with the exact dimensions of around 48″ x 36″ x 60″

We believe now you have got the essential idea of a parrot cage and what to keep in mind before buying it.

So now, let’s move on towards finding the top 6 picks that will be the most comfortable for your pet:

  1. Homey Pet Parrot Cage
Homey Pet Parrot Cage
  • For your larger parrot, the Homey Pet cage is the ideal size. 
  • Specifics: This cage is beautiful, anti-rust, and features a bottom tray that can be removed for simple cleanup. It comes with a robust base with wheels for convenient mobility and 3 feeding trays, each of which has its own door for convenience. 
  • The play top on it can be closed or kept open so that your parrot can enter and exit as he pleases. It has a big entrance in the front and plenty of room for a big parrot.
  • It is on wheels for portability.
  • rust-proof, metal-made cage.
  • Each has three feeding trays, each with a door.
  • play top, with open-and-close functionality.
  • Dimensions: 18-inch x 18-inch x 51-inch

2. Yaheetech Play Top Cage

Yaheetech Play Top Cage
  • Specifics: With water- and rust-resistant structure and two hardwood perches, the Yaheetech cage is ideal for medium-sized parrots. 
  • It has a play top, three lockable feeding doors, and stainless steel food bowls. Waterproof paint has been applied to the slide-out bottom tray, making it simple to clean. 
  • A grate protects the bottom, preventing the birds from stepping in their own excrement. 
  • 3 stainless steel bowls and lockable feeding doors are included.
  • The bottom drawer slides out and is protected by a grate and waterproof material.
  • Rust-resistant material
  • Dimensions- 18.31 x 18.31 x 53.54 inches

3. Prevue Pet Products Travel Bird Cage

Prevue Pet Products Travel Bird Cage
  • The Conure or Parrotlet would be ideal for the Prevue Pet Products bird cage, which is made for tiny birds. 
  • Accommodation: With two large front doors and six smaller side doors, it can accommodate several tiny or medium-sized birds comfortably. 
  • Specifics: There are three wooden perches, four double feeding trays, and a removable bottom tray for simple cleanup. The complete fence is made of wrought iron, is on wheels for easy movement, and has a bottom shelf that may be used to store additional items.
  • robust and large-sized cage
  • 6 smaller side doors and 2 massive front entrances.
  • For simple cleanup, the bottom tray slides out.
  • Three wooden perches and four double feeding trays.
  • The cage’s wheels for mobility
  • A lower shelf for more storage.
  • Dimensions: 22.86 x 14.29 x 15.56 cm

4. Flyline Parrot Aviary

Flyline Parrot Aviary
  • The Flyline Parrot Aviary is a great choice whether you want an outside aviary to keep your parrot in during the day when the weather is warm or you want to set up an inside aviary to offer your feathered friend a little more space to wander.
  • Frame, outer body: The frame is built to last because of its zinc-and lead-free powder coating finish. It has two substantial hardwood perches as well as vertical and horizontal bars. The Flyline Parrot Aviary makes it simple for you to put your bird in and take it out because of the huge access door and top opening.
  • The aviary’s ability to tuck neatly into corners is another fantastic design element; ideal if you don’t have much room to work with.
  • Dimensions- 37.5 x 63.5 x 37.5 inches

5. ZENY Bird Cage

ZENY Bird Cage
  • Specifics: For smaller parrots, the Zeny Bird Cage is a good cage option. It features 2 long, wooden perches and is made of wrought iron with thinner bars, which is another reason why smaller birds should use it. 
  • The framework: It contains 4 food bowls with 4 feeding doors and a bottom drawer that can be pushed out for simple cleaning. The cage includes a pedestal with an additional shelf for storage and swiveling wheels so you can transport it about the house with ease.
  • made of wrought iron.
  • Lower drawer for simple cleanup.
  • With an additional shelf for storage and swivel wheels for mobility,
  • Each has 4 feeding trays, each with a door.
  • Plenty of room for a little parrot
  • Dimensions: 25″ X 17″ X 53″

6. Vision II Model M02 Bird Cage

Vision II Model M02 Bird Cage
  • Specifics: The best parrot cage for the money is the Vision II Model M02. This cage is an affordable option that would be ideal for little parrots like the Conure and Parrotlet. 
  • Accommodation: There are four perches available for your parrot, each with a unique grip that will help with circulation and prevent foot issues. 
  • Framework: To keep all food and trash inside the cage, there are 2 double feeding trays and 2 waste guards. This makes cleanup simple and convenient, together with a deep base and the cage’s ease of removal from the base. The food trays on the Vision II can also be accessed from the outside thanks to panels.
  • 4 perches were created to avoid foot issues.
  • Access to two double feeding trays is possible from outside the cage.
  • Cleaning is simple due to the deep base and trash shields.
  • Dimensions: 24 x 15 x 34.5 inches

Final Thoughts

There are many different types of bird cages available, but you will have to make the choice wisely so that there’s no inconvenience later. Therefore, regardless of the style of bird cage you select, you must make sure it is clear of dangers like paint that has peeled off or anything sharp that hangs down or could hurt your pet.

For a parakeet as opposed to a parrot, it’s critical to choose the proper cage. We hope that we have covered everything you need to know here for you to make the best decision possible. Also, make sure your cage is clean and well-maintained to keep your bird from getting sick.

So, decide and go with the most comfortable and best parrot cage pick for you. All the best with your choice!

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