Best Cockatoo Bird Cages

5 Best Cockatoo Bird Cages – Choose The Best One For 2023!

Cockatoos are the parrot family’s most well-known and loved members with their perky chests and natural curiosity. Cockatoos are lively and affectionate birds that become the best friend of the owner. They are highly intelligent and attractive with their affectionate and cuddly behavior. Being one of the largest pet parrots, it is the most important factor to select the best cockatoo bird cages. 

What To Look For Before Choosing A Cage For Cockatoo?

While selecting and purchasing a bird cage, understanding the bird and its habitat is mandatory. In the case of cockatoo birds, as it is the most interactive bird, with its caretaker they should be provided with a comfortable space to live. The space where the cage is placed also should be considered. Placing the cage in a warm spot with lots of natural light that is away from drafts and the high-traffic area will be more convenient. 

How big should be a cage for a cockatoo?

When bringing a pet into your house it is important to consider its living environment. Not all Cockatoos are the same, they come in various sizes but they need more space to move around freely when compared to other species of parrots. Cockatoo cages should be spacious which allows them to have comfortable surroundings. 

There are varieties of species of cockatoos which includes small-sized parrots that can live in small cages. Similarly, medium-sized cockatoos need a medium to large-sized cockatoo cages. Some cockatoo species are large which is known as Gaint cockatoos and need a big cage to make free movement possible. The minimum size of a cockatoo cage must be 27’’*27’’*30’’ (70*70*70cm).

Bird cages for cockatoos should be selected according to the size of the bird. For small-sized cockatoos 12 and 14 inches tall age is needed. The smallest cage should be 2 feet deep, 3 feet wide and about 5 feet tall. 

In the case of medium-sized birds the size of the cage needs to be at least 30 inches deep, 4 feet wide, and 6 feet tall. Some birds which have wings that span well over 2 feet need extremely larger cages with a minimum of 3 feet deep, 4 feet wide, and 6 feet tall.

If you can afford a larger bird cage for Cockatoo, it will be a better option. For cockatoos, no cage is too larger. Birds love to move in the specious area so providing them with a big cage will make the bird more active. 

While buying a cage for a cockatoo there are certain things to keep in mind such as;

Bar spacingWhile selecting a cage for the bird, bar spacing should not be increased. If there is too much space the bird may accidentally push their head through the bars and the risk of injury is high. The bar spacing should be at least 1 inch between each bar to ensure more protection.
Slide-out trayIf the cage consists of a slide-out tray it will be easy to clean the tray simply by pulling the tray. 
Locking mechanismIt is important to provide the cage with a proper locking mechanism and make sure that the lock isn’t easy for the bird to pick.
Seed guardsWithout a seed guard, you will need something around the cage to feed the birds. If the cage has a perfect seed guard it will be easier to clean and feed them.

Should Cockatoos be covered at night?

Covering the cockatoo cages at night can prevent cool drafts from entering the cage. the benefits of covering the cage at night provide regular privacy to the birds which are not usually possible during the day. Covering the cage at night allows the bird to sleep better especially if the cage is palace outside the house.

If the cockatoo’s cage is covered, the bird will not be startled by other pets or animals in the middle of the night. Just like a blanket provides a sense of security and safety to us, the covered cage does the same with the birds. Cockatoo needs darkness for sleeping because they use melatonin as part of their circadian rhythm. Melatonin helps to regulate the body clock of the bird and control how they feel during the daytime. Melatonin production may affect when it gets too bright which results in poor sleep. This can leads to the development of stress and anxiety in the birds.

Cockatoos may cruse bird cages if it was not provided with the required facilities. If the cage is covered at night we can control the temperature level of the cage.  

Top 5 bird cages for cockatoos

There is a top cockatoo bird cage for sale which will be more comfortable for the birds to live in. you can choose changes which are listed below.

Bird Cages For Cockatoo
  1. Best pet 53-inch wrought iron large flight kingbird cage

This cage is made up of thick wrought iron that could make the cage more durable and solid. The cage is designed with nontoxic hammer-pattern paint providing the bird with a healthier living environment. This type of cage possesses a multifunctional design including a flat top design which gives the bird free space to hang the bird toys or put plants to decorate the cage. There are so many compartments in the cage to accommodate small birds flying, exercising, or playing simultaneously. 4 strong swivel casters have mobility and stability, and easy glide non-marking casters allow the birds simple movement to and from the room. The cage ensures the safety of the birds with a unique latch design. The perch is designed to fit the size of a bird’s feet allowing them to stand and play freely. The cage is easy to clean with a slide-out tray and the bottom grille prevents the birds from stepping into the food. 

Super deal pro 68’’ 2in1 large bird cage with rolling stand
  1. Super deal pro 68’’ 2in1 large bird cage with rolling stand

The cage was constructed with wrought iron which makes it sturdy and durable and was powder coated with non-toxic and lead-free paint. The cage consists of a layered structure for the most climb, perches, ladders, and feeder bowls. There are 5 stainless steel bowls and 2 perch- 1 interior long wooden perch for resting, and 4 industrial casters. The bottom removable sand tray and grille are provided for easy cleaning. The heavy-duty lockable door keeps the bird secure.

Topeakmart extra large parrot bird cage
  1. Topeakmart extra large parrot bird cage

The cage is sized  61*56*113cm/ 24*22*44.5’’ (W*D*H). The material of the cage is steel, stainless steel feeder, PP caster, and wooden perch. The overall dimension of the cage is 81.5*77*160 cm / 32*30.3*63’’ (W*D*H). The ultrastrong construction of the cage is crafted out of premium metal covered with hammer-tone paint. 

Prevue pet products wrought iron selected bird cage 3154c
  1. Prevue pet products wrought iron selected bird cage 3154c

The wrought iron cage offers quality craftsmanship at an affordable price. The cage includes 4 stainless steel cups, 2 wood perches, cage stands, a play top, and rounded seed guards. Which is 36-inch long, 24-inch wide, and 66-inch high with 3/4-inch wire spacing. The heavy-duty push-button door lock keeps the bird secure. The cage was finished with non-toxic powder-coated paint. 

Yaheetech 63’’ bird cage with stand wrought iron rolling open play top
  1. Yaheetech 63’’ bird cage with stand wrought iron rolling open play top

This birdcage made up of solid metal comes with a decent bar spacing of 1’’ and an ample size cage of 24’’L*22’’W*44.5’’H. The cage was constructed with solid wrought iron finished with water-and-oxidant-resistant paint. This substantial rolling birdcage promises long-term service with high strength and good quality. The slide-out metal tray and the four-sided seed guard make daily cleaning easy. The cage possesses 3 feeders and 2 dower perches to meet the basic needs of large birds. The highlight of the cage is that it possesses ball-shaped rolling casters which helps to move the cage in all direction with effort. 

The Bottom Line

Cockatoos have a high need for attention, interaction, and affection. So if you are affording a cockatoo as a pet it will be a good idea, can have time to play with it and it shows more affection towards its caretaker. It is important to provide the bird with proper care and maintenance.

Feeding them with proper diet and allowing them shelter is mandatory to keep them safe and increase their life span. Selecting the correct cockatoo bird cages is sometimes challenging. Keep in mind that cockatoos are one of the largest species of the parrot family and they will need a spacious environment to live in. 

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