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5 Best Bird Cage Covers In 2022 – (Reviewed) Buying Guide!

Covers for bird cages are essential for the health of pet birds but are often overlooked. They help foster the kind of sleep necessary for a bird’s well-being. However, bird cage covers can help regulate sleep and provide a sense of security, help limit messes, and shield birds from drafty environments. 

Although bird cage coverings are not required equipment, some owners have found that by creating routines that work for their birds and themselves, they can reduce or eliminate a wide range of undesirable behavior. 

Most pet owners buy bedtime bird cage covers to help their feathered friends relax and drift off. Many companion birds, depending on breed, may need up to twelve hours of sleep per day. Most individuals don’t need this much sleep, so it’s up to pet owners to make their homes comfortable for napping despite the presence of the usual distractions (such as lights and noises) that come with having a pet. 

How Good Are The Best Bird Cage Covers Given Here?

Putting a cover over a bird’s cage encourages lengthier snoozes and gives owners more control over when their pets get to rest. It’s not uncommon for pet birds to wake their owners before they’re ready to start the day because of their raucousness. Birds can be cued to go to sleep by the use of cage covers. 

Bird owners can use bird cage covers to design a rest time that works for their schedules without disrupting their feathered friends. Adequate sleep results in less agitation and, consequently, less squawking and aggression, which makes for happier and healthier birds and owners.

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5 comfortable bird cage covers:

Because of their sensitivity to light, birds benefit significantly from having their cages covered during the times of the year when less darkness is present. The use of covers for caged birds is not cruel.

Bird owners can use bird cage covers to assist in lengthening their birds’ sleep period like parents use white noise machines for babies and small children or throw blankets over windows to darken their rooms. 

Best Bird Cage Covers In 2022

1. Explore Land Pet Cage Cover with Removable Top Panel – Good Night Cover for Bird Critter Cat Cage to Small Animal Privacy & Comfort:

  • Having the top and sides be two distinct pieces allows you to modify the size to fit your specific birdcage, cat playpen, or small animal enclosure. 
  • High-Quality Construction Water-repellent polyester construction. The cover creates an intimate space, shielding your pet from the outside world and helping them sleep better by decreasing their exposure to bright light.
  • Breathability – A detachable top panel design allows for more ventilation and some protection from the sun, making for a more relaxing experience.
  • Adjust the front panel’s visibility and ventilation with a magnetic swivel and hooks that firmly grasp the wires underneath the cover.
  • A breeze to set up, as the included directions make clear how to do so. Explore Land offers a 1-year guarantee on their products. There is only the cover; no cage is included.
Best Bird Cage Cover PONY DANCE Pets Product Universal Birdcage Cover

2. PONY DANCE Pets Product Universal Birdcage Cover Blackout & Breathable Material:

  • Standard size: the PONY DANCE bird cage cover is 35″L x 25″W x 47″H, so it can fit most standard bird cages.
  • The front cover may be raised and lowered to accommodate your pet’s comfort. Reduce or increase the amount of light entering the bird cage as desired. The top’s two handles facilitate setup and takedown.
  • Breathable, durable, and non-Toxicol unique triple woven blackout fabric is used in PONY DANCE birdcage overs. Over 90% of sunlight and UV rays are effectively blocked. Help eliminate disruptions and facilitate restful slumber.
  • The seams on the birdcage cover are finished cleanly, so they look professional. Anti-wrinkle and thread-loss safeguards
  • Washing instruction: fade-resistant, machine washable, the gentle cycle low, tumble dry
Best Bird Cage Cover DUSTYPROTE Bird Cage Cover

3. DUSTYPROTE Bird Cage Cover-48 in, Universal Birdcage Covers Black, Long (37x25x48in), Long-Lasting, Washable, Dust-Proof Blackout with One Bird Cage Cover and Seed Catcher:

  • The bird cage cover is 37 inches (94 centimeters) in length, 25 inches (64 centimeters) in width, and 48 inches (122 centimeters) in height, making it ideal for larger bird cages. And You Get One Seed-Catcher-Cover with a Bird Cage
  • An excellent present for avian companions, this bird cage cover features attractive, nicely seamed edges. More than 90% of sunlight and UV rays are stopped by it.
  • This bird cage cover is composed of Oxford cloth, which is more robust, windproof, and effective than other options.
  • Velcro and Zipper Design: Shrink-rolling curtains and door curtains may be fixedly opened by paste to interact with birds, and they can be closed to keep the birds safe when heavy rain or heavy rain arrives. Simple in operation.
  • Dedicated service: We’re here to ensure you’re happy with the goods you receive from us. Please contact us if you have any problems or questions while utilizing it.
Best Bird Cage Cover Perfitel Bird Cage Cover

4. Perfitel Bird Cage Cover (Black) Blackout Birdcage Cover with Good Night Message Long-Lasting, Breathable, Machine-Washable Material… (18.1Lx14.1Wx36H):

  • Dimensions: The Perfitel bird cage cover has measurements of 18.1″L x 14.1″W x 36″H. Thus, it can fit those sizes of cages.
  • The Perfitel birdcage cover is made from a high-quality nylon twill shading fabric that is both lightweight and strong without being hazardous to the birds. More than 90% of sunlight and UV rays are stopped by it. The cover for the birdcage has gorgeous, tidy seams along its edges.
  • Unlike any other birdcage on the market, this one has a front cover that can be easily adjusted up and down and a back cover that can be attached securely with Velcro, providing precise control over the amount of light entering the cage and a peaceful night’s sleep for the resident.
  • Care Instructions: Tumble dry low, machine wash cold, and do not bleach
  • Dedicated service: We’re here to ensure you’re happy with the goods you receive from us. Please contact us if you have any problems or questions while utilizing it.
Best Bird Cage Cover Bonaweite Birdcage Cover

5. Bonaweite Birdcage Cover Parrot Cage Cover Shade Pet Universal Blackout Distraction-Free Sleep in Quiet Conditions Nighttime Props Sackcloth That Isn’t Confined

  • 18.5×14.1×35.4in is the size of a standard birdcage cover. Cage dimensions of up to 18.5x14x35 are supported. The cover’s manageable dimensions make it suitable for any standard-size birdcage. The cage for the bird is not part of the deal.
  • It is built to last using a non-toxic, breathable polyester material that won’t harm the environment. Is machine-washable.
  • This bird cage cover blocks most sunshine and UV rays while letting some light through so the cage isn’t completely dark at night. You are facilitating less disruption and more restful slumber for your feathered friends.
  • The one-of-a-kind zippered enclosures facilitate quick and simple setup and takedown. The top of the birdcage may be quickly and easily adjusted up and down to accommodate the bird’s needs and your daily requirements.
  • The birdcage cover is expertly seamed around its perimeter to ensure a professional appearance and ease of use. Instead of removing the body, you may use the flap that falls over the cage door.

Are cage covers good for birds?

Many parrot owners worry that covering their pet’s cage will disturb the bird. Therefore, they avoid doing so. A cage cover, on the other hand, is always beneficial to the parrot’s health and pleasure. Happiness is contagious, so if your parrot is content, so are you. The cage cover serves its purpose and is a bonus.

  • If your pet parrot prefers a pitch-black sleeping environment, this will help maintain the cage.

It is recommended that your pet parrot get at least 12 hours of sleep per night. If your parrot is light-sensitive and prefers an entirely dark environment, it may have problems staying asleep for an entire day, especially during the months when the days are longer than the nights. 

Therefore, cage tops become an absolute need. Covering the parrot’s cage at night allows you to control how much light enters the cage, ensuring that the bird gets a good night’s rest

Over time, your parrot will learn that the covers on its cage indicate sleep time, and with some training, you can ensure that once the bodies are in place, your bird will stay quiet.

  • The ability to serve as a deterrent in the form of noise

Both you and your parrot will benefit from the reduced noise level created by a cage cover. The cage cover will help muffle sounds from your parrot’s cage and shield it from outside noises so you can get some shut-eye when needed.

  • Preserves a comfortable temperature within the cage during the winter

Covering a cage can help keep the air warmer and more comfortable throughout winter.

  • Controls how much light gets into the enclosure.

You must provide your parrot with daily exposure to sunlight during the day. The amount of sun that enters the cage can thus be modified with the aid of the parrot cage covers.

  • Assists in containing bird dander and keeping it in the enclosure:

Cage covers are also helpful for preventing the spread of parrot dust outside of the bird’s cage. It can also help shield the bird from harmful elements in the air, such as dust and pollen. 

A bird cage cover’s primary function is to create a calm, dark space for your pet bird to rest in when you’re not around. If your bird doesn’t get enough shut-eye, its health and behavior could suffer.

What kind of material is best for bird cage cover? Why?

Bird cages can be made from a wide variety of materials. Therefore, it is suggested that you consider popular birdcage materials when shopping to select the proper one that can offer better comfort and safety for your birds and is affordable. 

All components have been thoroughly tested and are completely secure for avian occupancy. However, it is essential to remember that each material has unique features that may affect how they are used and the prices at which bird cages may be purchased.

Materials typically used to construct bird cages:

🟢Stainless Steel:

Due to its strength, stainless steel is primarily used, making for a long-lasting bird cage. In addition to being rust and corrosion-proof, stainless steel bird cages also have a long lifespan. 

Birds will be more at ease in a stainless-steel cage because the surfaces are so smooth. Cages made of stainless steel do not have coatings that can harm the birds’ health.


Wooden bird cages come in a variety of styles and sizes. Strong hardwood components resistant to environmental changes and rotting are used to construct wooden bird cages. 

Moreover, wood is particularly secure because birds utilize it to construct their cages in nature, making it an eco-friendly choice. Using a wooden birdcage, you can add a rustic touch to your home’s decor.


Additionally, acrylic is strong, lightweight, and non-toxic, making it an ideal material for building bird cages. Contrary to popular belief, the acrylic used in bird cage construction is free of chemicals and finishes that could be hazardous to birds’ health

On the other hand, acrylic bird cages are highly flexible due to their adaptability to indoor and outdoor settings.


Are you looking for a more suitable shelter for your pets? The market also offers a variety of brass bird cages in several different styles. Due to its durability and adaptability, brass is widely favored. 

Brass cages for birds tend to last for a very long time. In addition, brass can be easily shaped and sized, making it an excellent material for fabricating cages for birds of many shapes and sizes.


It’s common practice for businesses specializing in making bird cages to employ bamboo. Bamboo is a better and more affordable alternative to traditional bird cage materials than it is to harm the environment. 

It’s a one-of-a-kind material that will give your birdcage a striking appearance. If you want to keep birds in your living room, a bamboo bird cage is an excellent choice because it will go with various furniture and other decor options.


Bird cages made of glass are beautiful and durable enough to last a lifetime if they are used following all applicable safety standards. Bird cages include thick, durable glass due to their intended purpose as a home for birds. 

Consider getting a glass enclosure to maximize your bird’s view and light exposure. In addition, glass bird cages can provide a touch of sophistication to any room.

🟢Wrought Iron:

This is another typical material for avian enclosures. Wrought iron is famous for various applications due to its durability and malleability. Indeed, wrought iron is used to make cages for birds of all shapes and sizes. 

Wrought-iron bird cages can withstand the elements for years without deteriorating in appearance due to rust or corrosion.

Choosing Common Bird Cage Materials:

It can be difficult to select the ideal bird cage materials if you are unfamiliar with their characteristics. Considerations such as your birds, available space, budget, and personal preferences will help you choose the ideal materials for your bird cage.

All the materials mentioned above are highly recommended for bird enclosures. However, some birds may feel uneasy in bird cages made from specific materials, possibly due to their behavior and other considerations. 

In addition, the interior design of your home may serve as inspiration when deciding on common bird cage materials, allowing you to acquire a bird cage that is a suitable fit for the theme and atmosphere of your home. 

If you’re looking for a bird cage supplier in Singapore, go no further than Bird Cage Singapore. Get in touch with us immediately if you need help sourcing cheap and high-quality materials for your birdcage.

The material you chose for a birdcage cover is a significant investment, so while it’s tempting to base your decision solely on aesthetics (such as whether or not it goes with your existing decor), there are a few more criteria to keep in mind. 

It may seem safe to use nearly any material for a bird’s cage, but birds can become caught in coarse weaves that unravel when they touch the cage or pick at the surface. A more robust and tightly woven fabric may be preferable here. Another thing to consider is how the material holds up over time and how well it washes and dries. 

Covers can last longer and be less susceptible to decomposition and wear if care instructions for detergent, bleach, and dryer use are followed (as well as the unraveling noted above). Custom-made bird cage coverings are possible, but it’s essential to follow these rules when deciding on the materials to use.

When you buy a bird cage cover from the link given here, you can rest assured that your pet won’t suffocate because it was created using non-toxic materials specifically designed to allow for adequate ventilation. Covering a bird’s cage can protect it from the elements and reduce the maintenance required to keep it healthy.

The Bottom Line – Best Bird Cage Covers In 2022!

If a birdcage cover appears to be distressing the bird, it should not be used. The mental health of a bird can be badly impacted if its owner uses a cage cover outside of typical sleeping hours, or uses it frequently as a form of punishment. 

Covers for bird cages shouldn’t be considered punishment or stress for the birds. Bird owners should think about methods of calming their birds if the birds become abnormally aggressive or frightened when bird cage covers are placed over their cages. They might try giving their birds additional opportunities for play and interaction with the outside world during the day.

Furthermore, while it is natural for birds to peck at new bird cage covers, this behavior may indicate that they have been covered for too long once the routine has been established. Birds used to have a lid on their cage could have difficulty adjusting if they suddenly don’t have one. 

Owners who routinely use bird cage coverings should carry them on trips with their feathered friends. Before buying birds, owners should determine if the cage covers were previously used. 

As a result, they will be less likely to experience stress as they settle into their new residences. Covering birds for brief times at first may be necessary if the birds are not used to it before wrapping them for more extended amounts of time.

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