Bathe A Cockatiel

How To Bathe A Cockatiel?

Dear cockatiel pet guides, if you are wondering how to bathe a cockatiel every now and then, you are at the right place. Petting a cockatiel is not an easy task as it shows. You need to take care of it with proper food and grooming sessions. 

The grooming sessions are important for a cockatiel and that helps them to live healthily. Being their parent, it should be your responsibility to go through them with proper grooming and cleaning sessions. Here comes the biggest question, how?

Ways To Shower A Cockatiel!

We all know that birds are more delicate and they do not need to bathe daily unlike humans. If that is the matter then how frequently should they bathe? Some questions arise here which we will discuss in this article.

This article will be fun as we will discuss the bathing rituals of your favorite one. Our team has studied and gathered information in this regard. We would love to share them with you so hold tight and enjoy the reading.

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Can we bathe a cockatiel?

Bathing is important for any living being whether it is your favorite cockatiel or a wild beast in the jungle. If you pay attention to those beasts, even they keep their bathing routine on. So, you must bathe your cockatiel every now and then.

However, it is important that you must understand your bird before giving them a good shower. There are some cockatiels who do not like to bathe at all so you can bathe them every alternate week. On the other hand, some cockatiel just can not stay without a bath so they can take a dip into the bowl full of water every day.

Healthy bathing rituals can make your birdy friend fresh and sound. A sprinkle of water on them can make their feathers clean and tidy. It also helps to remove dry skin and makes their skin shinier.

If you want to know which is the best way to keep them calm and how often you should bathe them, you must scroll to the next section.

Do cockatiels like bathing?

Cockatiel loves to take baths and you might be dumbstruck if we tell you that they love to puddle in mud. Sounds pretty absurd right? But this is the fact you must know. Birds used to live in Jungles before the petting practices started.

So, they are conditioned with natural bathing, and to soothe their skin, they put mud on their skin to reduce the inflammatory effects. Apart from that, mud can kill all those parasites from their body so that they do not have to scratch them often.

Not only mud, but the dust bath is also helpful for them, especially the babies who take them for their feathers. The dust reduces extra oil and moisturizer from their feathers and keeps them flexible.

Cockatiels as wild creatures used to bathe with mud and dust often and that made them healthy. The water bath comes after them as it is also mandatory after the mud bathing. water can cool the body and clean all the dust from their body.

The dust and water bath are quite similar when it comes to importance but being a bird owner, you must schedule the shower routine often. If you are thinking about how often the shower should be needed, the answer is in the next section.

How often do you bathe a cockatiel?

This is a tricky question that has no universal answer and do you know why? Because all birds are not equal and their body works in a certain way so if your cockatiel smells bad, you need to take care of it often with cooling water.

How often you must bathe them depends on various aspects like the weather, the room temperature, and your bird friend’s moods. In the summer season, you can bathe them daily with normal water whereas, in winter, 2-3 times are enough. It also depends on where the bird is petting.

How to bathe a cockatiel?

I hope you have already gathered the idea of how often you should bathe them and why now you must be wondering about the process of bathing them. The way out is not the difficult one but you need to be careful while bathing them.

According to several ornithologists, the grooming session is important for cockatiel and it consists of cleaning and cutting nails, and feathers followed by a good shower. cutting the nails is also important as long nails do not contact the base well so they can feel unstable.

You can use a trimmer or a professional vet to trim its nails. You can do the same with their feathers because if they feel loaded with feathers, they will find it difficult to fly with them. here We will warn you that the process should be done in a delicate way as it can cost them if you are not careful.

Now come to the bathing session, and you can bathe them in three ways. Here we are sharing them.

  • Let them take the fun of bathing alone. You can put a bowl full of clean water and keep that in the cage. They can take a good dip by themselves only. 
  • The second way needs your accompaniment where you can sprinkle the water on it. You can take a spray bottle to bathe it. Remember, you must avoid their eyes and faces while bathing.
  • The other way is that you can bathe it under running water. You can leave it in the kitchen sink with open tap water. They enjoy the process most but you need to do it carefully and turn off the tap when it is needed. Avoid night showering as it may cause colds to them.

Do you need to dry them after bathing?

After a good shower, your cocktails need to be dried out and the best way to dry down is to make them warm. You can put a towel on them or keep them under the sun. They will dry themselves accordingly.

The feathers may take a long time to dry out so do not use blow dryers to warm them. That can be detrimental. However, you must not put soaps or oils on them.


The final section has come and let us give a short glimpse of what we have discussed here. We started with the question of how to bathe a cockatiel and the discourse was all about that.

Your birdy friend just loves to bathe but it is probably with mud and dust. However, water bathing is also important to keep them calm and sound. You can easily give them a shower by the mist from a squirt bottle. Also, you can leave them under running water and they can play and bathe. You need to be more careful here so that no accident can happen.

On the other hand, you can keep a bowl of water to bathe and you can be a bit idle here. However, we have depicted all the possible ways to bathe your cockatiel. We hope this article is useful to you and helps to bathe your feather friend.

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