How Long Do African Grey Parrots Live As Pets

How Long Do African Grey Parrots Live As Pets?

How long do African Grey Parrots live as pets? If you are thinking of having this parrot as a pet then you need to know the lifespan of African grey parrots, to determine the period they will stay with you. 

The African grey parrot belongs to Central Africa, they are considered one of the best talkers among the others. This bird is extraordinarily intelligent and has a stunning personality. This bird is completely grey with a short red tail. Their ability to imitate is impressive and they can quickly learn a vast number of words, songs, sounds, etc.

African Grey Parrot Lifespan: How Long Do They Live?

African grey parrots are very interactive, enjoyable, loving, cheerful, inquisitive, and clever. The two species of African grey parrots are Congo African grey and Timneh African Grey.

The African grey parrots have quite a long life span. However, the period of living depends upon the circumstances and environment. Having this parrot at home is very exciting but you need to have an idea of their lifespan. In this article, we have written about the lifespan of African grey parrots. So, without further delay let’s find out!  

The average life span of the African Grey Parrot

As pets, African grey parrots are very intelligent and lovable. These birds are also good as pets because of their long lifespan. They can live up to many years if taken good care of. However, the life span depends on various factors. The life span is important because every owner wants a long-lived mate as their pet. 

The African grey parrots’ average lifespan as pets is 45 to 50 years. Their average lifespan in the wild is 40 to 60 years. Though, like pets, the lifespan of these birds may fluctuate as per their surroundings. They can live more than the average age estimated if they get proper maintenance and suitable habitat. 

Sometimes, the birds living as pets are likely to survive more years than they do in the wild. The reason is they are safe from dangers and predators at home. Although, African greys are very smart birds to escape the dangers the chances of fleeing from hazards frequently is a bit difficult. So, the average African grey parrot’s lifespan is long and varies depending on some factors. If these factors can be endured then the lifespan of African grey parrots can be increased. 

How long does African Grey Parrot Live?

People always determine the lifespan of an animal or a bird before obtaining them as pets. Everybody wants to have a pet with a long lifespan. They don’t want to get emotionally connected to a pet only to lose them in a short period. People want a companion who stays with them for a longer period.

When we talk about a longer lifespan, the African grey parrots match this category. They have a pretty long lifespan. The lifespan of an African grey parrot is 40 to 60 years. These parrots can live up to 45 to 50 years as pets. Their living period in the wild depends on the hazards, predators, and diseases. If the birds can escape these problems for long periods then they can have a good lifespan. Likewise, the African grey parrots’ lifespan as pets depends on the habitat, diet maintenance, care, attention, etc. 

African grey Parrots are extraordinary and affectionate as pets. They can imitate sounds and voices smoothly. They are also very playful and charming as pets. They always seek attention from their owners. African greys need a schedule for their proper care. You can depict that these birds are high maintenance. However, they are highly intelligent and long-lived. African grey parrots are good as pets and can become great companions. 

How do identify the age of the African Grey Parrot?

African grey parrot lifespan is long. They can live for a longer period and most prefer to have this parrot as a pet due to its long lifespan. Owners want to have a companion that can stay for a long time with them. But have you ever thought of determining the age of an African grey parrot? 

It is very difficult to identify the age of an African grey parrot. Determining the age of a bird that is not raised by you from the time it’s born can be complicated. It is harder to determine the age of an adult bird than a juvenile bird. However, there are a few simple tricks for knowing the age of the African greys. The results might not be accurate but can be somewhat close. 

  • Check the eye color of the bird. The younger birds of or below 6 months have black or grey eyes. Between 6 months to 1 year, the eye color of the bird starts to lighten and become light grey. Between 18 months to 2 years, the eye turns pale yellow-brown and then their eye color turns light or dark yellow by the age of 3 to 4 years. 
  • The tail features of young African grey parrots are dark grey and red or maroon color of the adult birds. 
  • Molting is another method of determining the bird’s age. The African grey parrots shed their soft feathers between the age of 8 to 24 months.
  • Age can also be determined by size and weight. If the bird is between 12 to 14 inches and weighs between 400 to 600 grams then the bird is of or more than 5 years. If the size and weight are less than this then the bird is below 5 years of age. 

What is the lifespan of the African Grey Parrot in captivity?

African grey parrots kept in captivity have a medium-range lifespan. This means their living period depends on various factors. Their lifespan can increase if taken proper care of and not encountering any unforeseen situations. Likewise, the lifespan can decrease if they are not handled properly. 

The lifespan of African grey parrots in captivity is around 40 years. This is a predictable age and can fluctuate as per the circumstances. Diet is the topmost factor that affects the lifespan of these parrots. In the wild, they eat nutritious fruits and greens. To maintain this nutrition level they should be provided with the same level in captivity. The lifespan of African grey parrots can get affected because of obesity. Regular health check-up maintenance is mandatory. Another factor is stress. 

These parrots are very sociable and seek attention. Not getting the proper attention and feeling alone might lead them to stress. Spend good quality time with your bird. There are a few other factors as well. Ensure to avoid any bad incidents and give proper care to your pet for their health and long lifespan. 

Final Thoughts

African grey parrots are charming and elegant birds to have as pets. They are long-lived and can become an exciting friend. However, the life span varies depending upon numerous factors still they have a good period of life to become suitable pets.

We hope this article helped you to understand the lifespan of an African grey parrot. Now you know the answer to, “How long do African grey parrots live as pets?”. Bring an African grey to your home and have a lovable companion for you.

African Grey Parrot Lifespan

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