Kelleys Island Nature began its journey with the simple idea to share reliable knowledge about birds with every birdwatcher out there. This is the one-stop for all the latest and innovative news about birds that you can get nowhere else. 

Our crew is focused on keeping track of all birds, their habits, and ways of living by constantly observing the latest sightings from across the globe. From Kelleys Island Nature, you can get all the necessary information about birds that are documented within a simple framework. Here, you can experience the deep wonder and endless fascination sparked by birds. 

Kelleys Island Nature moves forward successfully with a team of experts in the field of ornithology, expert writers, editors, and journalists who work hard to deliver only fact-based data to help you have fun entering the world of birds where they carry on with magnificent flights across the hemisphere


Kelleys Island Nature is a website formed by Dr.Melanie Brynn, an ornithologist, and her team of experts in the field, writers, and journalists who are dedicated to providing all bird lovers with interesting facts and news about birds.


Kelleys Island Nature stepped foot into this specific field about birds to help all bird lovers across the world know interesting facts and information about birds thereby letting them realize the significance of birds in the earth’s biological diversity. 

Is Kelleys Island Nature Trustworthy?

Kelleys Island Nature is one of the leading online websites that cater to the audience with information about all aspects of birds. Our crew of experts including ornithologists is driven by the motive to deliver only precise and accurate data gathered from reliable sources and observe the birds carefully so that you get to know everything about the world of birds. We aim to make the readers realize that this beautiful world also belongs to these fascinating animals and that they are an important part of the ecology.


Kelleys Island Nature was founded by Dr. Melenie Brynn, an ornithologist with years of experience observing birds, their habitats, and ways of living. She started this website along with other experts in the field and experienced writers and editors who work together to spread to people facts about the interesting world of birds.